Digital Marketing Agency Singapore – Our 10th Year Annversary

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As MediaOne approaches our 10th Anniversary, we harken back to the days where digital marketing was almost non-existent. Most firms focus on website design and basic advertising. Nowadays the market is far more competitive and agency work has become far more complicated.

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Here are the things that I as the CEO of MediaOne is particularly proud of.

Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency

Whether you are interested in search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), or online reputation management (ORM), MediaOne can help you to become one of the top online players in your industry. We’ve had the opportunity to work with over 600 Singapore companies. And our award-winning digital marketing agency has engaged target audiences both regionally and internationally.

What Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Do For You

Search Engine Optimisation

While every business owner wants to have a website that is well-design and visually pleasing, your design can only take you so far. Google wants to know how relevant your website is to people’s needs. And this is why SEO is the most valuable digital marketing tool.  It’s the main element that will help your website rank and make it to the top of search results.

The best SEO works well with Google’s algorithm, so the process of getting to the first page can be rather complex. We provide a way for you to target and connect with consumers. Our SEO starter pack includes a list of powerful keywords, a set of quality backlinks as well as a responsive site that loads extremely fast.

Search Engine Marketing

It doesn’t matter if your business is new or if you have been in the industry for years, SEM will always be associated with PPC advertising. It requires that your content be custom-written for your specific target audience–whether on display ads or your sponsored listings. This is the best way to gain favour with the search engines and capture your audience’s attention, despite your heavy competition. What makes PPC the ideal choice is that you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on your website. And we can help you with the setup and more!

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Social Media Marketing

While social media is a place to socialise and be entertained, it’s equally a place where customers can learn more about different brands. Conversely, brands can use social media to learn more about their customers. Gain insight into their behaviour and use their profiles to create a buyer’s persona. Social media marketing can lead to an increase in brand awareness as well as leads. The more customers engage with your content, the more growth you will experience. We can help to design a tailor-made social media marketing plan.

Online Reputation Management

Many business owners are not aware that some of their competitors are willing to go to any length to stay ahead of the competition. And this sometimes includes talking about other companies and damaging their brand and reputation. So if you happen to notice that a certain brand has started a smear campaign against you or a bad customer experience is coming back to haunt you, you need to take action. This is where our ORM services come into the picture. MediaOne can help you bury all of the negativity and promote only the positive. This way, when someone searches for you, they only find the best. Reputation management can really save the day.  

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By now we have over 700 clients such as Fuji Xerox, Changi Airports Group, Maybank, Noel Gifts, Shengshiong, EDB Singapore, Ministry of Law, e2i Singapore, SingTel Business, SingTel Media, Duke-NUS, Wearnes Group, Sheraton Hotel, ST Electronics, MDIS, BMC, Comat, Surbana Jurong. We have come a long way!

Fill up the enquiry form below or call us at 6789 9852 to find out how we can help you!

From the desk of Tom Koh, CEO, MediaOne Business Group


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