Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social media platforms allow users to share information, have conversations, and create valuable web content. Over the past decade, digital marketers have found social media to be the perfect platform for engaging and interacting with customers as well as find new leads.

Unfortunately, most digital marketers have not figured out how to leverage social media marketing to bolster their digital marketing campaigns. For this reason, we have compiled the frequently asked questions with an aim to help you understand what it is, and how to go about social media marketing for better results.
What Is Social Media Marketing?
It is a form of internet marketing that revolves around creating and sharing of content on social media networks. Social media is not limited to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it also includes wikis, blogs and micro-blogs, photo-sharing sites, podcasts, video sharing sites, instant messaging, and more.

By using social media, brands can interact with their customers directly, as well as promptly respond to their queries and comments. On top of this, social media marketing provides a better platform than other digital marketing platforms to target and engage interested customers in a more meaningful manner.
How Do You Find Audience-Specific Content?
When it comes to social media, you must create the most relevant and valuable content that will resonate with and convert your audience. However, several tools will help you know which content is appropriate for your audience.  

A tool such as BuzzSumo creates a list of the most shared articles in your field from the past year, month, or week. On the other hand, a tool such as Nuzzel, will compile a list of the most relevant articles from the people you follow and email them to you.

You could also try other tools such as Quora, Sway, Feedly, Subreddits, LinkedIn Pulse, and Digg Deeper. These tools will help keep your followers interested in your brand by sharing valuable and relevant content that helps them find solutions to their needs.
Are Social And Search Marketing Related?
Social media and search engine marketing are related, and you will find better success by knowing how they correlate to increase brand visibility. While social media marketing focuses on discovering new customers and content such as news items, the discovery part is a search activity.

Social media will also help build links that will support your SEO efforts. In order for people to find your content or business pages, they must use the integrated social media search engines. On top of this, social connections also help in influencing the relevancy of search results either on the social media platform or on the mainstream search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.
How Do I Keep My Followers Involved And Engaged?
Many marketers have the problem where their social media posts go without impressions. It is especially frustrating given the amount of time they put into creating or sourcing the content. The reason for this is that you posts are not visible or your followers are not interested in your content.

When measuring the post engagement, consider the number of shares, comments, likes, and clicks. To keep your followers engaged and involved, ask questions, run a contest, share the behind-the-scenes, or host a chat. This will help show your business and brand in a different light, and it will pick the interest of your social media followers.
What Is Social Media Management And How Do I Do It?
Like all forms of digital marketing, marketers need to manage the campaign to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Social media management is the process of managing your online content and interactions across the various social media channels.

However, it goes beyond making updates, but it includes engaging your audience and constantly searching for opportunities to increase visibility. Social media management requires that you do the following tasks to ensure the success of your social media campaign

Success on social media marketing requires management to ensure you increase user engagement. Your customers need to see more content from you to lure them into interacting with your brand. Studies show that your customers will be open to the messages you put across on your social media.

However, you will have to track the performance of your campaign over time. More so, it will help you know if you are putting your resources in the right social media platform. Doing social media management manually, can be a daunting and time consuming, but you can automate the process by using these social media management tools.
How Do I Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy?
In order to excel at social media marketing, you need a strategy that transcends that of your competition. A social media strategy is a summary of everything you plan to execute and hope to achieve on social media. It guides your content creation and sharing actions, and it lets you measure the success of your campaign.

The trick to creating a winning social media marketing strategy is to keep it concise. Avoid making it too broad that it becomes unattainable and impossible to measure. This is the best way to create a social media marketing strategy

Can I Use My Social Media Strategy On Multiple Channels?
When done correctly, a social media marketing strategy will work on a variety of social media channels. However, you must customise it to suite every platform. For example, the posting frequency will be different on your blog from that on the Instagram or Twitter platforms.

Based on the social channels you choose for your social media marketing, the type of post will also matter greatly. For example, you should share visual posts on Twitter and Instagram while Facebook posts should have many visuals with text-only updates to act as conversation starters.

You should also consider the image size and quality of the content you share. A tool such as Omnicore can help you know where to post your images. You should also consider the text while posting on different social media. For example, Twitter has a 140-character limit while Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Google+ have open-ended styles. However, you should read on the ideal lengths of social media posts.
How Should I Be Using Facebook For Marketing?
Facebook is the biggest social networking platform there is today, and with 2.23 billion people use the platform every day, you will find your target audience here.

