Content Marketing In Singapore On A Shoestring Budget

Content Marketing In Singapore On A Shoestring Budget (1)

Content marketing is inexpensive!

Let us speak the truth here.

You should be creating massive amounts of content, but you should not be spending massive amounts of money.

How does it work?

It is possible for large organisations to spend vast amounts of money on the creation of content, but as a small business owner, you don’t have to. There are very many content marketing ideas that can be accomplished using a low budget, and we are going to discuss some of the best ones in this article.

Content marketing includes various types of content including posts, videos, photos, and blogs that you publish online for your potential customers and followers to comment on, like, or share. In fact, the driving force towards sales is content marketing.

Quality content attracts the attention of your audience while keeping your brand memorable. It is a crucial element in your digital marketing strategy that assists you to boost the awareness and recognition of your brand. The next time an individual searches for your products online, your business will appear on top of the results.

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Establishing a relationship with potential clients can sometimes be challenging. These individuals have never come across your business, and they do not have a reason to select your business over others.

What do you do?

At this point, you will need to read through these shoestring-budget content marketing ideas!

content marketing

  1. Create Quality Content

    Producing excellent content is the best strategy if you want to market your content on a low budget. Quality content keeps customers engaged, establishes communication, and attracts conversions.
    Each of your posts on social media or the content you send in an email reflects your company and brand. You require to publish only the best quality content for your customers, subscribers, and follower to keep them connected with your brand. Any material that does not have the needed quality should be left out or edited if possible.

  2. Expose the Inner Workings of Your Business

    People love to know what happens in your business behind the scenes. It is your opportunity to expose the things that happen behind the scenes and what a working day in your business seems like. Offering your customers a distinctive look inside your business can assist you to build trust. It is enjoyable content that you can collaborate with your customers to create and generate engagement of more followers.

    So, how do you achieve this? Utilise Instagram stories! And if your story ends up becoming successful, save it as an Instagram highlight!

    Instagram stories are an excellent way of testing the performance of your fresh content ideas because they expire in 24hours and get in the archives. You can create an Instagram highlight from some of the stories that you have saved in the archives.
    You can get creative when crafting your story because stories can use videos, images, text, memes, and graphics. You can use stories to:

    – Interview members of staff or business owners
    – Share insider tips and tricks
    – Share the process of making your products
    – Show followers how to do something

    There are endless possibilities!
    For example, you can create some Instagram highlights on how some of your doughnuts are made if you own a doughnut shop. You can include the entire process on a step-by-step basis, starting with how to prepare the dough, toppings, and fillings, as well as the ingredients and where they get sourced from. Using local ingredients is likely to convince more individuals to try out your doughnuts. But do not forget to include humorous and playful content in your highlight to keep followers engaged.
    Telling people about your business is always useful, but showing them how your business works is wonderful.

  3. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags make your content discoverable on social media and can assist you to market your content. Researching on hashtags is crucial when establishing a social media marketing strategy. You need to determine the trending hashtags in your niche. You should use a hashtag that is trending but not very popular to prevent your post from getting lost.
    You can even develop your own hashtag, especially if you want to boost your brand awareness. However, you should ensure that you have more than one hashtag to increase the likelihood of people finding your content on social media. Use a combination of hashtags based on research to increase the chances of your hashtags getting noticed by your audience and gaining new followers.

  4. Incorporate videos

    Maybe you are thinking that producing a promotional video is an expensive marketing strategy. You are wrong! Creating short videos that are helpful to your clients is simple. Videos enable your clients to go through your content quickly without employing too much effort.
    This is particularly important for young audiences because of their need for instant fulfilment.
    Here are some video strategies that can get your audience more engaged:

    – Introduce your business and brand – Inform people what your business entails. Having a reputation to give a name is vital to your clients. After seeing that your brand engages some people, they can relate with you in a better way.
    – Expose new products – Sure, you can use images to showcase your new products. But a video exposes all the aspects and angles of the product and how it works. This is an opportunity to show individuals the reason they require your product.
    – Making a sale – With videos, you can utilise movements and graphics to craft engaging and exciting content about your brand that can attract your customers to make a purchase.

    With these outstanding video ideas, how can you ensure that you create your videos on a low budget? Here is a tip!
    You can use live videos on Facebook to broadcast the video for free to your followers. So, they can be able to see your video in real-time and interact with you through likes, comments, and messages. Answering their questions in real time will help you to keep them engaged with your content. A notification will be sent to your followers that you are going live by Facebook so you don’t need to worry about who will view the video.

