Digital Marketing Campaign: Using User Generated Content (UGC)

digital marketing campaign using user generated content

Sure, there are many ways of making your Singapore digital marketing campaign stand out from the crowd, but the most powerful and effective tactic is the incorporation of User Generated Content (UGC). The new breed of customers has an inherent urge to share their experience on social media sites and review sites. Such content can significantly help to increase the ability of your digital marketing campaign to get leads.

Here are three primary reasons why you should consider using user-generated content in your online marketing campaigns.

Helps Build Trust

Customers come across thousands of ads per day. As a result, they are less likely going to make a purchasing decision based on a blatant ad that you post on social media or any other platform online. This builds on the fact that they are aware that most advertisements are tailored to show the best possible outcome of a service or product thereby overlooking the chances of things going south.

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As a result, customer reviews are considered more authentic as they are personal and more often address the interests and expectations of the customers. To get maximum benefit from UGC, you need to maintain its authenticity. That is, do not pay people to post positive reviews on an e-commerce site.

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Boost Site Traffic and SEO

Research studies show that site that allows users to post reviews has more content to rank for than their counterparts who do not give their users this privilege. Creating a space that customers can interact with one another to get free and quality content. You can also monitor the conversation to get ideas on how to improve your service or product. The added content will also have to target key phrases that will boost on-site SEO thereby increasing the chances of the site being displayed on SERPs.

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Helpful and Honest Feedback

Customer reviews are one of the most common types of user-generated content that you can quickly and easily find when you search your business on a search engine such as Google. Go ahead and build your credibility by picking some of the reviews or comments and posting them on your website and social network profiles.

You will get negative reviews, and the temptations to hide them will kick in. Such a move can have serious ramifications on your Singapore digital marketing campaign. The savvy customers can identify a fake review from a mile away. The wisest thing to do when you get such reviews is to respond to the concerns of the reviewer in a professional way. For instance, you can request him/her to get in touch with the support team directly. This will make the customer feel valued as well as show other customers who are considering buying your product that your brand cares about its clientele.

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