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Digital marketing provides countless opportunities for Singapore businesses to thrive. Email marketing is one of the widely used marketing strategies by companies to win more customers and drive more traffic to their websites.

Globally, there are more than 3.7 billion email users, and this number is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2022. This statistic is one of the primary reasons why email marketing is considered the most sustainable and timeless digital marketing strategy in the world today.

The average ROI for every SGD 1.37 spent on email marketing currently stands at SGD 43.77. It is of paramount importance to make sure that the campaign is designed correctly, run, and monitored to achieve the expected results.

Here are expert tips on how to create a great email marketing campaign for the Singapore market.

Select the Right Email Automation Tool

Email marketing automation tools such as iContact, MailChimp and Constant Contact can help you send out bulk emails to the target audience fast. However, it is essential to consider the labor requirement associated with each of the tools to avoid any inconveniences in the future.

Ideally, the right automation tool should be in line with the size of your marketing team and budget. Some of the sophisticated tools need one or more trained personnel at the reins. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to hire such staff at this stage, consider simpler software that requires little overhead.

Consider Ditching Outlook for a Third Party Tool

Give your subscribers an opportunity to unsubscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletters lest they feel that you are forcing them to receive and read your emails. Outlook is good, but the only downside is that it does not provide an unsubscribe button. Therefore, consider ditching it for a modern and more customer oriented third party tool that gives the email recipients an opportunity to unsubscribe by just clicking on a button.

Automate Loading Contacts with your Customer Relationship Management Tool

Manually synchronising or loading the subscribers’ email addresses from your current CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can be time-consuming and tedious. It can result in technical misfires where people who have already unsubscribed are added back to the mailing list, or you end up sending out duplicate emails.

You can avoid these challenges by using a plug-in that automates the whole process. The plug-in or tool should be compatible with the other systems that you use to capture existing and potential customers data.

Cross-Sell Services and Products Using Email Automation

If you have successfully converted a potential lead to a customer, go an extra mile and cross-sell additional goods and services that are in your portfolio to them. Be cautious not to sound too salesy or marketing oriented to avoid compromising the reputation of your business.

However, there is no harm in having multiple campaigns. That is, specific campaign for potential customers at each stage of the sales funnel and another one for clients who have already converted. Make sure that the content contained in the email is pertinent to them and fresh.

Be Timely

Use the different seasons in the year to market and grow your brand. For example, during the tax season, send out emails that contain information on how your product can help them file their returns easily, accurately, and efficiently.

Towards and during the festive season, send out emails that contain targeted promotions such as special discounts to customers who have purchased certain products. You can also offer special discounts and coupons to potential customers who are yet to convert but are towards the final stages of the sales funnel.

The point we are trying to put across is that, make sure that you send the emails at the right time, and fine-tune the content to match the season and the needs of the recipients.

Identify When People Unsubscribe

Understanding your target audience is crucial to creating a great marketing campaign for the Singapore market. Take note of the time or instances when the recipients unsubscribe from the mailing list. Before they go, ask them the reason so that you avoid repeating the same mistake in the future. Make it easy for them to respond to this question by listing down some of the plausible reasons and include a checkbox that they can click on instead of typing the response.

Note that if the prospects are clicking on your emails and CTAs (call-to-action), you are doing it right.  If they are not clicking or taking the desired action the chances are that, they are unsubscribing.

Concisely, knowing the reason why they decide to leave will help you improve your campaign and avoid other subscribers from doing the same. Remember that getting a new client is more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Create Stellar Content

Content matters and should be given the high attention it deserves if you are to succeed in creating a great email marketing campaign for the Singapore market. The content contained in your email will determine whether the recipients will open, read, and take the desired action.

Here are actionable tips to help you create stellar content for your email marketing campaigns for the Singapore market.

  • Create a compelling subject line to boost open rate
  • Personalise email copy (include the customer’s name in the subject line and the body of the email)
  • Strive to make your emails clear and catchy
  • The subject line should be related to the copy
  • Keep the content relevant
  • Entire email copy should be written in the second person
  • Focus on highlighting the benefits of the products/service rather than the specifics of your offer
  • Keep it short and compact
  • Let your personality shine
  • Do not spam

Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Email Marketing in Singapore

All the information we have shared show far was meant to show you how to do email marketing in Singapore the right way. However, just like any other digital marketing strategy, there are certain things that you should avoid doing if you are to succeed in getting tremendous results from the campaign.

email marketing

Here the seven mistakes you should avoid when doing email marketing in Singapore.

