Building A Strong Digital Brand Presence in Singapore

Building AStrong Digital Brand Presence in Singapore

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Singapore is a gorgeous small country on the southern tip of the Chinese mainland, famed for its exuberant blend of Chinese and Western cultures.

One of the wealthiest places on earth, it is home to seven million people who lead lifestyles comparable to those seen in Western cities.

Despite its wealth, Singapore hasn’t been immune to the present pandemic; lockdowns have isolated the population and fundamentally changed how people live and interact.

Showcasing Singapore as a premier destination is an important step in the process of upgrading Singapore’s economy to one that is entirely digital.

Singapore’s government must move quickly to keep up with the population’s evolving expectations.

More people are adopting digital channels for public interaction and advertising as a result of the expanding popularity of digital marketing as a tool for businesses and as a hobby for individuals.

Brands need to think about how to use social media and digital marketing more than ever before if they want to compete in this expanding market and establish a strong brand presence.

Singapore Is A Crucial Market for Digital Branding for What Reasons?

Although email marketing is regarded as one of the most effective digital marketing tactics in many other countries, social media is undoubtedly popular in Singapore.

Building a robust digital brand presence in Singapore requires the production of content that will appeal to a wide audience and the use of a variety of distribution methods to make it accessible.

Now more than ever, brands must consider how to leverage social media and digital marketing to compete in this growing industry and have a strong brand presence.

This post will examine Singapore’s successful development of a strong online brand presence and how you may do the same.

Why is Singapore A Key Market for Digital Branding?

Although social media is clearly popular in Singapore, email marketing is seen as one of the most successful digital marketing strategies in many other nations.

Creating content that will appeal to a broad audience and using a range of distribution techniques to make it available are necessary for building a strong digital brand presence in Singapore.

Basically, your objective is to offer pertinent, compelling content that will inspire a variety of people to take action and support your company.

You should, at the absolute least, be giving your target audience something that is worthy of their time and attention.

The Emergence of the Technologically Aware Generation

The Millennial generation, who have grown up in a time when technology has permeated every area of their life, is one of the key elements of Singapore’s digital presence.

This age has a particular affinity for digital marketing and tech-related items.

Most of Singapore’s people, 76% of whom own smartphones, use social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, or WhatsApp to stay up to date on trends and news, demonstrating this affinity.

The generation is referred to as “Generation Z” in the United States and as “iGeneration” or “Millennials” in Europe and Asia.

According to the Global Digital Brand Index, this demographic was the first to adopt online buying, with 69% making an online purchase in the previous year.

They are also among the most socially engaged people in the globe, utilising social media 69% of the time to communicate with friends and family and 48% of the time to interact socially with strangers.

Parents all over the world are giving their kids the keys to their homes, and kids are taking care of their parents’ care packages, including cooking and grocery shopping.

This isn’t simply a generational trend, either.

Singapore’s Increasing E-Commerce Due to Digital Brand Presence


Some of the richest persons in the world, with a combined fortune of around US$500 billion, call Singapore home.

The nation’s internet stores, which have expanded significantly since the pandemic started, have benefited from this wealth.

With almost 70% of its total retail sales taking place online, the city-position state as a centre of global trade also contributes to its success in e-commerce.

Along with buying personal things and groceries online, 24% of Singaporeans also shop online for gifts for their friends and family.

These purchasing patterns contribute to the rise of online retailers in the nation, whose sales will reach a record $20.9 billion in 2023 after rising 32% annually.

This is a potent illustration of the influence that the internet and general e-commerce have in the post-pandemic world.

It also emphasises the significance of creating a digital presence, be it through an online store or social media profiles.

Establishing A Powerful Digital Brand Presence

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You are undoubtedly on the correct path to developing a powerful digital brand if your company is headquartered in Singapore or has clients there.

But how do you differentiate yourself from the throng and earn a reputation for providing exceptional customer service in the face of so much competition?

Focusing on providing exceptional customer service, even while conducting business online, is the key to creating a successful company in Singapore.

For e-commerce to succeed in the city-state, as in any market, credibility and trust are crucial.

