Digital Marketing for Architects in Singapore

Digital Marketing for Architects in Singapore

Digital marketing is rapidly becoming the most effective pathway for the derivation and growth of revenue for the architectural industry in Singapore. Digital marketing is a broad term; it involves all the marketing strategies which are used by an architecture firm to attract the maximum number of internet users.

The strategies commonly used in digital marketing in Singapore include personalized emails generation, search engine optimization, paid ads, social media marketing and much more. Here’s an overview of ways in which you can effectively market your architecture firms digitally in Singapore:

Maximize your use of social media

The significance of social media is absolutely difficult to be overlooked. According to a 2015 innovation and technology survey done by DesIngIntelligence, the presence of architecture firms on social media is not felt so much in Singapore, and in many other countries around the globe.

Architects can take advantage of social media especially now when it is ranked as the most effective way of marketing the services and products your firm offers. Singaporeans, like many other people in the world, tend to spend a significant amount time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. It is best to create a group or a page that will allow you to reach your clients personally.

For a broader reach, set aside some money towards social media advertising. Paid advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter could all significantly increase your conversions, reach, and therefore, return on investment.

Facebook has a very specific targeting choices that allow you to reach your target demographic.For instance, you can target newly engaged couples or newly employed persons that are active on Facebook, in hopes they might be looking to build a new home!

Create your own website

Make your own website that will explain important details about the services and products your architecture firm offers. The website ought to be designed in a manner you’re your clients can understand. Clients seek the services of a company with their own awareness and your task is to direct that awareness towards your firm.

Overall, marketing includes the total sum of the experiences your clients will have, the level of services they receive and the type of relationship they retain with you.

Email newsletters

Another ideal way to market your architecture firm digitally in Singapore is to send an e-mail newsletter to the individuals who can become your clients. Sending a newsletter from time to time will keep you in their minds and when they will keep coming back whenever they need your service. You can get the e-mails of many people through email signups or with the aid of networking.

Make use of visual apps

Visual apps, like Instagram and Pinterest, offer new ways for architecture firms in Singapore to showcase their work and interact with prospective clients. Invest time in these visual social networking apps. Share and post everything from blueprints and behind-the-scenes photos to the images of the final product. You can also run contests like “Caption This Photo” to “Identify That Building” for an added bonus.


October 02, 2017

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