Design Tips for Mobile Websites in Singapore

Design Tips for Mobile Websites in Singapore

For mobile websites in Singapore, be it for branding purposes or the Singapore e-commerce industry, there is a need to be able to keep up with the trend to maximise their sales.

A business that wants to be successful cannot ignore the fact that there are 3 billion internet users in the world today. 80% of these users access the internet through their mobile phones.

A good website designer should be able to create mobile-friendly websites. In this article, we look at eight design tips for mobile websites in Singapore.

Design Tips for Mobile Websites in Singapore

  • Go for a responsive website

Initially, websites were only created for computer screens, and the size was fixed.

However, with more people using portable devices to access the internet such as mobile phones and tablets, designers now look to make sure that a website automatically adjusts to the size of the device.

This not only makes design easy and saves on cost for multiple models but also allows end-users to have the same full experience on any given device regardless of the size.

  • Navigation and placement for mobile websites in Singapore

Most designers hide the website’s menu under the logo for mobile websites in Singapore. On clicking the menu, one will see a drop-down menu on the side that fits the entire screen.

This helps the designer maximize space and the user to see the contents of the menu.

Some menu’s contents can be swiped to the left or the right which saves loading time as compared to those which have to load into a screen in every selection.

  • Pay attention to the font size

No one wants to load onto a site only to find that they cannot read whatever is on the screen.

As much as they may have a zoom-in and out option, a mobile website in Singapore that has organic easy-to-read fonts makes it comfortable for a user.

The body font is as important as the title font. A final tip on fonts for Singapore’s mobile websites is to maintain a size of 16 font sizes and 18-20 for desktop sites.

  • Breakpoints and content stacking

Content stacking and breakpoints for mobile websites should make sense.

They should be in excellent sync with a responsive Singapore website. The content stack vertically for a full-width multi-column layout becomes as the window becomes smaller.

  • Check button sizes

Button size should be as clear on a desktop website as on a mobile website.

This helps Singaporeans know where to click as they navigate through a mobile website.

If the button is too small for even a normal-sighted person to see, leave alone use, there is a very big problem.

Buttons are links to important calls to action, and that is why designers for mobile websites in Singapore should pay attention to how they appear and where they appear on the website as well.

A call-to-action button that is hidden behind a lot of other visuals does not help the user.

The buttons need to be bold and if possible have a different colour from the font to make sure it stands out.

  • Simplify your design

The space on a mobile phone is not as ample as that on a desktop.

A searcher from Singapore needs to experience the same satisfaction from using a mobile phone as one who is using a desktop.

Some tips to simplify a mobile website are to use icons as many times as possible for information such as social media pages, a phone icon instead of the number itself, and a globe icon instead of a website address.

Another way to simplify a mobile website is to use more images instead of wording. If one image can speak a hundred words, this will save on space and even communication time.

The other way is to have more navigations other than stocking all the information on one page.

This makes the mobile website look more professional and appealing. A congested mobile website makes communication difficult.

Image Optimisation For Mobile Websites In Singapore

Images on mobile websites need to be clear but not heavy. When the pixel is too heavy, an image will either take too long to load or not load at all hence creating a communication barrier.

This will eventually make you lose potential buyers and clients.

An image need not be any more than twice your needed display size. However, be careful not to over-minimise the image such that on a desktop it appears to be pixelated.

Bad images on the Singapore website short sell your brand making you look less professional and can cost you the right clients.

  • Do a lot of testing

There can never be a fixed size for mobile websites in Singapore.

Devices are being manufactured every day in different sizes. What you need to do as a web developer is to keep testing and retesting to see how the website adjusts to the latest trends.

Different browsers too might have different presentations which is a factor you should key in.

Testing and adjusting of websites take the most time to create since it changes with time.

As technology advances, more tests need to be done. Another factor that you need to consider when testing a mobile website is to make sure that the maintenance process does not affect the functionality of the website.

In Singapore, people are awake throughout especially teenagers who are glued to their screens. If the testing will affect the website functionality, you need to give an early notice, so your users are aware of what is happening.

Otherwise, a potential buyer may not be able to access your service and conclude that you are out of business.

10 Must-Have Plugins for Your Mobile Website

The above tips will enhance the design of your mobile website. With Google keen on offering the best user experience to searchers, it’s imperative to ensure your website is upbeat.

Ensure your website adheres to Google’s Core Web Vitals and Mobile-First algorithm updates.

More importantly, crank up the performance of your website by installing essential plugins. Top 10 must-have plugins for your mobile website.

  1. WP Mobile Detector Plugin
  2. Any Mobile Theme Switcher
  3. WPTouch Mobile Plugin
  4. MobilePress
  5. Jetpack by WordPress
  6. WordPress Mobile Pack 2+
  7. Elegant Themes Handheld Mobile Plugin
  8. Mobile Smart
  9. WP Mobile Edition
  10. iThemes Mobile
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Let’s shift gears and briefly discuss how these plugins to function and the benefits.