Mistake 1# Not Running Tests and Improving

It is essential to research and test the different moving parts in your email marketing strategy. The information you gather in the process will help you to know the specific areas that you should improve on or delete altogether.

For example, just placing a sign up form at a random location on your site and waiting for subscribers will not deliver much result. You need to carry out A/B test frequently to know if the form is working as expected. The same case applies to the various elements in the emails that you send out such as subject line, message, and even the CTA buttons.

Some of the best email marketing tools in the market such as OptinMonster and Hello Bar come with an in-built A/B test split testing feature. You can use it to test locations, wording, and sign up forms to know what works best for your site. The tools also have reporting tools that you can use to monitor various metrics such as open rates.

Mistake 2# Purchasing Email Lists

As a new business that wants to get started on email marketing as quickly as possible, you might be lured to purchase an email list. Don’t as you will not get any tangible results from the list. In fact, you will just put your reputation in jeopardy by bombarding random people with random emails and newsletters that they never subscribed for in the first place.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an email list, invest that money in professional website design and landing pages. Design better sign up forms to encourage more people to subscribe to your newsletter and email list. Otherwise, your emails will be marked as spam and you risk losing the good reputation you have worked so hard to build.

Mistake 3# Ignoring Lead Generation

If you are to succeed in creating an email list in the current competitive Singapore digital market realm, you need prospects to sign up. Great content, good user experience and lead generation campaigns will all work together to help grow your email list.

The three are important and ignoring one of them will slow down your email marketing campaign. For example, if you have compelling content that resonate with the target audience and a mobile friendly website that offers great user experience, but the sign up forms are not noticeable, all your efforts will go down the drain. The target audience need to see the sign up forms when they land on the site. Use colour contrast to make it stand out from the surrounding elements.

Lead generation plugins such as Optin Monster and WP Optin Wheel will do all the hard work for you. That is, they will increase the opt-in rate exponentially thereby making your email marketing campaign more effective.

Mistake 4# Ignoring Stats

When is the last time you checked your Singapore email marketing campaign stats? Metrics such as open rate will help you to know if you are doing the right thing. Google Analytics has a feature that allows digital marketers to track email subscribers in real time.

For example, you can tell the number of subscribers who visited your website from a specific email campaign. Stats will also help identify emails that had the most significant impact on the target audiences as well as onsite purchases.

Apart from Google Analytics, you can use other email marketing providers in Singapore such as AWeber, MailChimp and Mad Mimi. They all have reporting tools that you can use to keep track of one or multiple email marketing campaigns in Singapore.

Mistake 5# Lack of Segmenting

Sending mass emails will save time but you will not get any significant results from the campaign. Consider segmenting your list using parameters such as gender, income, geographic location, past purchases and other factors that are meaningful to your campaign goals.

Of course, it is not possible to collect all this data from the website, lest you turn off potential subscribers. Once you have their email addresses, proceed to send surveys. The information gathered will help you segment your email list accurately thereby supercharging your Singapore email marketing campaign.

Concisely, the more information you have about the potential customers, the easier it will be to segment the list. With the segments in place, create custom messages for each. By any means, you do not want to send non-customer and existing customers the same email, do you?

Mistake 6# Non-Responsive Email Format

In a world that is filled with a broad range of smartphones with varying screen sizes, you will not get away with non-responsive email formats. Bearing in mind that Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the world, be sure that over 80% of the recipients will read your email on a smartphone.

Take some time to test how your email looks on multiple devices before sending it out. You should only send them out when you are sure that it will look great on multiple devices. Tools such as Litmus can help you test your email across different platforms and devices without breaking a sweat.

Mistake 7# Inconsistency

One of the main reasons why most email marketers fail to achieve the set goals is because they have an inconsistent schedule. That is, they send out emails randomly and without putting into considerations the interests and needs of the recipients.

Stay ahead of this group by been consistent. Create an email calendar that is based on the information collected about the target audience and stick to it at all times.

How to Write a Compelling Email Marketing Newsletter

Email marketing newsletters are the most effective means of product promotion. According to this study, 90% of consumers prefer receiving updates through email over other channels, including social media.

However, engaging in email marketing is not a guarantee for success. Your email messages should contain the right content that convinces the reader to complete the desired action.

Components of an Effective Email Marketing Newsletter

Here is what you should in you include in your email if you want to it to benefit your business.

