Deciphering the Psychology of Search Engine Optimization

Deciphering the Psychology of Search Engine Optimization 1

To some Singapore online marketers, SEO is all about content, site optimization, and keywords. Contrary to popular belief, it is imperative to go the extra mile and not only come up with keyword-rich content but also try to understand the searcher’s intent.

Understanding the psychology behind how a particular segment of the target audience will be instrumental in developing a robust online marketing strategy. Here are three factors to help you understand the psychology of search engine optimization.

Identify Customer’s Intent

In the past, SEO was based on the words that most people used to query search engines. One had to sprinkle those keywords in the content to get noticed by search engine bots and rank high on SERPs. Since then, search engine algorithms have advanced and have the ability to evaluate user search intent with incredible precision. Understanding the customer’s intent will help you come up with an effective search engine optimization plan.

Address Specific Needs/Pain Points

Generic content that does not address the individual needs of the customers is counterproductive. You need first to get a clear picture of the needs and issues that the customers want to be resolved before embarking on writing the content.

The most successful digital marketers in Singapore have mastered the art of creating this kind of content, and this greatly helps them to improve site conversion rate and engagement levels. The extensive market research will help you to know the pain points/needs of the audiences that you are targeting.

Finally, the manner in which savvy customers query search engines has evolved tremendously over the last five years. The query terms are more conversational and sophisticated. For example, instead of using a term such as “shoes for sale in Jurong” one is more likely to use a phrase such as “where can I find quality shoes for sale in Jurong?” today. Therefore, it is important to consider these new search queries when coming up with your SEO strategy.

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