Be sure to stick around until the end for bonus tips on selecting the right plugins for your website.

7 Fantastic WordPress Plugins to Make your Site Mobile Responsive

Responsiveness is the key to the success of any mobile website. WP mobile detector plugin is designed to automatically choose which theme to display to visitors based on the device used.

It has been tested and proven effective in assigning the right theme, which greatly helps improve user experience.

So far, this plugin can detect more than 5000 different mobile devices and select a theme for each without involving the webmaster. You don’t need any coding experience to use it; all you have to do is download and follow the simple installation steps.

Other features that will wow your website visitors are widgets and collapsible menus.

Touch-optimised layouts, dynamic page loading, and cross-platform compatibility.

Key Features of WP Mobile Detector Plugin

    • Ability to accurately detect more than 5,000 mobile devices
    • It offers web admins the freedom to add custom functions
    • Ability to select and display the right theme based on the device used by the visitor
    • User-friendly

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly in 2019

As the name suggests, Any Mobile Theme Switcher is a smart mobile website plugin that detects the browser used by the visitor and loads a theme that best suits it.

By installing this plugin, your website visitors will enjoy a seamless browsing experience irrespective of the browser or smartphone.

Another highlight of Any Mobile Theme Switcher is that it can display different landing pages or homepages to users depending on the mobile device used.

This feature is super important, especially if you offer custom services or products to different segments of your customers, such as Apple and Android users.

Key Features of Any Mobile Theme Switcher

    • Works perfectly with W3 Total Cache
    • Allows mobile bookmarking using QR codes
    • Display different homepages based on device and browser used

WPtouch Mobile WordPress Plugin

The theme of your mobile website directly impacts its appearance and usability.

WPTouch mobile plugin is tailored to ensure your website theme looks the same on desktop and mobile devices.

Installing this plugin will ensure that your website gets the same browsing experience regardless of the device or browser used.

Otherwise, some may feel lost and close the window if the website pages and navigation are different on mobile.

That said, this plugin is not ideal for websites with different functions for mobile and desktop websites.

However, it’s perfect for a simple website that doesn’t have custom features. Use it to get your brand name on the map, then upgrade to other plugins as your business scales up.

Key Features of WPTouch Mobile Plugin

  • MobilePress

GitHub - dgw/MobilePress: Plugin for WordPress to make blogs mobile friendly.

MobilePress is another safe plugin you can count on to make your mobile website 100% responsive. Use it to install responsive themes for your website.

It’s hinged on the concept that a simple responsive theme is compatible with current and future mobile devices.

website design banner

Unlike other plugins, MobilePress themes are simplistic, but that’s not a deal-breaker as most smartphone web designs are simple.

It detects mobile browsers in seconds and displays the right theme without lag.

Key Features of MobilePress Plugin

    • Updates are available but not too regular
    • Suitable for all major website browsers and operating systems
    • Makes websites 1005 mobile-friendly and responsive

Jetpack is arguably one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins.

It offers more than 33 different features which are meant to not only make your mobile website responsive but also functional.

It will also give your website a crispy clean, professional look that will convince visitors that your brand is an authority in your niche.

By installing Jetpack, you can create mobile-friendly websites without breaking a sweat. Use the features to make the selected theme custom to stand out from the crowd.

In addition, if you have CSS and PHP skills, you can alter the theme to make it your own.

Key Features of Jetpack WordPress Plugin

6 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins (2022) 6 Best WordPress Mobile Plugins (2022)

WordPress Mobile Pack 2+ offers many tools for customising the web theme for different mobile devices and browsers.

You can set the theme to be displayed to users based on the browser or device.

Like the previous mobile-friendly must-have plugin, Jetpack, WordPress Mobile Pack 2+ comes with customisation tools that you can leverage to enhance your website.

Use them to control how your website appears on mobile browsers.

Key Features of WordPress Mobile Pack 2+

    • Compatible with all popular browsers
    • Plenty of tools for customising your website theme
    • User-friendly

Elegant Themes Handheld is a mobile website plugin that offers a set of themes that are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly.

If you decide to change your desktop theme to a mobile theme, all you have to do is install this plugin on your desktop website and install any of the available mobile-friendly themes.

Go the extra mile to tweak the design to make it custom. Consider the needs and expectations of your target audience when changing the design to get the best results.

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Unlike conventional plugins, content updates are instantly applied to the mobile website without changing the layout or theme.

There is no shortage of themes you can install but make sure you compare and contrast them to find what best resonates with your business.

In addition, confirm how the website looks on different browsers and devices after installing a new theme to avoid compromising the credibility of your brand.