However, it gets complicated staying on top of the trends given that the algorithm changes often, and this means that marketers need to have a dynamic Facebook selling strategy. First off, you need to know the Facebook statistics to help you create a proper Facebook strategy for your brand.

Facebook is focused on providing meaningful user engagement, and this has created a perfect opportunity to monetise the platform. Besides this, statistics show that millennials, who are the biggest consumer group today, amount to 30% of all users on Facebook. However, you can find users of all ages and varying demographics who will fit your ideal target audience. With that said, you must use Facebook ads, which allow you to target the ideal audience.
How Should I Be Using Twitter For Marketing?
Twitter has 313 million active users, and you could benefit from using it for marketing. However, it is very different from Facebook, and the users are considerably younger. It is easy to set up a Twitter account, but growing the account and turning it into a lead generating tool for your brand is the daunting part of Twitter marketing.

Twitter is all about engaging and interacting with your target audience to unlock new opportunities for growing your business online. However, you need to understand how it works, and where it fits in the social media ecosystem before creating a Twitter marketing strategy.

Most businesses use Twitter for branding, networking, reputation management, sharing content, and driving engagement for promotional activities. Most of the activities on Twitter are interaction-based, which goes to show that Twitter thrives on communication.

Twitter chats are some of the best ways of finding active Twitter followers. If you cannot find chats for your industry, you can create one. However, you should be more than a spectator and avoid using plain text in your tweets. Tools such as Canva can help you create stunning graphics for your tweets in minutes. You can find a full guide on Twitter marketing here.
How Do I Use YouTube For Marketing?
Social media has seen much change and users prefer content that engages them on a deeper level than text does. Enter video content, it will not ensure more engagement but they help communicate your ideas better than text would allow you.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing site, and it gets over 4 billion views per day. It is the perfect platform to show your customers what happens behind-the-scenes during content creation or the normal running of your business. On top of this, it is the second most visited website in the world after Google.

When it comes to using YouTube for marketing, you need to have a consistent uploading schedule. You need to put thought into your titles, write a great description, add CTAs, and choose the appropriate tags and categories, among other tasks.

If you are new to YouTube, it might be a daunting task of growing your subscriptions. However, you can take a course that will help you create YouTube ads that convert and bolster the traffic to your channel. On top of this, you should share links to your YouTube videos on your social networking platforms to increase its visibility.

More so, when creating blog posts, you should link your YouTube videos to increase the chance of ranking higher on search results.
What Type Of Social Media Content Converts Best?
Did you know that there are different types of content you can use on social media to help engage your target audience? These include podcasts, live streams, user-generated content, infographics, videos, VR content, images, webinars, client testimonials, eBooks, and guides.

For a majority of these content types, you will need special tools than the editor on your social networking platforms and blogs. You can use tools such as VidLab, Adobe Spark Video, Adobe Spark Post, THETA+, and Zoom, among others. With that said, you cannot rely on one type of content for your social media marketing.

You can only know which content type to use by testing, asking for user feedback, tweaking, and testing again until you get the right fit.  
When Should I Post on Social Networking Sites?
When creating a social media marketing strategy, you need to know when to post, since timing is everything. While it is easy to get through to your audience in real time, you need to post at the most appropriate time for your content to get the most engagement.

For Facebook, posts made between 1 pm and 4 pm have the most engagement on the weekends. For Twitter, you should tweet between noon and 3 pm during the workweek. For Instagram, the users are engaged throughout the week, but they are most active between 8 am and 9 am as well as at 5 pm, and 2 am.

Knowing when to post will increase user engagement and interactions. However, sticking to manual posting does not always work. To ease the process, you should take advantage of the various social media marketing tools that allow you to schedule and automate posting of your content.

This leaves enough time for you to source and create content, respond to your audience’s comments and messages, among other aspects of your business. You can also use Google Analytics and determine if you are getting enough visibility, interaction, and engagement.
How Can I Combine Social Media Marketing With SEO?
The most successful digital marketers know that it is necessary to combine different campaigns to increase their ROI. This means that you should do SEO and social media marketing concurrently. One of the ways to combine SEO and social media marketing is by transferring your on-page SEO technique by using keywords in your social media content.

Social media platforms are the perfect place for you to promote the content on your websites and blog. Sharing on your social media profiles leads to link building, especially when picked up by influencers. On top of this, increased brand awareness will improve your SEO rankings.

Google also has a partnership with Twitter where relevant tweets to the query will show up on the search results page. The partnership might not improve your website’s SEO, but it will increase brand awareness, interaction, and engagement.
How Much Should I Spend On Social Media Marketing?
Social media platforms have made it much more difficult for businesses to get organic traffic to their business pages. This means that you must use target and retargeting ads to get the most out of your social media marketing campaigns.