A Compelling Subject Line

The first thing the recipient sees when they open the email inbox is the subject line. It should be enticing such that it encourages the user to open the email.  You can do this by asking a question, sharing an intriguing statistic or asking a question.

A Persuasive Pre-header Copy

After the subject line, the next piece of information that the email recipient sees is the pre-header. You should consider it as an extension of your subject line.  It should include a copy that convinces the user to open the email and learn more about what you are offering.

Featured Content

The top of your email marketing newsletter should highlight the most critical content in your message.  This encourages the recipient to read the entire content.

If you find it challenging to get the featured content, read through your content until you get the information that the intended user will find hard to ignore.

Startling Graphics

Graphics have a significant impact on your email marketing strategy.  If you use high-quality graphics in your content, your audience is more likely to engage with your email.  On the contrary, poor quality graphics mean that your audience is less likely to interact with your email content.

That said, you should observe the number of images you use in your email.  Too many images make the email hard to read, and the recipient is likely to move it to the spam folder.

Organised Layout

Your email template should display your content in blocks.  This makes it easier for the recipient to read the email.  You could also try using other popular reading patterns like the inverted pyramid and zigzag layouts. These ensure that the reader uses a particular pattern when reading your email message.

Avoid Using Personalisation Templates

If you decide to personalise emails, do it for each email message. Using a generic template will hurt your email marketing campaign, even if the name is personalised. The recipient will know that you did not intend the message for them.

Minimal Text

Your emails should be concise and straightforward. Avoid using large blocks of text, as they discourage the recipient from reading through your email.  Your email marketing newsletter should feature the title of the article you choose to include, as well as its description.

Clear Call-to-action

Your call-to-action button should stand out from the rest of the content on your website.  This ensures that your email recipients can see the action you want them to take.

The easiest way of making your CTA outstanding is by using contrasting colours.  Also, make sure that your CTA copy tells the user what you want them to do, like signing up or buying an item.

Minimise Ads

Email marketing the most effective way of sending promotional messages to consumers.  However, a recent study indicates that consumers favour informative emails over messages filled with adverts and promotions. You should make sure that your email content is mostly informative and minimise ads.

Social Links

Most people who use the internet have a social media account. You can boost your email marketing strategy by including social buttons in your messages. These buttons make it easy to share your content, and also provide a way for your audience to access your social channels.

Preference Selection

A smart way of making your email marketing newsletter more productive is by letting the readers choose their preferences. You can do this by providing a link to a preference centre. With the increased personalisation, the recipients will be more likely to read your messages.

Use a Customer Resource Management System and Follow-up Regularly

A CRM system allows you to track the interactions customers make with your brand.  When you understand the behaviour of your audience, you can craft an effective email marketing newsletter. You should also send follow-up emails when a consumer fails to complete the desired action.

Use Personalised Videos

By including personalised videos in your email marketing newsletter, you grab the attention of your prospects. Make sure that a compelling description accompanies the video.

Leverage User-Generated Content

The effectiveness of user-generated content goes beyond social media. Repurposing such content as part your email marketing strategy can grab the attention of readers and increase sales.

User-generated content is authentic and more engaging than other forms of content. People are more likely to convert and buy your products when they see others using them. Also, a streamlined visual marketing approach in all channels can strengthen relationships with consumers.

Offer Positive Disruption

You should understand the needs of your audience. Your email marketing newsletter should provide readers with the latest trends and industry, as well as useful insights, opinions, and solutions.

Positive disruption offers a change from the usual messages and spurs thinking. Everyone appreciates a new learning opportunity, so make sure that your ‘disruptive’ messages are worth reading.

Unsubscribe Option

The introduction of data protection laws means that all email marketing material must give readers an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.  The footer of all your email messages must feature a link that allows the reader to opt-out of future emails.

Creating Email Marketing Newsletters

The art of crafting a compelling email marketing newsletter is a must-have skill for all marketers.  Your emails should have a subject line and pre-header text that encourages the recipient to open the message. Regarding content, it should be relevant, accurate, informative, and feature engaging graphics.  You should also make your CTA outstanding by using contrasting colours.

If you master this skill, your emails will become more effective, which means more conversions and sales for your business.

Summary of  Singapore Email Marketing Definitive Guide

Singapore is the international hub for business due to the immense potential it has shown over the past couple of years. The potential shown is related to economic capability where it is ranked among the top business destinations in the world. Their attractiveness to investors has been due to their enabling environment to start and do business. Their status as the digital hub of the world and its strategic positioning has made it a go-to for young entrepreneurs who are looking to cut through the digital marketplace.