    Webinars are another excellent way of utilising videos to boost your business and expand your customer base. Take your webinar as a free lesson to offer advice to your audience. Attract people to signup for your webinar so that you can generate email lists and continue providing content to your webinar viewers.

  5. Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an excellent strategy that you can utilise to boost your sales and increase engagements. You should use different emails. It means that not all your emails should be used to promote your brand. You should send relevant and exciting content to the subscribers to increase your click-through rate and make them gain interest in your content.
    content marketing

    For that reason, it is crucial to create a customised email that satisfies the needs of your clients while promoting your brand in a friendly manner. You need people to read your emails and connect to your website.

    Give your subscribers some extracts from your posts and encourage them to visit your website to read more. Getting followers to visit your website is crucial because they can boost your ranking on search engines which can bring about a positive impact since it shows that you are a reliable source of information.

  6. Client Testimonials

    This is one of the easiest and cheapest digital marketing ideas. Client testimonials is like user-generated content. All you need to do is encourage people to review your brand.
    Clients understand the significance of a positive review of your business. So, if they get a good experience with your brand, they are likely to give a good testimonial or review that you can publish on your site. When new customers are looking for a product online, they are likely to look at what other clients say about your brand. Sure, some people will give you a bad review. There are no perfect businesses, and not everyone will like your products and services.

    When you get a terrible review, ensure that you take advantage of and handle the issues criticised to enhance the image of your brand to other potential customers.

  7. User-Generated Content

    This is one of the cheapest online marketing strategies that you can use to promote your business in Singapore. Content created by users is free and effortless. All you need to do is repost. But how do you get customers to create content for you to repost?

    – Request followers to post their photos while having fun or create a hashtag that will get the audience happy about sharing their content.
    – Be bold and inform customers that you want to utilise their content — followers like it when businesses respond to their interactions using their photos. The concept here is to get an appropriate piece of material that has been posted by one of your clients. Repost it and inform the other followers that their content can get reposted too. This will urge the audience to tag your company in their posts.
    – Use contests. Individuals love contests when there is something at stake. Giving away free items can increase your ROI because it enlarges your customer base.

    Giving a personality to your brand can make your followers start sharing their exciting activities with you and tag you on their social media posts. It is free to repost user-generated content as far as you give the original creator credit.
    Ensure that you differentiate between the high and low-quality content to ensure that you only feature the best possible content on your social media pages. The problematic part of user-generated content is getting quality content. However, encouraging users to utilise hashtags will make your work easier.

  8. Social Media

    Many individuals relate social media to marketing. But most likely you have used social media to link to your blog or website or display your content. Adding posts to your social media pages at least once a week can bring massive benefits to your business. Using social media posts is a great strategy since you can combine it with other marketing tactics to generate the best results.

    Social media posts do not have to be created using a large budget, especially for small businesses that operate on a low budget. Some of the examples of the content you can post include: how-to articles and videos, guides, customer testimonials, webinars, infographics, live streams, and user-generated content. Some of these content marketing ideas have been discussed above in detail.

    Do not forget to request customers for their views about your content. Request them to share their thoughts in the comments segment to gauge the performance of your content marketing strategies. It is also a great way to encourage your followers to connect with you and each other. It enables you to build a relationship that makes them feel like part of you and spread the word about your business to their followers, which leads to lifetime clients and increased brand awareness.

  9. Develop A Blog
    You may have heard about the significance of blogs to your business, but you do not understand the reasons behind their benefits to your business. It is crucial to your business and the only cost you will incur is time.
    A blog can assist you to answer questions from your audience in an in-depth manner. It can also help you to share the story of your brand with your clients to help them learn more about your business.
    If you utilise Weebly, Squarespace, or WordPress, it is simple to build a blog section. It is a bit difficult if you have an HTML website.

    Attract the interest of your audience by posting videos and photos on your blog posts. The primary role of blogs is to offer the audience relevant and engaging content. You need them to stay on your site long enough for search engines to view your site as helpful and raise you to the top of their rankings.

    All you need to do is ensure that your blog is easily accessible. Connect it with all your website’s pages, including the homepage. Failing to do this makes it hard for people to get your content and search engines to rank your pages. Use engaging titles that attract the attention of your visitors and entice them to click and learn more because you aim to get people to spend time going through your content.
    We expect you to use the content marketing ideas mentioned above to assist you to boost your business and increase your ROI since they are all cheap.

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