A Guide to the Cost of Web Design and Development in Singapore

cost of web design and development

After deciding that your company needs a website, you should ask yourself about how much it will cost you to create the site. Web design and development costs in Singapore varies depending on the type of website that you want to set up, the desired effects, as well as the site’s intended reach.

If you are not in the IT sphere, you may find it hard to understand the cost and requirements of building a website. This applies both to those who are revamping existing sites, or creating new websites altogether. After establishing what you want on your website, you should come up with a work plan and a budget that will guide the web design and development process.

Factors to Consider When Creating a Website

When it comes to website building, several factors affect the costs involved. These include the purpose of your website, your preferred site layout and design, unique features that you want to get incorporated into the website, the target audience, the number of updates that you will need to make, and the content management systems that you will use.

Upon the consideration of these factors, you will be able to come up with a budget. Similarly, they help you decide on the type of site to create. The cost of building a website in Singapore can also vary depending on the kind of vendor that you choose to work with. If you are conscious about your budget, you should work with vendors who are not only competent but can also fit into your budget.

Should you go the DIY Way?

Often, those who are creating websites for the first time yet do not have the necessary funds end up using free platforms such as SquareSpace and Wix. Using these platforms can be a good idea for a small local business, which wants to establish a digital footprint in the locality within which they operate.

Large businesses that want to expand further by having a web presence should look beyond the free platforms when creating their websites. As attractive as these free website creation platforms may be, your options are limited when using them. For instance, you may not have the capability to customise your website as much as you would love.

When creating websites for the first time, most people end up being caught in a dilemma especially when it comes to determining how much they should invest in a web design and development project. You undoubtedly want a website that will grab the attention of Internet users at the expense of your competitors.

A free or low-budget option may sound enticing but it restricts you when it comes to working with competent web agencies that can create websites that guarantee a return on investment. To determine how much you should invest in a business website, you should take a look at the types of sites that are common in Singapore.

Basic Website Design Costs

cost of web design and development

Basic websites are excellent for individuals and businesses that are only looking for an online portfolio. These include architects, freelance photographers, local companies, and new startups. A basic website can suit the needs of small companies and individuals.

Basic websites can play the role of a virtual business card or advertising brochures. With these websites, your name will come up whenever Internet users run an Internet search of your name. Here are the costs involved in building basic sites.

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DIY Website Design

It costs nothing to create a website using builders such as WordPress. The platform is popular due to its free themes, which are also customizable. If you intend to build a website in Singapore from scratch yet, you do not have the resources to back you, platforms such as WordPress can be of great help.

Even though you will save a lot of money by using these website builders, there is only so much that you can do for free. When it comes to functionality, you will be significantly limited. A basic website will cost an average of S$5,000 to S$25,000.

What you will ultimately pay for your basic website will depend on the level of functionality and detailing that you need. The cost doesn’t include copywriting, which is one of the most pertinent aspects of web design and development.

With this amount, you will be able to host a blog that you can use to post relevant industry-related articles. The website can also be linked to your social media pages, thus allowing more engagement with the target audience. You can also host a simple online store for conducting direct sales. Similarly, this site will enable you to edit and update your web pages in real time.

When looking to create this kind of website, your focus should be building an informational platform that only has basic features. If your business is new, its basic site can merely be an online listing. It doesn’t need much as far as functionality is concerned. Nonetheless, the site should still be highly informational. A 5-10 page website is enough for a small business.

Cost of Creating an Advanced Website

Advanced website development costs between S$10,000 to S$35,000. These websites have more functionality than basic sites. They are based on content management systems. When you choose such a website for your company, it will be easy for you to update your content including images, video, interactive media, and text.

Unlike the case with basic websites that can be built using free website builders, you have to pay a stipulated amount to create an advanced website. The process of creating advanced websites similarly involves several pre-launch tests, the customisation of graphic design solutions, and the availability of pre-written content. Without this, you cannot undertake a website launch.

What You Get When You Pay For an Advanced Website

Due to the technical expertise that goes into the creation of advanced websites, you will need to find a web design and development agency that can integrate directories and simple e-commerce platforms into your site. A sophisticated website also needs to have integrated blogging and social media functions.

When you pay a web design agency to create an advanced site for you, search engine and content creation services will be provided to you. Similarly, you will get a custom graphic design and visuals. The complexity of your custom visuals will significantly affect the ultimate cost of creating your website.

