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content marketing in singapore

One of the best digital marketing channels is content marketing. In Singapore, this form of advertisement will win you customers in hundreds of thousands. However, not many of us can define what content marketing entails. Also, not many can explain what it does, who it serves and how it gets used. As the term suggest, everything in this channel find proof from the content created. It calls you to create and distribute valuable, consistent and relevant substance.

With content, you’re giving details to potential customers why you consider your brand as the best in comparison to competitors’ in the market. You want the clients to believe that the products or services you offer are right for them. However, when it’s about content marketing, you have to submit only the relevant and useful writing to all potential and current buyers. In this way, you help them find answers to their problems.

What we mean is, instead of getting out to the actual market, you get to enlist all the features of your products in a slow game. The main aim is to generate content that increases conversion rates in your website, which in return will result in more sales.

We can summarise the definition by saying that, content marketing is building content that converses with your potential customers about their problem points. It should discuss your values and why they should consider you as the solution to the challenges facing them.

How You Create Content and Why it’s Important

After understanding what we mean by the terms content marketing, it’s time you learn how to create one for your company. The best way towards doing it is the use of stories. Stories are universal ingredients used in all fields of life. And the most important is their impact in the marketing industry.

But Why Use Stories?

Human beings are very emotional and create feelings quickly. By telling a story, therefore, you create a connection with your potential customers. You’re able to come out with emotions, and as a result, the information easily gets displayed.

If the content of your narrative is well written, you can bring a sense of happiness, urgency and hope all in a single message. And this becomes simpler with the rapid growth of the digital platforms. You can translate the story of your company, services or products on different social media platforms

Tom Koh, a leading digital marketing consultant says: storytelling comes out as the most rewarding way of displaying ideas into the real world. And this fact comes out clear at all times. If you pay attention to the news in marketing, you’ll understand the power of storytelling in this industry.

Today, we do digital storytelling. In these changes come different perspectives with a revised set of favourable practices. And this keeps you safe from the unnecessary noises online. But when we talk about noise, what do we refer? To answer this question, let take a case of someone who is scrolling through his favourite social media platform or someone who is going through his email messages. He or she can express either ad overload or the ad blindness.

Ad overload happens when the individual sees all the ads but feels overloaded. And this may be as a result of the excessive presence of the feeds on to his page.

On the other hand, advert blindness is when the user intentionally or unintentionally doesn’t notice the presence of your advert. Whether it was with intentions or not, it means that the user didn’t see the advert. With the two cases, you need to understand why it’s essential to create a unique story.

But how do you come with a story that will stand above all other tales available online? Consider employing the following steps to achieve this.

  1. Understand that not all tales are good stories: when creating your fantasy, it needs you to understand what a good narrative should look. Create a tale that will connect you with something you consider bigger than your business. In this way, you are capable of closing the gap for your target audience. To achieve this, you’ll have to understand what their needs are and create a story that explains how you can help them settle their wants.
  2. Use Curiosity Gap: if you want to create an ideal anecdote, create one that solves short-term attention of the consumers. Remember that, people will only create time for those they want. At most of the times, people will read an advert online and immediately forget about that. What such stories lack is a curiosity gap. A curiosity gap between what customers want to know and what they already know is the best way to maintain their attention. They aim to stay engaged until they get full answers to their questions. Engaging your customers needs you to create soothing they can rely on for all they want to know to advance their knowledge.
  3. Make it serve Educational or Promotional purpose: when you are writing the content of your story, you should remain customer focus and not on sales. It requires no specific information about the products and services you offer. Instead, aim to create customer value in the content. You should target to be a credible source of information for their needs. By doing this, you gain their loyalty and trust which increases your business’ awareness of your potential customers. Remember that, by determining the content of your writing is the same way as discovering your audience.

When we talk of content size, it can be snackable or the bitesize such as this example:

For such a short video, it helps business owners to pay undivided attention to the important things first. As a result, they can spend most of their time learning more about what matters for their businesses. It also helps them understand whether or not it’s important to define their target audience. Here are some examples of video snippets and ads that did very well in Singapore:

In this case, neither of the two marketing pieces makes direct sales to the target audience. However, they make the customers feel more interested in what the company is doing. They get filled with a need to go through our website and to read through the blogs available. It means that the feeling about Forever 21 can keep customers coming back over and over again. And this is what we refer to as the power of content marketing.

