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One of the best descriptions of a marketing persona is a composite sketch of a critical section of your customers. You want to use educated guesses and raw data to represent various sections of your customers. The purpose of these sketches is to try and solve your customers’ needs better by acting as the basis of creating your marketing content. With the huge digital competition in Singapore, it is important that you get to interact with your audience better and solve their problems. Creating personas to represent your fundamental addressees will enhance how you solve your customer’s online social networks problems which will have a significant impact on your business sales and marketing. It is hence essential for you to become conversant with the course of building personas. This article exclusively goes through how to create marketing personas online in Singapore. 

The Basic Template of Marketing Persona

Which is the ideal number of these personas do you require to come up with? The ideal number of personas recommended is approximately five. These will be enough to characterise the audience correctly. It is small enough for specificity and still large enough to serve all your customers. There is an endless list of businesses which have developed personas for marketing and are as well as using them successfully in their marketing. More so, there exist lots of templates galore to help you make your personas. Most of the prototypes share similar necessary info. You need to understand the person, the thing that is most significant to them and the appropriate way to communicate to them. Below is an overview of the essential information that should be contained in your template of marketing personas.

Persona name


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Family
  • Location: e.g. CBD, CBD outskirts, heartland
  • Salary

Job title

  • Company information (type, size)
  • Their role in the company


  • Main values
  • Common complaints during the sales process

Objectives and problems

  • Main objectives
  • Secondary objectives
  • Ways you reach the objectives
  • Main encounters
  • Minor problems
  • Ways to elucidate the problems

Elevator pitch (marketing message)

Additional Customer Specific Persona Info

Businesses are different from each other with varying characteristics. This means that other than the basic persona information, your particular business will want definite info. This is the reason why personas differ from one business to another and company to another. A medical company will entail various consumer details as from those of an internet company. Furthermore, a persona created for a blog will look different from one created for a purchasing funnel. Some of the specific details that you may consider to add to your template include:

  • Computer literacy
  • Hobbies
  • Blogs that they read
  • Real interview quotes with customers
  • The source of their news

How to Make Marketing Personas Online

For a persona to take shape, you need a wide range of information from your audience. There is a lot of information sources about your potential customers including real-life conversations with customers and the details contained within your statistics data on your site. Ensure that you look for information widely from all sources to come up with the perfect persona. Below are the common places to look for information:

  • Social Media Research

Social media listening is a good strategy when looking for information on social platforms. Conduct social media research to look for questions being asked or problems being aired by your potential customers which are relevant to your products and services. Some of these social platforms that are essential include Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat.

  • Look at Analytics On Your Website

Your site analytics will give insights on the platforms your audience emanated from, the keywords utilised and the time they spent on your site. This information will help you know what your audience is interested in the point of visiting your site and tools owned for pulling on those actions which are vital information when creating personas.

  • Ask Questions to Your Customers

Customers are the one who know about themselves and what they want better. It is hence critical for you to hold interviews and surveys when creating personas. For best results, you should base your personas on the interviews information gathered from customers, customer service interaction and salespeople. During interviews with your customers, you have the opportunity to know their aims, principles, and problems more in-depth and what will reverberate best with your customers.

  • Involve All Your Team Members in Creating Profiles

All your business team including customer service, marketing and development team should be involved in the process of creating marketing personas. You want to take into consideration the perspectives of each business member who gets involved with customers or customer data. Here you will get some vital information that would otherwise be rare to find.

A Guide to Creating a Template Marketing Persona

At this stage, you are aware of the direction we are going towards regarding having a persona in our marketing strategies. Here, we now want to create out the profile of the persona by filling out a persona template. This will improve finding and connecting with our customers.

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  1. Give A Name to The Persona

You can choose any name for the persona. You need to give an actual name for the persona to feel like an actual person. Moreover, the persona ought to have psychological details to get you into his or her view convincingly. This makes you start seeing your goods and facilities from the persona viewpoint.

  1. Come Up with Persona’s Role, Job and Company

Customer surveys provide you with the most excellent resource when identifying the jobs of your persona. When conducting these assessments, you may take account of the company size, job title, and business type. You can use the answers from the majority to come up with single or few personas that fit nicely to the descriptions.

  1. Find Demographic Information

Some of the best sources of demographic information include Google Analytics, survey information, and educated guesses.  Google Analytics can show you the location, affinity, gender, age, and technology of your site visitors. This information is found in the audience section of google analytics. Surveys are useful in complimenting information elements that are unavailable on Google Analytics. There are survey tools such as Survey Monkey that gives suggestions on the way of inputting your demographic questions for increased accuracy on the responses.

  1. Goals and Problems, Principles and Worries

In an aim to get information about objectives, problems, principles, and worries, customer interviews are best fitted for this. You need to ask them questions related to marketing interactions, their goals, and problems. What is most valuable to them? What leads to changes? Who do they consult for advice? How do carry out transformation? What are their wants to embrace the change? Such questions will give you insights on their goals and challenges.  Apart from generating such information, you also need to establish methods of helping your customers to meet the objectives and overcome encounters. Imagine yourself as a customer and find solutions with responsiveness.  Try and figure out the problems they come across in the process of purchasing, that what may prevent them from closing in a purchase and come up with suitable solutions.

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  1. Elevator Pitch and Marketing Message

This step is all on you to come up with the best tactics of meeting the desires of individual kind of your customers. Here, you need to use all the information and knowledge you have acquired from the entire process. How you describe your products and services to your specific customers is what is referred to “message.” An elevator pitch is used to reinforce message consistency to your customers.

You may be wondering whether all this information is useful. However, as fluffy as it seems, all these details have essential roles in creating marketing personas. One of the functions of these details is to enforce the creators to get into the character. To facilitate this, such specific details gives boosted understanding of the behaviour, feelings, and thoughts of the customers. Last but not least, it gives you insights on marketing opportunities for your line of business that are yet to be discovered. Generally, getting deep when creating personas helps to convert a sketch into an authentic portrait.

Examples of Marketing Personas

According to the earlier statement, marketing personas are different from business to business. Though there exist similar themes running all over marketing personas, each persona is unique. You get to start noticing the differences as you go deeper into specific details. There exist many persona examples from various marketing companies. They have variations regarding their roles and specifications. Some of them include operations manager, director, and marketing manager.


Other than helping you recognise with your target audience; marketing personas create a better way of solving their problems. When the problems are solved, both you and your audience win. It is crucial for you to involve everybody in your team when creating these marketing personas. Each person brings a different idea to the table. After you have created the personas, you should use specific content messaging that will empathise with your audience when moving through the sales funnels. You want to improve the overall experience for your customer. These increased engagements will play a considerable role in leads conversions.

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