E-Commerce Website Creation Costs

An e-commerce website is more complicated than basic and advanced sites. The site requires a lot of fluidity and customisation. A simple e-commerce store that sells 50 products will cost S$5,000 while a more complex e-commerce website that sells up to 5,000 products will cost you an average of S$50,000.

Typically, e-commerce websites have functionalities such as customer log-in and account management, which allows buyers to see their past purchases as well as shipping details. Similarly, there must be a setting-up of products section, image uploading capability, a testimonial and customer reviews section, a product description section, and cart functionality.

The number of products that you want to sell on your e-commerce website is what will determine its feature sets and ultimately, the cost of setting it up. Besides what you will pay a web design agency to create your e-commerce website, you should factor in additional costs such as paying a photographer to take pictures of items that you will list on the site. These expenses can significantly increase the overall cost of creating your site.

E-commerce websites are similar to online marketplaces. Whereas e-commerce sites involve two parties (the buyer and seller), marketplaces involve three parties. In Amazon’s case, for instance, there is a buyer, Amazon itself, and a third-party who lists the products. A marketplace costs between S$50,000 to S$300,000. Such a site provides multiple logins and options for uploading products and comparisons.

Discussion Forums

Online messaging or forums are a great way of connecting individuals who have similar interests. Discussion forums have been gaining popularity in Singapore in the past few years. If you own such a platform, you can create a vibrant online platform on which members can share ideas besides engaging in lively debates and discussions.

A discussion forum needs basic features such as forum threads and a login database for users. It will cost you between S$3,000 to S$8,000 to create a discussion forum in Singapore. The total outlay will depend on your discussion forum’s subject matter and the number of members that you want it to support.

Fully Customized Website Development Cost

If you are marketing a large company whose operations cover different industries, you will need a fully customised website that captures all aspects of the company’s business setup. Such a website can comprise a blog, an e-commerce section, and links to social media feeds.

Updating such websites is easy due to their incredible functionality. Expect to pay between S$25,000 to S$100,000 for a fully customised site. With this, you will get a unique and customised website design layout, and a set up for more than ten web pages. Based on your preferences, the site can have a product listing section, a shopping cart with checkout, and an online payment system.

cost of web design and development

Customised websites also have multi-language capability in the sense that your site can be helpful to visitors who speak different languages. Similarly, a personalised website has multi-currency capability and also provides a membership database for users. There is also a mailing list sign-up feature and a photo gallery can also be added by the web design and development agency.

Often, web designers offer a three-month warranty after creating customised websites. Support, training, and free consultation are offered during this period. Clients are typically required to provide site content including images, write-ups, and logos.

What Are the Hidden Costs of Creating a Website?

The presence of numerous website builders means that you do not need to be a web development expert to create a website. Similarly, there are dozens of DIY solutions that small businesses can leverage to create a digital footprint for themselves within minutes.

Nonetheless, you should expect to incur hidden costs irrespective of whether you intend to create a DIY site or use the services of web design experts. The following are some of the hidden costs that you will incur to keep your website up and running.

Domain Name

There are lots of domain generators that can help you create premium domain names for your business. You will need to either pay a monthly or yearly cost to register and host the domain name that you choose. If you are creating an e-commerce website, you will require an SSL certificate.

Templates, Updates, and Plugins

Typically, web developers offer affordable starter plans for templates and plugins. Nonetheless, these templates and plugins ought to be customised to reflect your business. You will incur subscription costs for customisable themes, updates, and plugins. Besides this, you have to bear the cost of backing up your data. Keep in mind that websites ought to get updated at least once every month.

Hidden Costs of Running e-Commerce Sites

Small businesses and individual brands are increasingly selling their services and products online. If you run an e-commerce site, you need to ensure the security of the site besides ensuring that your clients’ data is safeguarded. As your business grows, you will also need to integrate the website with other platforms including payment systems. This requires a significant outlay.

The hidden costs that will arise from running your e-commerce site may include maintaining the website as well as managing sales. Some web builders charge a certain percentage of sales. Others charge for site traffic. If your site reaches a specified amount of traffic, you will be charged to expand your hosting bandwidth.


Web design and development doesn’t involve a one-off cost. Besides what you will initially pay to have a website created, you will also incur maintenance expenses and the cost of securing your site. The costs mentioned above vary because different web designers have different rates. Therefore, you should find a web designer who fits into your budget.

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