Because of this, creating a physical presence for a company or organisation devoted to offering a top-notch client experience is essential.

Along with having a physical product that customers can touch and use, a quality assurance department that is fully stocked with essential tools, such as a sample product, help desk, etc., can serve as the crucial final point of contact for clients.

A really well-run company will have numerous such divisions, each of which is committed to delivering a seamless customer experience from initial contact to follow-up and issue resolution.

This will set you apart from the competition and provide you with that crucial competitive edge when coupled with cutting-edge delivery strategies, such as delivering the package to the customer’s doorstep.

The Growth of Digital Brand Presence for Marketers


Although many people who have worked in marketing for a while may consider themselves digital marketers, the position now encompasses much more.

According to research from HubSpot Blogs, 76% of marketers anticipate employing more digital marketing channels in the upcoming year, with 59% intending to utilise video, blogs, and social media to expand their brands.

Given all the changes, marketers today must regard themselves as digital marketers first and marketers second.

The good news for marketers is that they can now focus on marketing analytics, allowing them to obtain a deeper understanding of their client’s behaviour and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.

Until recently, people in the sales and marketing industries were the only ones with such expertise.

The Power of Content for Digital Brand Presence


As a marketer, you have the power to provide your target audience with valuable information, inspiration, and entertainment.

This content can be used in a variety of ways, from providing additional sales opportunities through leads generated from webinars to engaging with potential and existing customers through blogs and articles.

The advantage of content is that it is frequently sharable, and so, capable of driving traffic to your website from social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Additionally, 51% of consumers have stated in a Cisco report that they read articles or watch videos about a product or service before purchasing that item. 

The content you create may well prove to be the most effective marketing tool you have ever used.

The Rise of The Content Creator


While marketers have always been responsible for creating and distributing content, the line between marketing and content creation has blurred.

Marketers must now become skilled at creating content that entices, interests, or retains their audience.

Moreover, if we compare this to the Cisco research, we can see that consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through content now more than ever before.

Accordingly, if you are a creative individual who loves to write and is skilled at coming up with fresh ideas, now might be the right time for you to come up with the content on your own or for a small team you’ve assembled.

To create unique and compelling content that will encourage your target audience to learn more about your brand or product.

Make Your Digital Brand Presence Be Personal


Your brand’s mission, purpose, and vision are an essential part of your identity.

To establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, these three elements must be reflected in the content you create.

Essentially, your content should help your audience understand how your brand fits into the world, and establish you as the person to turn to for advice or information.

You should already have a clear idea of who your target audience is and how you intend to engage with them.

From there, you can craft content that is both unique to your brand and attracts the right kind of audience to your business.

How Can You Get Started?

With the right content crafted and distributed across multiple platforms, the masses can now access your brand’s information, education, and entertainment whenever they please.

Accordingly, make sure that you have a presence on the major social media platforms and have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of digital marketing.

To that end, here are a few of the basics that all digital marketers must know:


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website or product’s content to ensure that it shows up when potential customers search for related terms on search engines like Google.

The basics of SEO include creating content that is both useful and interesting, making sure that your content is on the appropriate platforms, and utilising keywords and phrases often.

In comparison, PPC (Pay-per-click) is a type of advertising where you pay for each click on your ad.

There is no guarantee that customers will click on your ad, as it depends on how well you negotiate with the advertiser.

Content Creation

As we established above, content has become a crucial tool in the 21st century, and that includes everything from blog posts and webinars to social media, emails, and videos.

Accordingly, having a clear idea of what content you will be creating and for which platforms is critical to establishing your digital brand presence in Singapore.

From there, you can craft compelling content that will encourage those you serve to learn more about your brand or product, and eventually, become customers.

Ongoing Content Creation

Advertisers must now consistently provide new content to keep and expand their audiences.

Marketers must also make sure that their content is pertinent and compelling enough to persuade a new audience to subscribe or return frequently for more.

In order to ensure that you are producing material that is both fascinating and engaging for your target audience, you should set up a content calendar that includes posting at least three to four times per week.

