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5 Steps to Creating a Custom Branded Website from a WordPress Theme

5 Steps to Creating a Custom Branded Website from a WordPress Theme

A WordPress website is an excellent step forward for a business that did not initially have a presence in the digital space, but it does not have the same effect as a custom branded website. Fortunately, converting a WordPress theme to a custom branded website design is something doable regardless of the theme and plugins initially used or the size of the business.

This process can seem overwhelming or unnecessary at first; however, you will reap the benefits of having a custom branded website for years to come. A visually appealing site will create a great first impression on potential clients.

Your site visitors can even associate the particular colours used on the site with your brand if the colours are combined well; that they think about your brand every time they see a specific colour. This will have a significant impact on your ability to sell products.

There are five tips that business owners should keep in mind if they want to achieve such an impact.

Tips for Turning a WordPress Theme into a Custom Branded Website

Look for Inspiration in Other Sites

There are many other sites similar to yours in Singapore and internationally. Checking out such sites will give you a fantastic starting point.

Analyse the different layers used by the site to create such an interesting website. Try to envision the images and different aspects you would have added to the site to create a unique user experience.

You can create this user experience by changing things such as background photos, font and text arrangement, and the colour of the call-to-action buttons. WordPress themes such as Enzo, Hazel, Stockholm, and Crane are easy to customise.

Make a Decision on the Brand Image You Want to Have

The market a business caters has a lot of say in the brand image the company wants to create. For example, a business selling products for young Singaporeans may decide to convey a fun and entertaining persona while a business selling men’s products may choose to show a powerful and sophisticated brand.

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A company looking to corner the women’s market, on the other hand, may want to indicate a classy and beautiful brand.

The purpose of the business is also vital in determining the brand image. For example, a catering business wants to display an impressive variety while yoga business wants to connect emotionally with the clients to keep them coming back.

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The intended use of your custom branded site is another critical factor that should be considered before deciding on the image of the company. For example, a brand that only needs a website to advertise the physical location on the business cannot use an image that indicates efficiency. After all, you still need to go to the physical location to sign up for something or make an order.

It is easy to come up with a site that will have an impact on the potential clients once all these factors are used to develop the brand image.

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Colour and Font Choice

Men and women do not react the same way to different colours. Men like black because it represents strength, power, and sophistication while women love pink because it indicates feminine energy, love, and care.

Research into colours has also shown that men and women overwhelmingly voted for blue as their favorite colour while both despise brown. Additionally, women do not like grey.

Different research has also shown that people’s preference for colours changes with age. Therefore, it is crucial to find the colour that fits the age group you want to your product/service is targeting.

The choice of font is a chance to subtly indicate the type of business you intend to be. Using Times New Roman indicates a traditional and conservative way of doing business while using a font such as Broadway indicates a more easy-going way of doing things.

Use Images

Images have the unique ability to draw the attention of your site visitors. They stay longer on the site as a result, and this ultimately leads to a better search engine ranking. It also reduces the bounce rate on your site for an even higher search engine ranking.

There are three types of images you can add to your site to make it more visually appealing. First, you can schedule a photo shoot and then add the photos to your site. The images can be of you, your staff, or a model. Your visitor love seeing Singaporeans they can relate to on sites they regularly visit.

Second, you can add simple custom art to your site. This adds a touch simplicity to your site and can be crucial if your brand image is centered around simplicity.

Lastly, you can add a high-quality custom art that is intensely visually appealing. A high-quality custom art will immediately set you apart from your competitors. However, they are typically costly.

Stock images were an option you could use a few years ago, but they have since been discarded because they are seen as inauthentic by potential clients and lead to less engagement.


Keep Your Logo in Mind

Your logo is an integral part of your business and brand image. Many companies have invested so much in logos that they use it in their marketing campaigns without necessarily adding the company name.

The size and colour of your logo can determine the design of your custom branded website. For example, a large logo with conspicuous primary colours can be complemented by secondary colours on the site.

The placement of the logo on the site is also affected by the size of the logo. Although many companies place the logo on the left-hand corner of the site, yours may not be able to fit. You will be left with no choice but to center it.

Final Word

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Having a superb product/service is a priority for many companies. A majority achieves this, but they struggle marketing the products/services to Singaporeans. The struggle is typically rooted in either not having a presence online or having an ineffective WordPress website. A custom branded website solves this problem by ensuring that the right people in Singapore view your fantastic product.

Contact us today for custom web design services in Singapore. We will help your brand stand out from the crowd and get a firm footing.


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