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            A powerful digital campaign is the surest road to take when it comes to building a dedicated audience for your brand in the digital realm. Conversion in the virtual space is in fact a mix between leveraging the right tools and serendipitous storytelling. Depending on the specifics of your brand, you may need to do your homework on finding the right digital marketing agency that can cater to your unique brand matrix.


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Outline Your Digital Marketing Needs

            Examine your business’s marketing needs and outline them. Thinking about your business, the stage it’s at and your target growth can help you construct an effective marketing plan. The expectations of what your digital marketing campaign would look like would help you determine if you are looking for a general or more specialised form of marketing service. Whether you are planning a long form video or stylish web design, you should scout for marketing agencies befitting your agenda. Hiring a digital marketing agency can be a lot pricier than contracting new junior staff, but you would be investing in experienced marketers who are acquainted with the ins and outs of digital marketing. Keep in mind this is one of the crucial decisions you have to make as hiring a creative agency can produce very different results from a data-driven SEO agency.


Experience Versus Intent

            Another important consideration you have is weighing an agency’s experience. In your search for agencies, you will ultimately be confronted with ones that have portfolios of industry experience and some others with limited ones. Shortlisting agencies with proven experience in a business like yours is always a wise choice. However, you should be aware of their intent and investment in your brand. You run the peril of getting a repeat of their best work from an experienced agency, instead of dazzling original work. A seasoned agency also may not be as novel and innovative as a young one. Again, it all comes down to your marketing requirements. If you require fresh ideas to build a brand that breaks barriers and make people sit up and take notice, it is worthwhile to rethink that young creative group that might not necessarily come with the right credentials. On the other hand, hiring for creativity could be risky. You could be getting entertainment in return and not leads, which is especially disappointing if you were looking to up your conversion rates in the first place. It is a tricky one – a safe option would be somewhere in between experience and intent.


Strive For Long-Term Partnership With Your Digital Marketing Agency

            One of the most important decisions you have in front of you is who to build a long-term marketing relationship with. The most successful campaigns come out of fruitful enduring relations with marketers who are reasonably invested in your business’s future. When interviewing prospective agencies, study their work environment and culture. A healthy vibrant atmosphere is a good sign. Most importantly, look for a working culture comparable to your own’s. It is ideal if you could treat them as if they were potential new hires. Being on the same page would mean you are seamless as a team, can communicate effectively and work harmoniously towards the same goal.


Link Your Strategy to Your Digital Marketing Goals

            In the conversation, it is pivotal to link your strategy with a verifiable objective like branding, traffic, leads, sales or app downloads. Your strategic partner should be attuned with your goals to prevent disappointment on your part with the ROI. If you are still on the fence on your marketing direction, these are good questions to bring up with your future partners. Being groomed by the industry, these people can guide you to what program would benefit your brand the most at that point.

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Longform Ads Rather than Short

            The digital realm has seen great waves of outstanding imaginative work, and it seems that internet marketing is quickly becoming the mainstay medium for marketing as other mediums are fast growing out of fashion. Digital marketing also brings the added appeal of global outreach. One of the more popular medium of choice is the long form video that gains viewership on the most used search engine in the world: Youtube. This form of marketing can be powerful in reach as it is firstly location-based and employs trackers to ensure the right ads are going to the right people. With it’s length, it also achieves greater engagement. The Youtube Ads leaderboard released by Google for the first half of 2016 moreover showed a startling significance of locally relevant content rife with Singaporean values.

            Perhaps the most poignant campaign as yet that vividly strikes a chord nationwide is DBS’s Sparks miniseries campaign. I’m sure if you are Singaporean or have been in Singapore in the past two years, you would have remembered this one as it was made to be remembered. This marks a first for a major Singapore institution to dabble in a high-production value marketing venture, much resembling our beloved local Youtube content. Karen Ngui, head of marketing at DBS states that ever since embracing innovation and digital banking in 2014, the firm has thought about becoming “more disruptive” about their social positioning, hence their brave choice of short films.

            Already attaining Asian juggernaut status, they decided it was time to reinvigorate banking. Still remaining true to their tagline, “Living, Breathing Asia”, the miniseries focuses around Asian values of piety and community. It is an apt moment that as they shift to a digital banking model, they equally welcome change in their marketing. The storytelling in the ad foregrounds the effortlessness and ease of egalitarian banking. Its people should receive luxurious banking over arduous queues and rigorous paperwork. Live More, Bank Less. Breezy banking facilitated by the digital advancements, all anchored in the Asian belief of making lives better seems to be the core message.


Success of Longform Ads

This campaign has further cemented DBS as the trusted banker to bank with, for Singaporeans and foreigners alike. Mr Luke Lim, chief executive officer of AS Louken, remarks that the campaign is on trend with socially-aware consumers of today. Adopting authenticity and boldness, the bank has garnered a six-million social following, with Sparks being watched approximately 750,000 times and counting.

            Original and storytelling ads are just as effective if not more so, much unlike the regular short spurt heartbeat of the digital space. However, this is a marketing move more suited to a behemoth already in possession of a strong customer base.


Importance of Data and SEO

            Most companies on the hunt for digital agencies are probably planning their online debut, requiring assistance in exposure and branding. This is where SEO, social media and online reputation comes in. Launching into the digital space can be really tricky and brand awareness and an online reputation does not come without the help of proven techniques and data-driven strategies. An ed-tech company in Singapore recounts its experience as it outsourced some of its marketing work. They outsourced work in the areas of web development, content and social media marketing, but severely regrets picking creativity over industry experience. They ended up with pure entertainment which received a lot of rave reviews but no real customers. What went wrong was that their content was not based on solid keyword search and their site was not designed to draw in leads. For a young startup, It would be ideal to have your site listed on the initial pages of Google. Stealthy SEO is your answer to this. With a handful of wisely chosen keywords, you would increase your leads and traffic and they would even be organic ones. SEO is vital in digital marketing and remains the principal strategy for startups in Singapore. 90% of internet users access Google and Yahoo daily.  With the right keywords and unique content, you could turn heads in the digital realm.



            MediaOne is an award-winning SEO agency in Singapore that is backed by data and solutions to bring its clients unparalleled SEO ranking. As a company, we highly regard transparency and ethics as values and strive to work alongside our clients instead of against them. Our roster of clients have reached success with our help along the way and we aspire to help eager start-ups gain footing in their industry.


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