Keep Digital Brand Presence Up To Date With The Times


As we established above, content creation has shifted to encompass so much more than just writing and publishing an article, so marketers must continue to evolve and stay up to date with the times.

This means creating engaging content for the platforms that your audience uses, and ensuring that your content is relevant to the needs, wants, and demands of your target audience.

For instance, digital marketing gurus Mustafa Suleyman and Brian Morris advise creating movies to demonstrate how your product or service can make their life easier and how it may help them reach their goals if you are marketing to millennials (Generation Z).

This is best illustrated in the Squarespace video, which shows how a platform made for bloggers and content creators can be the ideal resource for marketers looking to quickly and easily create engaging content for a variety of channels.

Certificate in Digital Brand Presence Marketing


Marketers can now specialise in marketing analytics, giving them the opportunity to obtain a deeper understanding of their target audience’s behaviour and adjust their marketing strategy as necessary in order to produce relevant, interesting content.

To further establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, marketers can now study for a Certificate in Digital Brand Presence Marketing from a leading education provider, FutureLearn.

With courses like these below, you will develop the skills you need to become a confident digital marketer:

By investing in a certificate in digital marketing, you can be certain that you will receive the skills you need to become a confident and successful digital marketer.

Create A Buzz


Although the city-state has firmly established itself as a tech hub, its leaders are keen to lead the way in transitioning their economy away from becoming overly reliant on the volatile tech sector, and want to develop an entirely new, hybrid economy.

One that is agile, innovative, and sustainable.

If you look at Singapore’s successful e-commerce brands, you’ll see that they have all adopted a similar branding strategy.

By creating a buzz around your brand, via social media and other digital platforms, you can start to gain credibility with customers, and make them realise that your business is a brand they can trust.

This is why established brands, looking to expand their reach and grow their customer base, frequently reach out to smaller brands, and vice versa. 

Brand partnerships and cross-promotions, where both parties benefit.

Take Advantage Of Cross-Branding


Singapore is a very competitive market, with consumers across all social platforms driven by a desire to purchase the latest trend, whether that’s accessories for their Apple devices or trendy kids’ clothing.

For marketers, this presents a golden opportunity to connect with customers who are passionate about the same brands you’re promoting, whether that’s luxury goods, fashion, or technology.

This cross-selling and up-selling allow you to maximise your revenue, and gain customers, even when operating online.

Wherever possible, establish a strong physical presence, whether that’s through an online store or a showroom, and use this to your advantage.

In addition to establishing credibility with customers, you’re also offering the chance to browse and touch the products you sell, something that is not possible online.

Build A Reputation For Customer Care

Building-A-Strong-Digital-Brand-Presence-in-Singapore-Build-A-Reputation-For- Customer-Care



Customers are much more likely to write you a negative review than a favourable one when they have a difficult or unsatisfactory experience, whether that’s because of an unexpected delivery delay or an improper product.

Sadly, unfavourable reviews may seriously harm a brand’s reputation in the digital age we live in, especially if they’re extremely critical, rife with grammar mistakes, or just plain untrue.

So, it’s crucial that you build a reputation for providing excellent customer service through a variety of channels, even when working online.

A phone call to the consumer to follow up on an order or sending them regular email newsletters with pertinent information, such as product updates and other news pertinent to their area of interest, could be used to do this.

Customers are more likely to believe that you care about them when they receive regular delivery, even before they have viewed the email containing the order.

If they are exceptionally pleased with their experience, they are also more likely to submit a good review.

Earn Reputation Via Social Media


One of the most crucial tools in every marketer’s toolbox is social media, which they should use in addition to reviews and feedback.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are great for connecting with your audience and adding value for your customers.

They also let you connect with customers and position yourself as an industry authority.

Having a reliable identity on these platforms is essential since many social media companies are cracking down on fraudulent activity and because hacks are happening more frequently every year.

To see how many people are talking about #LingerieDay, whether they are wearing your lingerie or someone else’s, you could, for example, establish a hashtag if you run a clothes line.

Alternately, you might keep up with the fashion world and check out the popular TikTok trends.


About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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