How to Develop and Maintain a Simple WordPress Site in Singapore

How to Develop and Maintain a Simple WordPress Site in Singapore

One of the greatest achievements you can ever make as an entrepreneur is creating and running your own WordPress website in Singapore for your brand. Thanks to its powerful features, this platform powers more than a quarter of the world’s giant websites.

Once you include WordPress in your to-do list, you will be part of the global community to receive support from many developers. With a multitude of features, innovative designs, and strong security features, WordPress will continue to be the most powerful CMS tool in the market. 

Why do you need to create a WordPress Site on your Own?

As a Singaporean entrepreneur, you are supposed to learn how to customize your WordPress site to suit the brand requirements. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but it will also help you to make a few changes without seeking help from a third party.

Hiring web developers or designers based in Singapore exposes you to affordable web design services. However, you will still need their help when making changes. This prevents you from lagging behind your competitors due to stalled projects or outdated web pages.

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How Does WordPress Work?

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WordPress can only run your website efficiently if it partners with a reliable host.  Remember, you don’t have to be a genius to build your website.

Here are is a step-by-step guide to help you create a WordPress website for your brand:

How to Set Up a WordPress Site?

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Setting up a WordPress site doesn’t require rocket science. However, you can still hire a web developer to help you set it up for free. If you want to go about it on your own, then you will need to follow these steps;

Why a WordPress Website is the Best

If you are a newbie, you will get access to many web builders to help you create a website. Going for a self-hosted website account is a viable option for you because it supports nearly 28% of all sites across the globe.

With WordPress, you will get access to dozens of website design services and extensions. Also, it is versatile enough to accommodate extra tools and services for web owners. This explains why most of them prefer to use it.

How To SEO A Brand New Website

Once you have subscribed to WordPress Hosting plans, you will get a free domain name for one year. With this, you can customize your domain name to suit your organization’s agenda.

Your Microsoft Office experience will be improved thanks to WordPress hosting plans. Here, you can access your email anywhere using Microsoft Office 365. It also allows you to build your brand thanks to a customised domain name.

Once you have set up your WordPress website account, you will get the chance to change the standard password into something of your choice. There are no limits to the type and length of password you want to use as long as it is secure.

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How to Maintain a WordPress Site?

Once you have successfully created a WordPress site, you will need to maintain its core functionality, customized add-ons, and any other thing related to it. This tool can only be efficient in the Singaporean market if you keep customising it to meet your expectations.

It takes excellent technical skills to maintain a WordPress site. You may have the option of hiring a person who qualifies for web design in Singapore to assist with the core functions. However, it is better to do it on your own to ensure it remains safe and secure. You can use the following WordPress maintenance tactics to avoid going wrong;

1: Update your WordPress Site Regularly

The latest version of the WordPress website in Singapore is designed to sort all your backup needs. Find out the types of updates available for you as a WordPress beneficiary. It will prevent all attempts of hacking. You can also optimize your database by eliminating unnecessary plugins or themes.

2: Keep Tabs on Your Site’s Speed

Waiting for slow-loading pages is one of the most discouraging factors your visitors may face. It gets worse when they find untidy images and obsolete links. Avoid this by filtering the outdated comments and other unnecessary media files to boost its speed.

3: Back-Up Your Site Regularly

A typical WordPress site requires regular backing regardless of how busy you are. Not only does it ensure your website stays fresh and relevant, but it also corrects any mess before it gets worse.

Backup versions are quite many depending on the duration you are subscribing for. You can choose to do it every month, or subscribe to the daily versions for blogs. Weekly backups are recommended for corporate sites.

The Best WordPress Themes for Singapore Websites

4: Optimize your Content Storage Area

A database is a core storage area for your blogs, pages, images, videos, and other content. As your site advances, the storage space gets full, and this may slow down the page loading process. This may prevent your visitors from accessing any extra information you may have for them.

To avoid this, always ensure you optimize the database. A typical WordPress website in Singapore can be optimized using a plugin option. This will eliminate any unnecessary content and improve your site’s performance.

5: Secure your Site

It is easy to place your trust in SSL encryptions to keep your website safe and secure from hackers. While this may be true, you will still need to prevent your site from being vulnerable. You can avoid this by installing a valid security plugin.

If you are using a MacBook, you can select the iThemes security plugin to shield your site from 3rd party trespassers. Alternatively, you can go for malware or virus detectors to prevent them from accessing your files.

6: Customize User Accounts

You may have shared passwords with your colleagues or junior staff members to make work easier. It may seem harmless at first, but it may take a significant toll on your site. If you are a new user, you should desist from sharing your login details with other users.

Each person should have his or her own details and passwords to prevent the site from being vulnerable. Most site owners prefer to log in through “admin” usernames, which is quite risky. You can try to change it into a complicated username or issue a lengthy password which is challenging to crack.


Developing and maintaining a WordPress website in Singapore for your brand has never been easier, thanks to the tips mentioned above. For a newbie, customizing a web design to meet your standards may seem daunting. While this may seem real, you can still make a workable WordPress website if you are on following the steps.

To improve the WordPress site’s performance, you need to ensure all the core functionalities are updated. Your visitors will appreciate the content displayed on your website only if its performance is improved. That is the only way your web development and design skills can be put to good use in the Singaporean industry.

Get in touch with us for custom website design services in Singapore. 

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