The Best Content Marketing Templates We Can Use In Singapore

The Best Content Marketing Templates We Can Use In Singapore

Content creation is a daunting task, and most creators are using content marketing templates in Singapore to get the job done. This includes anything from writing web content, blog articles, creating infographics, newsletters, or eBooks and it is incredibly challenging to start from scratch.

As a content creator and marketer, it is vital that you have a content marketing strategy, which brings to account everything from how you model your content operations, who you want to engage with the content, and reasons why you are creating the content in Singapore.

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Content Marketing Templates in Singapore

Content marketing templates make work easier. However, how do you choose the right one for your brand? In this article, we look at the best content marketing templates to use in Singapore.

There are hundreds of content marketing templates in Singapore, and that is why we have taken the time to narrow it down to the very best ones. Let us jump right in.

Content Audit Template

Before you embark on creating content, you should start with a content audit. The Buffer content audit template also has a tutorial that walks you through the content audit process of mapping your web pages, gathering analytics as well as sharing data while making sense of the results.

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It is a smart way of identifying which content is working and which is not. This is a free template, and it will set you on the right path.

Content Strategy Template

When it comes to creating a proper content strategy template, you need to start with the audience in mind. Copyhackers has one of the best content strategy templates available today. It includes a worksheet that helps you plan the content for a variety of audiences in each stage of the sales funnel.

A Buyer Persona Template

Ideally, you ought to do content marketing with the end-user in mind, and this will streamline your marketing process. Hubspot has one of the best buyer persona templates that allow you to organize the research you have done on your buyers.

You can create well-formatted buyer personas that you can share with your colleagues or staff. On top of this, you will learn all the best practices for conducting buyer persona research along the way.

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Editorial Calendar Template

Editorial calendars help to define and control the content creating process right from idea conceptualisation all through to the writing, and publication. While there are hundreds if not thousands of templates, Coschedule has one of the best editorial calendar templates.

Their template has three parts, which will help you create an editorial calendar, to creating an annual overview of events and themes, mapping out weekly content, as well as to record topic ideas. The template is printable, and you can use sticky notes to help you shuffle ideas around the calendar effortlessly.

Content Distribution Template

Once you publish a piece of content that is not the end. You need to ensure that you make the most out of the content. The content distribution template from Oracle helps you in the process of repurposing and distributing content across a variety of channels.

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The most important part of the Oracle content distribution template is the repurposing opportunities part. It imparts ideas on how to recycle content into newsletters, slide decks, and more effectively.

On-Page SEO Template

A website with a large quantity of content will get more traffic than websites with sparse content. SEO content will lure in organic traffic, and for this reason, you need to apply on-page SEO properly.

Hubspot on-page SEO template will help you create an appealing website structure by organising your web pages, identifying the purpose of each page, length, as well as how to optimise metadata associated with each page.

Headline Template

These templates have come a long way, and there is a large number of them. SumoMe Headline Generator is one of the best out there. For starters, the template has unconventional headline categories for your content including “fun/playful” and “strong/controversial.”

The SumoMe Headline Generator will find and incorporate headlines formulas that will resonate with customers in the modern era.

Tweet Template

Twitter is one of the most important platforms for undertaking content marketing. However, looking that Twitter offers 140 characters, it can be daunting knowing what to write.

Konrad Sanders’ Twitter templates for your Twitter content marketing strategy. The templates are based on time-tested copywriting formulas without feeling like clickbait.

eBook Templates

Lead generation is one of the most popular marketing goals, but it is not easy. It takes a lot of marketing to get qualified leads to your website, and this is where content offers come in. This means using eBooks, newsletters to name a few.

Hubspot has a set of 5 eBook templates you can use in InDesign and PowerPoint. You can download the templates, customise them, and use them in your lead generation practices.

Social Media Content Calendar Templates

Social media is one of the best platforms to undertake content marketing, and with so many social media platforms, it can be overwhelming for social media personnel to managing them effectively. Hubspot has a social media content calendar template you can use with Microsoft Excel.

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The template allows you to plan and organise social media activities well in advance. More so, you will also learn how to format the content appropriately for your social media audience. This template works for the popular social networking websites; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Google Analytics Template

Content marketers need to check the impact of their practices regularly, and this is where Google Analytics comes in handy. However, most of the marketers will complain that with all the process involved in content marketing, there is not enough time to figure it out.

Kissmetrics has a suite of Google analytics template. The templates will set you on a path to understanding how customers are interacting and engaging with the content you put out.

Social Media Tracking and Reporting Templates

Once you get around to creating content for your social media platforms, you need to track and analyse the reports from your preferred platforms. This comes in handy when preparing your budget for social media campaigns.

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Hubspot has a suite of 10 tracking and planning templates that help you track your social media following, report on the performance of each post, manage paid advertising budget for your promoted or sponsored posts and more. These templates will help you in understanding and managing your social media platforms.

Call-to-Action Templates

A call-to-action button or statement is a must-have component of your content marketing. However, redesigning the CTAs will improve your CTR by more than 1300%. This means that browsers spend more time on your website, which increases the chances of conversion into paying customers.

Hubspot has call-to-action templates that will help you create clickable CTA buttons. They are presented in a suite of 50 pre-designed CTAs templates that are easy to customise. However, you need sufficient knowledge of PowerPoint.

On top of this, Hubspot also has a free tool that allows you to track your CTA clicks in real time. This will enable you to see the exact number of clicks.

Infographic Templates

Text and video have become commonplace in content creation, but infographic adds variety to your content. However, they are not easy and straightforward to make, which is why we do not have many content creators and marketers using them on their websites.

Hubspot has a suite of 15 Infographic templates will take away the hassle and frustrations of creating eye-catching graphics. Each template includes a tutorial that teaches how to use them effectively.

Email Content Templates

A majority of the working population spends as much as a third of their time at work reading and replying to emails. Marketers have used this fact to improve their content marketing via email. While there are countless of ways to automate or streamline the email inbox, it is mandatory that you will have to draft and send emails.

This suite of 15 email templates from Hubspot will streamline your inbox, and you can send them repeatedly to your audience.

Design Content Templates

It is necessary that content marketers have some design expertise, but worry not if you do not have any designing experience, you can use the wide range of designer content templates. The templates will work for any industry, and they are easy to use, and Hubspot is giving them away free.

Besides this, the templates can be edited with Canva’s online design too, and it is included with the templates. This suite contains over 195 visual marketing templates for social networking sites, blog title templates, email headers, Facebook ad, post, and cover letter templates, LinkedIn cover photo templates, and so much more.


With content marketing templates in Singapore, you can automate the process and get the work done faster with professional looking results. Many of the above templates are free, and all it takes is for you to customise them and engage with your audience.

Contact us today for digital marketing services in Singapore, which include professional content marketing, online reputation management in Singapore, and more.

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