The Situation
Daniel Food Diary is a Singapore food blog owned by well-known Daniel Ang, who had been providing popular food blogs internationally. He was well-known in his industry and had tens of thousands of fans around the world, especially in Singapore. Daniel felt that his website is lacking of the ranking for popular keywords such as Food Review, Food Blog, Best Restau- rant, Food Singapore, which many advertisers are looking at. Daniel mentioned that if he could get these keywords to rank well in Google, they will give him additional selling points to his advertisers. He also had the problem of getting consistent traffic although his website was well- known, as his website were not ranked well for high-search volumes keywords.

The Challenge
Daniel Food Diary website was huge and had hundreds of pages. The on-page optimization was not an easy task as we had to identify crucial pages and re-optimize for these pages. There were many pages for us to make changes for on-page optimization. We also had to be careful with his website and URL structure due to being a large site. We had to ensure that the website is running perfectly, as it could not afford any down-time or issues as it was a live sites with many visitors. He also had many advertisers to account for, if situation occurs.

Actions Taken
Upon confirmation from Daniel, we proceed on our standard on-page optimization for his website, fine tuning his web pages content. We then proceed on creating quality in-bound back-links for her website, which is one of the most important aspect in Search Engine Opti- mization (SEO). The changes were time consuming as Daniel’s website had a huge number of pages therefore there were many aspects to look at.

The Results
Today, DanielFoodDiary.com is getting an average of 2500-3500 unique visitors each day coming from Google organically! This was a huge growth in traffic, as compared to prior com- mencement of SEO campaign, which he were getting hundreds of unique visitors today. With such traffic, Daniel no longer had difficulty finding advertisers or visitors to his website, as his website today is very well-established in the local food blogging market. Daniel’s official Facebook page started to grew in the number of fans as well, as more visitors around the world started finding his website.

www.DanielFoodDiary.com Google Analytic Traffic Report