Content marketing can include case studies, webinars, forums, checklists, infographics, and white papers. Other examples include eBook, newsletters, podcasts and presentations among other materials. Such cases can get combated into a snackable or bite-sized content for marketing. For subject matters, it needs you to tell a fresh story. Create a new perspective of your company. Explain who you are and what you offer to your customers. Make sure to get out of your box and create an exciting story.

What You Have to Remember when Defining Content Marketing

When you try to understand content marketing, remember the following facts;

  1. Content Marketing is an Investment: one of the best ways to define what the content you aim to create should be is to take it as an investment. Therefore, we recommend that you use tools that measure the achievement of your content marketing.

Many of the business owners don’t know if their content marketing strategies are working things out or not. As a matter of facts, statistics indicate that only an approximate of 41% firm owners know the effectiveness of their content marketing. It means that about 59% of the business owners know nothing to do with the effectiveness of their strategy.

  1. People Loves Content Marketing: Another thing that you need to know about content marketing is that it wins customers. According to statistics, more than 82% of target customers have a positive feeling with companies that employ content marketing as a channel of advertising their services. It means that, for every dollar spent in the marketing fields, there are 3X leads. Such leads are quality leads. And this implies that people get close with a content that solves their problems. Such a custom creates a faster connection with your target audience. Make sure to have statistics about content marketing to attain proper optimisation of your strategies resulting in maximum results. Some of the best things you can expect include:
  • Higher conversion rates of visitors to becoming quality leads,
  • Increased purchases leading to more sales,
  • More clicks, and lastly
  • High sales rates capabilities of your business.

We, therefore, recommend that you employ proper analytic tools in measuring the achievements of the content marketing strategy. By doing this, there is an assurance to boost the rate of business success to high frequencies over a short period o time.

Who does content marketing suite? At what time and where

Many of us tend to think that we don’t qualify to use content marketing. However, I can comfortably confirm that everyone is eligible to apply this form of marketing. Users range from marketers, content curator to business owners. Such individuals should be in a capacity to define content marketing and how they can use it to benefit their businesses.

An excellent example of companies that employ content marketing in the promotion of their products includes Microsoft, P$G, John Deere and Cisco Systems among other prominent organisations.

Our advice is you consider writing content for as many times possible. Make sure to base the writing on things that make more sense to your business. Do not make fluff content to fill your pages. Instead, be informative and educative to your target audience. When posting the content, make sure to use digital marketing platforms that your target audience is more likely to be engaged. Include it in blogs of your company, social media websites, and emails among other platforms.

Summary of Defining Content Marketing

With the above discussion, we have seen how you can identify content marketing and how to go about its implementation. We also have seen statistics that explains its importance in growing your business. We now counter content marketing in digital marketing. To do this simple way, consider thinking about the following;

  1. Defining Content Marketing Based on Your Business

While you aim to understand content marketing from your business view, think about the following points.

  • Understand why you should write the content,
  • The problems your products and services will solve,
  • The stories that will offer solutions,
  • Define the target audience, and lastly, think of
  • How the content will get value and relevance to the users.
  1. Creating Your Custom Strategy

In this field, you discuss the process of making your content.

  • Is there a team to offer you help?
  • Is it necessary to outsource the content?
  • How do you go about creating a reliable content that’s useful and engaging?
  • In what intervals do you think of releasing new material?
  • What mediums do you intend to use in displaying the content
  • And what tools will you use in measuring the effectiveness of its success?
  1. Think of how to get your strategy implemented.

  2. Observe the positive results from the investment.

  3. Consider how you can optimize the results to earn higher returns.

However, you can be using this strategy in your marketing and wondering how to boost its benefits in your business. In such situations, consider using the following steps;

  1. Change the format of your Content by;

  • Adapt Educative Formats: you can teach the audience how to go about in doing things.
  • Involve a Third-Party Content: you can also compile information about a topic from a third party to make the content have a strong base.
  • You can also create a summary for research on a topic you have interest, and lastly
  • Use the Why and Impact format: explain the reasons behind something and its impacts on the audience.
  1. Consider creating content for each of the following steps in customer satisfaction;

  • Awareness: use the blog posts, infographics, leadership webinars, eBooks among other resources,
  • Consideration: Make use of websites, Product webinars, case studies and testimonials as the best choices
  • Purchase: E-commerce website, proposals, and special offers will serve a better purpose here,
  • Support and retention.

Following the above discussion offers you an opportunity to create content that will increase your sales. However, if you cannot do it, we are here for your help. Follow this link to contact MediaOne – we guarantee to serve you with a content that will keep customers coming back for your services.

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December 21, 2018

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