Digital Marketing for Catering Business in Singapore

Running a successful website for a catering service today may be one of the most difficult challenges a new Singapore catering startup may face.

Since the core of any catering service is attracting more customers and clients to any catering operation, a significant part of its growth depends on the site’s effectiveness in catching the attention of a broad local audience.

Fortunately, there are some great tips and strategies that catering services can use to increase their business exponentially.

Therefore, no catering business owner can overlook the fact that a winning digital marketing online strategy could easily take the company and their services over the top.

So, for those of you who are interested, here is 3 effective way of getting started.


#1 – List the Catering Business in Business Directories as Part of Digital Marketing Campaign

get your catering service listed in online business directories

According to a recent survey undertaken by BIS Shrapnel, a Research Company based in Sydney, an average Singaporean spends around $1900 at restaurants and cafes. Singapore has been classified together with Australia and Hong Kong as one of the leading eating capitals in the Asia Pacific Region. The catering service industry is an integral part of Singapore’s economy and it enhances the quality of life of many people living in Singapore because eating out has become a lifestyle in the country.

However, many entrepreneurs rush to start this business without creating a proper online marketing strategy. How are you going to get customers and clients to your catering operation? Just building up the business is not enough! You need proper planning to take your company’s operations to the top.

Fortunately, proper digital marketing will get new customers flooding your catering business.

Below are four effective digital marketing tips that will go a long way to improve your catering service.

  1. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

After creating a website for your Catering Service, you need to ensure that as many people as possible access the page. Also, ensure that your website is responsive, to enable you to interact with your customers. Digital marketing, apart from bringing people to your website, attracts potential customers as well. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) internet marketing attracts traffic from search engines such as Google, and it can be divided into two major forms: SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your website easier to search for. SEO includes building different pages based on keywords that are related and relevant to your company. You can choose the keywords to use the terms your clients use in their queries to search your service online. You can as well answer the frequently asked questions by your customers.

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Pay per Click (PPC) on the other hand allows you to create ads and pay a certain amount per each click on the ad, which contains a link to your website based on related search results. Even though PPC may cost you more than SEO, it is more effective and therefore worth the investment.

  1. Email Marketing.

Another type of online marketing strategy for your catering service is email marketing, which involves sending mass emails to a targeted list of interested people. Thus, instead of customers having to come to you, you can reach out to many customers to promote your business.

Email marketing is also an opportunity to remain in touch with your clients and to update them on ongoing promotions. It is important to have attractive promotions once in a while in order to entice new and existing customers to subscribe to your catering service.

  1. Social media marketing.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have millions of active users in Singapore and they are a great way of online marketing. You can market your catering service on these platforms by sharing eye-catching pictures and videos of your food, staff, and events on your page. Ensure that you only post professional photos to catch the eye of your followers.

  1. Start a blog.

Start and maintain a blog by constantly updating it. Your blog can cover a lot of information about your catering services, such as, the genesis of the company, how you prepare your recipes, updates on recent events and even answering the frequently asked questions about your service. Make the posts interesting and give the readers a reason to wait and read the next blog post and most importantly, to become your regular customers

First of all, because Singapore is known as a highly digitalized state, they are much more likely to turn to the Internet and its resources to find the best catering service possible.

In fact, when a customer or client is looking online, they are usually searching for a catering service that has already met and exceeded their client’s needs.

In some cases, the research that they perform may be from a desktop computer in their business facility or they may use a mobile device to complete their research.

Either way, it is very important that catering services in Singapore make sure that they are listing their site’s information accurately in online business directories.

For instance, a customer may start their search for a catering service by researching the top 18 Singapore business directories. Some of these directories are paid, while others are free so it is important for everyone to know the distinctions between each.

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Here are some of the top directory names and the associated cost that is attached to sign up.

Directory Name  Cost

  • Singapore Yellow Pages Free (basic)
  • SME Toolkit Singapore Free
  • Free
  • Singapore Business Federation Starts at S$321 pa
  • inSing.Com Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free
  • Free

All of which and more of the 18 top business directory choices can be used to advertise their catering services to a specific target audience.

The best part about these types of digital marketing campaigns is that once on a client is on these lists, the can business can begin picking up right away.


#2 – How to Use FaceBook Ads to Deploy a Digital Marketing Strategy and Internet Marketing Campaign

facebook advertising for catering business

In addition to listing a catering service in the top business directories in Singapore, catering service business owners should take advantage of certain Facebook Ads.

With Facebook, the Singapore catering service owner will have the tools that they need to target their audiences. The audiences that they target are often in different locations so these ads can be used to compel each distinct group with a custom campaign.

For instance, the catering service manager may be using a Facebook ad to attract people at the ages between 18 and 40, within a specific social classification and the groups personal interest and preferences.


#3 – Search engine optimisation and Building a New Website for a Success Online Marketing Campaign

how to seo that new website

Today’s websites are built strategically in order to provide the ultimate digital marketing strategy for your catering business.

From posting engaging content that people want to know to make sure the site appears in the top spots on, a good search engine optimization campaign is very crucial to any catering company.

For instance, if the site owner is looking to use the best tools in the industry, they may consider using long tail keywords and phrases when they are designing their own SEO strategy.

Catering services in Singapore may not be as difficult to find. Particularly, if every business owner is familiar with what it takes to deploy an effective website.

Three of the more notable and effective include listing the catering services in the top 18 business directories in Singapore, using Facebook ads and utilizing a good search engine optimization strategy.


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