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Design Tips for Mobile Websites in Singapore

Design Tips for Mobile Websites in Singapore

For mobile websites in Singapore, be it for branding purposes or Singapore e-commerce industry, there is a need to be able to keep up with the trend so as to maximise their sales. A business that wants to be successful cannot ignore the fact that there are 3 billion internet users in the world today. 80% of these users access the internet through their mobile phones.

A good website designer should be able to create mobile-friendly websites. In this article, we look at eight design tips for mobile websites in Singapore.

Go for a responsive website

Initially, websites were only created for computer screens, and the size was fixed. However, with more people using portable devices to access the internet such as mobile phones and tablets, designers now look to make sure that a website automatically adjusts to the size of the device.

This not only makes design easy and saves on cost for multiple models but also allows end-users to have the same full experience on any given device regardless of the size.

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Navigation and placement for mobile websites in Singapore

Most designers hide the website’s menu under the logo for mobile websites in Singapore. On clicking the menu, one will see a drop-down menu on the side or that which fits the entire screen. This helps the designer to maximize on space and the user to see the contents of the menu clearly.

Some menu’s contents can be swiped to the left or the right which saves loading time as compared to those which have to load into a screen in every selection.

Pay attention to the font size

No one wants to load onto a site only to find that they cannot read whatever is on the screen. As much as they may have a zoom in and out option, a mobile website in Singapore that has organic easy to read fonts makes it comfortable for a user.

The body font is as important as the title font. A final tip on fonts for Singapore’s mobile websites is to maintain a size 16 font size and 18-20 for desktop sites.

Breakpoints and content stacking

Content stacking and breakpoints for mobile websites should make sense. They should be in excellent sync with a responsive Singapore website. The content stack vertically for a full-width multi-column layout becomes as the window becomes smaller.

Check button sizes

Button size should be as clear on a desktop website as on a mobile website. This helps Singaporeans know where to click as they navigate through a mobile website. If the button is too small for even a normal-sighted person to see, leave alone use, there is a very big problem.

Buttons are links to important call to actions, and that is why designers for mobile websites in Singapore should pay attention to how they appear and where they appear on the website as well. A call to action button that is hidden behind a lot of other visuals does not help the user. The buttons need to be bold and if possible have a different colour from the font to make sure it stands out.

Simplify your design

The space on a mobile phone is not as ample as that on a desktop. A searcher from Singapore needs to experience the same satisfaction from using a mobile phone as one who is using a desktop. Some tips to simplify a mobile website is to use icons as many times as possible for information such as social media pages, a phone icon instead of the number itself, a globe icon instead of a website address.

Another way to simplify a mobile website is to use more images instead of wordings. If one image can speak a hundred words, this will save on space and even communication time. The other way is to have more navigations other than stocking all the information on one page. This makes the mobile website look more professional and appealing. A congested mobile website makes communication difficult.

Image optimisation for mobile websites in Singapore

Images on mobile websites need to clear but not heavy. When the pixel is too heavy, an image will either take too long to load or not load at all hence creating a communication barrier. This will eventually make you lose potential buyers and clients.

An image need not be any more than twice your needed display size. However, be careful not to over minimise the image such that on a desktop it appears to be pixelated. Bad images on the Singapore website short sell your brand making you look less professional and can cost you right clients.

Do a lot of testing

There can never be a fixed size for mobile websites in Singapore. Devices are being manufactured every day in different sizes. What you need to do as a web developer is to keep testing and retesting to see how the website adjusts with the latest trends. Different browsers too might have different presentations which are a factor you should key in.

Testing and adjusting of websites take the most time of creation since it changes with time. As technology advance, more tests need to be done. Another factor that you need to consider when testing a mobile website is to make sure that the maintenance process does not affect the functionality of the website.

In Singapore, people are awake throughout especially teenagers who are glued to their screens. If the testing will affect the website functionality, you need to give an early notice, so your users are aware of what is happening. Otherwise, a potential buyer may not be able to access your service and conclude that you are out of business.

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Mobile websites in Singapore are doing quite well, generating over 50% of the eCommerce revenue. Even as designers seek to offer the best visual design, the functionality of a website is what will make break an online business. Consider doing a lot of consultations on the best designs to use.

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