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How To Determine Your Website Is Serving Its Purpose: Does It Need Checking?

A website is an effective marketing tool. You invested both time and money in building it or hired the best web design company. But these resources are going to waste if it is not adequately serving its purpose. You will only know it is doing a good job by checking it regularly, at least once a year. When checking it, there are three crucial things you should look into. They are:

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Website performance

Site performance goes beyond the load speed of the web pages. Backlinks, search engine rank, social sharing, mobile friendliness, and user experience affect the performance of a website. Testing web performance is very easy as there are free site performance tools such as:

  • Web Grader
  • Open Site Explorer
  • SEO Analyzer
  • WooRank
  • Going up

Browser Compatibility

People have different preferences when it comes to web browsers. Therefore, your website should be compatible with all the popular web browsers. If it is not, then you are losing a lot of visitors, regardless of all your web design and content optimization efforts. Your website should be compatible with the latest and older versions of the following browsers;

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera Mini
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

The easiest way to check for compatibility is to install all of these browsers, then try to access your site on each of them. However, testing compatibility on older versions may be very involving. You can avoid the inconvenience by using browser compatibility testing tools such as Browsera, Browsershots, and CrossBrowserTesting. If there are issues with browser compatibility, consult your web developer.

Brand Consistency

Optimal site performance and browser compatibility will do so little if your web content is poor. The content of your website should represent your brand in the best way possible. Regularly check the content to make sure it sends the correct message to site visitors, even if it means hiring a professional copywriter.

It is in your best interest to hire professional Singapore SEO agency if you realize your website needs a checkup. This company will also check for other issues on your website such as 404 and server errors and provide credible and sustainable solutions.


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