SEO Results: How Long Does It Take to See Results

We recommend choosing a theme similar to the desktop website to avoid confusing potential customers.

Key Features of Elegant Themes Handheld Mobile Plugin

psg digital marketing

    • Automatically detects the mobile device/browser and displays the right theme
    • 87 different mobile-friendly themes to choose from
    • Simple theme creator for mobile devices

Mobile Smart is an intuitive plugin that switches between mobile and desktop themes depending on the device and browser used.

By installing this plugin, your users can switch from desktop to mobile version of your website in seconds.

The switch can be done using a template tag, widget, or footer.

Simply put, this plugin works by rescaling the different webpage elements such as images and infographics to ensure they are displayed properly on the browser.

Key Features of Mobile Smart

    • A manual switcher that gives users total control of what they see on the website
    • Multiple template tags for switching themes
    • 100% responsive theme that is straightforward

Make the desktop version of your website mobile-friendly by installing the WP mobile edition plugin today.

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Users will enjoy the same browsing experience on mobile devices and desktops.

The theme supports not only simple websites but also sophisticated sites with many features and pages.

Unfortunately, some of the information about it on the WordPress plugin directory page is false.

For instance, the claim that switching from desktop to mobile version reduces the data sent to the mobile device used by the visitor is a white lie.

Do due diligence before installing this plugin to avoid compromising your website.

Key Features of WP Mobile Edition

    • It makes it easy to make changes on the website
    • The selected theme works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices
    • Allows users to switch from desktop to mobile versions and vice versa seamlessly
  • iThemes Mobile

iThemes: Essential WordPress Tools & Training Since 2008

Most of the mobile website plugins discussed above provide themes, but some may not be suitable for your business.

iTheme Mobile plugin helps you jump this hurdle by allowing you to create custom themes on the dashboard.

The interface is easy to navigate, but some knowledge about UX (user-experience) and UI (User-Interface) is required.

Key Features of iThemes Mobile Plugin

    • Option to create your themes
    • Unwavering control over the site navigation and menus
    • Compatible with different platforms

These are the top 10 must-have plugins for mobile websites available online today.

As earlier mentioned, compare the features and functions to find one that best suits your website and business.

5 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Mobile Website Plugin

Just like designing a website, making calculated decisions is imperative to avoid hurting your business.

If a new theme makes it difficult for users to navigate the site, the conversion rate will dip.

Consider the following factors before installing a mobile website plugin.

  • Security
  • Credibility of Developer
  • Availability of Updates
  • Reputation
  • Effect on Site Performance
  • Security

Hackers can exploit loopholes in the plugin coding to wreak havoc on your website.

Therefore, check the security features of the plugin before installing it to prevent a security breach.

Review it on an external website before installing it on your website.

  • The Credibility of the Developer

Check the developer’s credibility to ensure the plugin is safe.

The average plugin rating, reviews from other users, and the number of downloads will give you a clear perspective of the developer.

Also, consider the availability of support to get timely help in case you encounter challenges when installing or using the theme.

Don’t limit yourself to the reviews posted on the WordPress plugin directory; check the developer’s social media profiles for comments from other users.

You could also send them a message or call to determine their responsiveness.

  • Availability of Updates

Updates are meant to enhance the functionalism of the plugins. It’s wise to install a regularly updated plugin to stay abreast of new search engine algorithm changes.

If the updates are not frequent, your website will lag behind your competitors.

More importantly, the updates should be easy to install and available on the official plugin website.

Note that some updates may require specialised skills to install, so check the instructions provided by the developer beforehand.

  • Reputation

The reputation of a plugin is directly related to its functionalism and efficiency.

Steer clear of plugins with a negative reputation, which could be a sign that they don’t deliver the expected results.

Read reviews posted by other users online before downloading. Don’t hesitate to contact the support team if you need additional clarification.

  • Impact on Site Performance

Like other applications, plugins can either affect the site performance negatively or positively.

Check how the selected plugin will impact site performance, such as page load time to avoid regrets down the road.

Do thorough background research of every plugin on your list to make an informed decision.

A mobile website that is fully functional and responsive is exactly what you need to get ahead of the competition.

Make sure you optimise the pages and create search engine optimised content to rank well for the target keywords on search engine results pages (SERPs).

In addition, do A/B tests after installing the plugin and theme to ensure it matches your business needs and expectations.

MediaOne Marketing has a team of highly skilled and talented website designers who can create a custom mobile website for your business without charging you an arm and a leg.

We will also guide you on the best plugins to install on the website and do digital marketing to grow your online business.

Contact us today for more details.


Mobile websites in Singapore are doing quite well, generating over 50% of the eCommerce revenue.

Even as designers seek to offer the best visual design, the functionality of a website is what will make or break an online business. Consider doing a lot of consultations on the best designs to use.

Contact us today for affordable website design services in Singapore.

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