This makes it important that you set aside a budget for your ads and influencer marketing. However, the higher the budget does not always translate to more enjoyment due to changing consumer behaviour and platform algorithms.

When creating a budget for your social media marketing campaign, you should allocate between 15% and 25% of your marketing funds on organic and paid advertising. On average, it will take SGD 1.50 to direct a lead from your social media platform to your website.
What Are The Mistakes I Should Avoid In Social Media Marketing?
You would think that something we use every day, businesses would get it flawlessly. However, businesses keep on making mistakes with their social media marketing, which costs them not only time and money but also traffic and a reduction in the number of followers.

The first mistake is getting the social media marketing strategy wrong. Other mistakes include being inconsistent in how you post the updates and more. Here are more mistakes you should know about, but you should redeem yourself by analysing the results from the social media management tools.  

However, you will avoid most of these mistakes when you identify and target the right audience and keeping your cool when responding to negative comments on your posts.

Finally, the most important thing in social media marketing is to create a strategy you can adapt to different social media platforms. It can be tiring doing the processes manually, but with social media marketing tools, you can automate the process and improve your ROI.

Contact us today for professional digital marketing services, which include social media marketing and management.
What Channels Make Up Social Media?
For a long time now, there have been arguments on the online channels that make up social media. To most people, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are the channels that make up social media. However, these are just but one category called social networking platforms.

Others social media categories include bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, which allows users to save and organise links to their favourite websites. Social news sites such as Reddit allow users to post article and news links on the sites for other users.

Media sharing sites such as YouTube are social media platforms that allow users to share multimedia content. Microblogging sites are social media platforms that allow users to submit short entries that include links to products and services. Twitter is one of the most infamous microblogging websites today.

Finally, forums and blog comments are also part of social media, and they provide an opportunity for users to engage in conversations by making posts and responding to messages left by other community members.

With that said, a social media marketing agency will help you identify all the available social media channels that will help you engage with your target audience. For this reason, you need to ask them questions to test their competence on a wide range of social media channels.
How Do I Choose A Social Media Platform For My Business?
The trouble with social media is that most of us use the platforms for personal use. This presents a problem when it comes to choosing the best channel for business.

To make the right choice, you need to sit down with your team, brainstorm, and create a social media marketing strategy. This is is a summary of everything that you plan to do and hope to achieve with your social media activities.

However, when you are running a busy business, you will hardly have enough time to be active on every social media platform available today. This makes it necessary that you narrow down your choices to the most impactful channels.

Here are pointers on how to choose the perfect platform for your business.

This is not an easy process, but with proper research, you will reduce the time and money it takes to find the perfect social media platform. With that said, you need to monitor the metrics from every platform, to ensure that you get maximum returns on investment.

However, with changing user demographics, doing it on your own can be a challenge. A social media agency on the other hand will help you choose the most effective social media platform that will maximise your ROI.
How Do I Use Twitter For Marketing?
Twitter has become one of the most crucial social media channels you must use to engage existing and potential customers. However, there is the problem that your tweets are only visible to a section of your followers.

With that said, you can take advantage of several tactics that will extend the reach of your tweets; that is if you do not mind spending on Twitter ads. Not only can you make a new tweet appear on the timelines of people you do not follow, but old tweets as well.

The ads allow you to fine-tune your campaigns to ensure it reaches your targeted audience based on region, age, among other factors. The best thing about it is that you will only pay if a user engages with the ad or tweet.

You can also use hashtags to extend the reach of your tweets. Statistics show that hashtags receive twice the engagement compared to ordinary tweets mainly because they are easily searchable. The catch here is to choose the most appropriate hashtag for your brand and sector.

On top of this, search for the relevant hashtag and follow the accounts using it. The chances are that they will follow back and from there you can start a conversation and introduce your brand. Taking the challenge yourself can be daunting work, but a social media agency has the expertise and the personnel to tackle marketing on Twitter.
How Do I Pick Content For My Social Media Marketing Campaign?
The success of every social media marketing campaign is centred on the content shared with the audience. This makes it necessary to have a clue as to the type of content that will entice your followers to convert.

However, most businesses make the mistake of sharing their product or service features and inserting a CTA hoping to make more sales. This is a counterproductive strategy and they eventually give up. The problem here is in the content, but how do you find the right one for your audience?

