Debunking Misconceptions about Backlink Profile

Quality Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks


In this industry, there is a ton of bad SEO advice out there that continues to mislead thousands if not millions of businesses that are keen on leveraging the lucrative online business realm. No matter how many studies and experiments that are done, it is still near impossible to conclusively say what works with Google, only the company personnel knows for sure.

The best SEO service businesses in Singapore can analyse available data such as the backlink profile of a website to come up with ideal ways of improving digital marketing campaigns. Today, we will debunk three misconceptions about backlink profile.

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Only High-Quality Links Matter

Most people are of the idea that to get a high ranking on a search engine; one needs to focus on quality, not quantity. Based on my experience, it is no possible to build a strong backlink profile using just 10-15 quality links.

Google will only rank your site high if its sees a good, healthy backlink profile that is packed with not only high-quality links but also blog comments, forum links and much more. Just a couple of super high-quality links will not make the cut in the current competitive digital world.

Old Links are of No Value

Contrary to popular belief, just because a website has a poor design does not mean that it cannot become an authority site. What you need to understand and keep in mind when making a backlink profile is that Google is more concerned about how your site performs on the search engine. Google also value websites that have a long history and rewards them with a high ranking over the unproven new web pages.

Blog Comments are viewed as Spam Links

A decade ago, most of the SEO agency firms would overuse blog commenting, forum links, and guest posting to boost their clients sites ranking on Google. This resulted in these tactics getting an atrocious reputation online to the extent that they were at some point considered black hat SEO strategies.

With the latest algorithm monitoring how users interact with websites; blog comments, guest posts, and forum posts can help get your website to the next level on SERPs. Your primary objective for blogging and guest posting should be to engage with the audience by answering their questions and providing valuable content, not link building.

Finally, steer clear from the widespread perception that a link to a particular page on your site only benefits that specific page. If you have an internal linking web, the authority will be passed to the other pages that are linked to it. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, increasing the value of your domain will boost all the other categories and products ranking on the search engine thereby resulting in more sales.


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