According to the World Bank, it only takes you a maximum of six working days to have your business up and going. The ease of starting any business in Singapore has been allowed by the availability of enabling laws for carrying out business, safe and secure environment for the human resources and the company. Also, friendly natives welcome every visitor with open arms regardless of color, religion or political inclinations. The government has constructed excellent internet infrastructure allowing entrepreneurs to penetrate the online markets where most of the world population exist nowadays. The internet provides marketplaces on the web where customers and business owners interact. With the development of email marketing, sharing information regarding products with customers and prospective customers has been made easier.

Email marketing, also known as a direct electronic mailer (eDM) help in relaying of customer- tailored messages to every customer regarding sales, synchronized with client preferences. Business owners acquire clients’ credentials from landing site forms for specific promotions or credentials entered when registering for newsletter subscriptions. Thus, this article will lay down guides for email marketing in Singapore.

Use local language

Singapore is a cosmopolitan country with people from across the world due to its notoriety as a tourist destination. The Singapore government has diversified their official languages to incorporate non-natives. Singapore has the Malay language spoken by the Malaysians who are considered natives, Tamil, Chinese, and English. English was meant to ease communication for the friendly business environment. Therefore, it is easier to relaying your business messages efficiently. To ensure the clear understanding of the language spoken by many of your clients, an individual can undertake surveys for customers to fill in forms holding expressions of preference while communicating.

The information got enable a business owner to send data to clients using their languages of choice for simple reading and understanding.

Optimize for mobile devices

Mobile devices are becoming a go mode of receiving and sending information all over the world. It is estimated that two billion of the world population, accounting for a quarter of the world population is in possession of a smartphone. Mobile devices are always the best platforms to access people because they are in peoples’ vicinity at all moments. These specs make it proper for fast transmitting time-sensitive information.

Considering Singapore is among the fast-growing infrastructural country in the world, it suffices to say it is the best environment to own a technology-driven business. The ability of the state to be near gadget developing nations like China, where mobile devices are cheap and accessible enables Singaporeans to be gadgets’ savvy, providing entrepreneurs with platforms to access their clients and share information regarding products and modes obtaining the products.

Compliance with laws governing the internet

Singapore government has adopted the internet and ensured its accessibility as an essential tool for economic development. As a well-endowed city-state, Singapore enjoys developed information installations. The drive is undertaken by the government to ensure 100% internet penetration to low-income households. The national wireless network also provides free access to the public making it one of the most internet connected in the world. The government’s dedication to developing an internet infrastructure that ensures a connection for its 5 million population, gives it the prerogative to monitor internet activities but at the same upholding users’ privacy.

The government undertakes a rigorous authentication process for internet business. The due diligence is done not to gag or restrict the rights of an individual, but it is being conducted by the government to ensure there is no abuse of internet platforms. The government initiates the procedures to crack down on dissenting voices trying to turn the public against the government.

It is also upon an email user to ensure the information relayed from their platforms are not dissenting in any way.

Employ services of native speakers

Native speakers possess the unique abilities to understand the local language and the local needs. Employing thus offer a business owner the opportunity to transmit specific information regarding specific products to specific groups of people. The understanding of different clients’ needs is enabled by the ability of the workforce to discern the needs of the customer properly. The worker’s interaction with the local population daily offers a niche for the business because the business can understand their needs, sending customer-tailored preferences and methods of accessing the services.

The hiring of a native speaker is a method of creating employment for the local population and the government expedite the processes of starting a business for an owner. The act is a motivating condition undertaken by the government to business owners to motivate them

Understand the local culture

The transcribing of email and its content cannot be enough factors to ensure a successful localized email drive. Good understanding of a specific culture helps in the manner a target population engages and practices its purchasing power. The way eDM communicate in countries should vary in the context that the business is operational in different countries. It helps in avoidance of distraught clients with a message written in a language they cannot read nor understand. Pay attention to variance in cultures to avoid converting the sound of your email or the entire email drive.

Discern images thoroughly

Tailor-making email campaigns to fit a geographical setting also need localizing of content used to accompany the email message to supplement the information should be localized to promote natural consumer relation with the products. According to research, human beings process photos and pictures 60000 faster than words. It is therefore vital for customizing images of an email campaign with national sites of a country.

