Creating A Great Email Marketing Campaign For The Singapore Market

Creating A Great Email Marketing Campaign For The Singapore Market

In an email marketing, most people talk about designs, campaigns, messages code, templates among other things.In this article I’m going to look at templates and campaigns.You use templates to create a campaign.With this article you will get more information on templates and campaigns.


A template is a layout that you use to create your campaign on.On the template step for campaign building you will have to use a template. Choose a suitable template to use before you move to the design step in order to add content.You can choose from the available templates or you can create a template to match the brand you have.You can also add used images recurring content or logos in the template you choose in order to reuse it in coming campaigns.

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A campaign is an email message that is designed and sent to subscribers. Select a template and design your campaign ontop.When designing the campaign you can duplicate,rearrange content,image blocks and deletequickly.You can customize the look of the campaign by dragging and dropping the content blocks. Mix and use different content blocks in order to create a different and unique look for your email.


When creating an email campaign template you can use different steps.The following are the steps to follow:

  1. Open an email marketing application and select the template tab.
  2. Click new template
  3. Add a display name for your template
  4. Choose the template type
  5. Click to save
  6. Set the required properties but remember it’s optional.


Then write the opening and closing HTML code for the email in the header and footer.


You can then define the content and the main layout of the template in the body editor.


The above information helps you to create the best campaigns for your email marketing application.This information will is important for you in your digital marketing initiatives in Singapore.





July 01, 2017

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