Deadly Website Design Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

website design mistakes

What are the worst website design mistakes that can cost you hundreds of clients today? The Internet presents an excellent opportunity for Singapore businesses to scale up quickly. With a properly designed and functional website, brands can connect with more clients. However, every day we come across a poorly designed, and this often makes us cringe.

Unknown to most entreperenuers is that if you want to have a real impact on the lucrative Singapore digital marketing world, you need to have a good website. Free templates can help you get started, but as your business scales up, you need to start thinking about getting a custom design to help you stand out from the crowd.

Today, we look at three deadly website design mistakes that could be hampering your business from realising its full potential. We will also give you accurate tips on how to fix them.

Mistake Number 1:  No Contact Details

Sure, your website content is excellent and convincing, but why will potential customers get in touch with you if you do not provide contact details. A majority of the online shoppers are always in a hurry to complete the shopping process and have no time to search for your email or phone number.

For example, if you want to go to a local restaurant in a new city, you definitely do not want to do is spend more than a minute on the website trying to locate the restaurant’s phone number.

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website design mistakes

It makes sense to make sure that your contact information is available on the website, or at least provide a link that clients can click on to visit your contact page.

The same case applies to directions. Using the same restaurant example, how will clients get the restaurant if they are no clear directions on the website? Add a map to guide customers; otherwise, you will end up losing customers to your competitors whose sites have visible contact information and a map.

Mistake Number 2: Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world. More than 80% of the adult population here use mobile devices to look up information on the internet. If your website is no mobile friendly, you will be losing a ton of traffic to your competitors.

Pinching the mobile device screen to zoom in is not the easiest thing to do, especially when using a large mobile device. If you want to provide the best user-experience and good first impression on visitors, your website needs to be mobile friendly.

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That means users should get the same experience irrespective of whether they are accessing it on a desktop or mobile device. Thanks to advancement in technology, there are thousands of responsive web designs that you can use to achieve this goal. Such a design will present your content in a readable way, and web visitors will not need to zoom or pinch the screen to see the information.

Note that a mobile-friendly website means more than just installing and customising one of the many responsive WordPress themes available online. Here are some critical factors that you need to consider:

  • Playable content: Make sure that the content plays on both mobile devices and desktops. Otherwise, a “video can’t play on mobile” error will hurt your brand.
  • Touch elements: Links and buttons should not be cramped together, as that will make it almost impossible for mobile users to tap on them.
  • Website headers: A majority of the top websites in Singapore have significantly reduced the size of their header. Do the same – avoid large header sections to make it easy for mobile users to access your content.
  • Font size: Font matters to both desktop and mobile users. The font should not be too large or too small. Be sure to include plenty of white space in your content.
  • Run A/B tests on visuals: Some of the website visuals such as pop-ups and floating social sharing buttons might not work well in mobile devices. Run A/B tests and optimise them fully for mobile users.
  • Redirects: If you have separate mobile URLs, avoid faulty redirects. This means that all redirects should lead the site visitors to the correct or targeted mobile pages.
  • Design of your Singapore e-commerce site: 30% of online shoppers abandon transactions due to the poor mobile shopping experience. You can quickly fix this by making sure the mobile version of your e-commerce site is optimal.

Mistake Number 3: Old-Fashioned “Click Here to Enter” Page

The “Click Here to Enter” fad is old-fashioned and died five years ago. In the past, we used to see this problem in so many websites, but we are glad to report that the numbers have reduced. When a potential customer comes to your website, they do not want to see this page. They already know exactly what they are looking for and have ignored other sites just for you.

Do not make them feel like they made the wrong choice and need to go back to the SERPs page. In the past, this page was referred to as a pre-loader and was meant to give Flash and other website assets enough time to load all elements. It used to ensure that website visitors do not experience a broken website. However, with the current internet speed and technology, pre-loaders are redundant and unnecessary.

Final Thoughts

These are the three most deadly website design mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want to get a firm footing in Singapore. No need to worry though, our professional web design team can carry out a comprehensive website audit to identify all the areas that need to be improved. We can also create a custom website design that will put your brand ahead of the curve and position it for success. Contact us today for more details.


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