For example, an email message could be sent to prospective tourists to employ the use of a specific touring guide company in Singapore. When you use a photo to increase the convincing power of the email, it is advisable to accompany it with a natural monument in Singapore to increase its ability to be consumed both by the local and foreign population.

Regard vacation cycle and local time zones

In the situation your business is an international entity, it is essential to consider the times of day when posting information. Thus, it is necessary not only to consider nationalistic as well as regional parties in time. When, business found in the western hemisphere, should think the time they sent information for their customers in the eastern region. Naturally, the time differences between these parts of the world is always a space of 8- 11 hours. It is therefore essential to consider that while could be awake, your customers in the other part of the world are deep asleep and will not be able to see your email in time. Understanding local vacation cycles help in knowing holidays and non-working days. Some countries for example in the Middle East, it is essential to understand it is a typical working day from Sunday to Thursday. The information enables the sending of emails on time and to the right recipients.

Compliance with anti-spam laws

Anti-spam laws in Singapore clearly states that you cannot send direct marketing mails without prior consent. The strict law is due to the high premium placed on cyber security laws in the country. Flouting of this law is punishable by a jail term. It could be argued that by sending a mail to a user could be in contravention of the user’s rights, hence the punishment under the law. The laws governing anti-spam in Singapore emphasizes that; All marketing emails to a client should and must have an opt-out option to revoke the email. This signifies when a user wants to opt off your list, they have the right to do so and any message sent to them after that is categorized as unsolicited email. Also, Sending unsolicited mail in Singapore is not prohibited, but it needs email senders to attach certain features in their messages to protect them from these messages when they do not want them.

The breaking of these laws is not punished by jail term but adhering to these rules ensure you expand your contact list as a marketing model while making your business processes legal.

Elasticize your email design

There are specific email characters that have unique problems in the event they are translated to a local language.

These features are:

  • Call to action enables users to turn off images that they are not using. Many websites provide this option to protect customers from incurring additional costs of loading images.
  • Email copy: translating an email to a local could distort its original length and the entire content of an email. An example is when you are localizing a Chinese text to English which requires reading from down-up distorts information. Arabic is another example of a book written from left to right.
  • Picture copy: If you include an image in your email, any text written on it requires translation then sent again to different countries’ templates you apply the model on.

Personalize information

Aligning client’s needs with the information you post on ensure ownership and relation to the product. This includes the use of personal pronouns such as ‘you” to emphasize on the user. It also offers the opportunity for the owner to stay connected with the product and the clients. Customers’ also feel part of the product which a mode marketing. In this method, the customer feels like a part of an organization and its product, which help drive sales and customer satisfaction. For example, for a pharmaceutical company, it enables follow-ups for patients while providing personalized treatment options which are designed for a specific customers intervention.

Electronic direct mailing is the most sought-after model of marketing services and products, and its potential is still huge especially to fast-growing economies such as Singapore. Its effectiveness and low finances to run it make it a handy marketing tool. The following are the advantages that set it apart from other marketing tools:

Benefits of direct electronic mailing

  • Highly informative: the direct mailing provides a mammoth of information to its users. The info enlightens individuals about different products and what prices they are sold at. The data also holds benefits of a specific product which impart them with information, and as we know, knowledge is power.
  • Targeted: this mode of marketing is advisable for sending of information to a known customer base. Organizations can post information on product s to specific groups of people depending on their demographic factors such as age, sex, income
  • Multiple formats of writing emails make it versatile. The array of options used for generating an email in the forms of newsletters, catalogs, and brochures, makes it a preferred method of transmitting information regarding products and manners of accessing the products. Its compliance with various forms of writing, make it adaptable in all situations.
  • It is easy to quantify the results of an eDM campaign; hence it does not require statistical tools like analyzing. Discerning the success of a campaign only needs counting the number of inquiries about the product since the beginning of a drive.

In conclusion, email marketing in Singapore has been at its optimum since the popularization of email marketing. This is due to the goodwill of the government to create a conducive environment for both international and local business.

Closing Remarks

Adhere to the above tips and guidelines to succeed in creating a great email marketing campaign for the Singapore market. MediaOne can help you get the best results by creating a robust campaign for your brand and monitoring it to ensure that it delivers the expected positive results.

This service will free up your daily schedule and give you ample time to concentrate on other equally important tasks in your business. Get in touch with us today for more details about this and other digital marketing services we offer in Singapore.

Creating Great Email Marketing Campaigns for Singapore Market
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Creating Great Email Marketing Campaigns for Singapore Market
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