There is a wide range of tools you can use to help in curating content that resonates with your audience. For example, a tool such as BuzzSumo will help you identify the most shared articles in your niche.

Moreover, you should follow people on social networking platforms who share articles related to your industry that you think will be relevant to your audience. This can be a tedious process, but with a tool such as Nuzzel, you will get emails with the most shared content from the people you follow.

With that said, tools and forums such as Quora, Reddit, Digg Deeper, LinkedIn Pulse, and more will help you curate content for your social media audiences. Professional social media agencies in Singapore will be able to help you in curating content that will be relevant to your social media marketing campaigns.
How Do I Increase Brand Engagement On Social Media?
Unfortunately, the attention span of most internet users in Singapore and across the world is dropping at alarming rate. Brands today have up to 8 seconds, which is down from 12 seconds recorded in the year 2000 to create interest and hook the reader.

This means that you need to concentrate on increasing engagement and interaction to ensure success. You can do this on social media by

For example, sharing the behind the scenes operation in your organisations adds authenticity to your brand and trust. This leads to increased interaction, as well as likes, clicks, comments, and shares.

These processes are not easy to do since they require a lot of research and metrics analysis. An experienced social media agency will handle the above processes and more in less time. More so, the agency will undertake the process with a higher chance of success.
What Do Social Media Agencies Do?
The short answer is that they help brands run and manage their social media presence. They do all the heavy lifting for you for a price. The social media agency’s competencies and service range will determine if they are worth investing in or not.

An experienced social media agency in Singapore should provide the following services

These are some of the duties of a social media agency. The more activities a social media agency can undertake for you, the higher their rates will be. With that said, you need to find a social media agency that provides as many services under one roof as possible since this reduces room for error.
How Do I Pick The Right Social Media Agency In Singapore?
If you do not have the resources to hire an in-house social media expert, it will be a challenge implementing your social media marketing strategies. However, picking out a social media agency in Singapore is not an easy fete. For starters, you could look into the following factors

The agency will ask questions about your goals to ensure that they understand your strategy and expectations. With that said, do not choose a social media agency solely on price alone, research on their clients and call them, and ask questions about the agency to help you understand how it deals with its clients.
How Do I Work With A Social Media Agency?
A social media agency can provide valuable workforce and expertise to boost your organisation’s social media efforts. However, you need to pick an agency that is a proper fit for your company. Follow these steps to ensure that you maximise your partnership with the social media agency

On top of this, a professional agency will require you to define your goals, plans, strategies, plans, reports, and analytics of your social media marketing campaigns. On top of this, it will help if you have done research on the best type of content suitable to your audience.
How Often Should I Post On Social Media?
Statistics show that you should post at least twice a week on most social media platforms. However, some platforms are an exception such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, which require that you post more frequently. For Twitter, it is best that you post at least once a day.

On the other hand, platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook have stories that expire after 24 hours. This allows you to share content and create a sense of exclusivity and urgency without going overboard.

Social media agencies in Singapore know the best times to post on different social media platforms. This in turn will help you maximise your chances of engagement from your audience.
Should I Delete Negative Comments?
Negative comments on social media can hurt your brand image, and most brands opt to delete them as soon as they arise. However, some social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter do not have the delete option.

With that said, you can hide the comments in the ‘Settings’ tab, on Facebook and for Twitter, you can block the offending user, report the user for spam, or mute tweets from the user. Unfortunately, this will not do you any good.

The best way to deal with negative comments is to respond to the user and offering a solution. This could include asking the user to contact you directly using a direct message or email to resolve the problem. This way, you will show your followers that you are proactive and that you are a customer-oriented brand.

You should never engage the user is a war of words on a public platform such as the comments section. This will not only lead to loss of clients, but you will be seen as an unprofessional brand. With that said, an experienced agency will be able to handle all the negative comments from your followers through a process called online reputation management.
Why Should I Spend Money On Social Media Ads?
Changing trends in social media platforms are making it necessary that businesses spend money on targeted ads to ensure that as many people as possible see their content. For example, Facebook has changed its algorithm to make it easy for users to see posts from their friends first and this has made it difficult to get organic followers from your posts.

Since social media has the potential to influence buying behaviour, it is necessary that you spend money on ads and sponsor your posts to increase brand interaction and content engagement. On average, businesses in Singapore spend as much as SGD 13,000 on digital marketing per year, but they hardly use any of the money on social media marketing.

A social media agency with experience in the Singapore market will be able to advice you how much money you should spend according to your goals. The professionals will also help you figure out where you should spend the money for maximum ROI.