How To Do Content Distribution For Singapore Marketers

content distribution

As a marketer, the content distribution strategies you use have a significant impact on the success of your digital marketing campaigns in Singapore.

Content distribution refers to the methods used to promote content to online audiences through various platforms. An effective distribution campaign means that you successfully push your content through multiple channels. Its benefits include increased web traffic, more brand awareness, more leads, more results from SEO, and potentially more sales.

content distribution

How to Set Up Effective Content Distribution Strategies

Here are some insightful tips to help you in creating an effective content distribution strategy.

  • Create a content distribution network
  • Make the most of republishing hubs
  • Step up your social scheduling
  • Respond to clients’ questions
  • Use visual content
  • Use paid methods
  • Guest posting

Besides offering valuable content, you also have to ensure that it reaches the right audience. Given that most businesses in Singapore engage in content marketing, you have to come up with smart tactics to achieve this goal.

Steps to Creating a Successful Content Distribution Campaign

The following are proven ways of ensuring that you distribute your content effectively.

Create a Content Distribution Network

If you want to reach many people, you need to send your message to people who are likely to show interest in your brand. Your content distribution network consists of people who are interested in your products and services.

The best place to start is with your existing audience. Regardless of its size, your current following should form the basis of your strategy. You can then use the following methods to grow your network further.

  • Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche.
  • Reaching out to other sites to promote your content.
  • Creating valuable content and sharing it to social platforms.
  • Encouraging your clients to do word-of-mouth advertising.

By building relationships with other sites and your clients, you show that you deserve a promotion. If you back this with valuable content, these connections will have an easy time when promoting your brand.

Make the Most of Republishing Hubs

Another way of reaching a wider audience is by reposting your content on republishing hubs.  Your site might be generating substantial traffic, but posting your content on LinkedIn and Medium makes sure that more people get a chance to see it.

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Medium is an open platform that accepts content covering various fields. It is suitable for articles on marketing, business, technology, and so forth.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, presents an excellent way of reaching top professionals and industry leaders. The social network has an internal article system that allows marketers to present their content to other participants in their niche.

The most exciting thing about republishing hubs is that they are affordable. You get the chance to reach millions of people with a little investment. That said, you have to post consistently to maintain your audience.

Step Up Your Social Scheduling

A common mistake made by marketers in Singapore is promoting their content once. For instance, if you send one tweet about your latest blog post, most people who are not online at the time are going to miss it.

If you want more visibility and engagements for your content, you need to step up your social scheduling.  You need to promote your content several times to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible. When reposting, ensure that you use different hashtags and captions to avoid monotony.

Respond to Your Clients’ Questions

If your site primarily deals with problem-solving content, ensure that you always respond to the questions posed by your clients.  This increases the engagement levels, which is useful to content distribution and great for SEO in Singapore.

Alternatively, you can use Quora. The platform is famous for its reliability as a source of ‘how to’ answers. When you provide answers on Quora, always cite and tag your blog posts. This increases the visibility of your content and also establishes you as an authority in your niche.

It is worth noting that users prefer in-depth and valuable answers. This way, you build relationships with your audience, which is the foundation of a successful distribution campaign.

Use Visual Content

In recent years, visual content has been attracting more attention of internet users than blog posts. You should always try ways of shrinking your textual content into captivating visual content.

Infographics are three times more popular than other types of content on social media. This shows that if your infographics are informative and attractive, they can significantly boost your content distribution efforts. 

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Besides infographics, you can take an existing blog post and create a video. Since most social networks support video-sharing, it also ensures that your content reaches a broader audience.

Use Paid Methods

Sometimes, organic distribution methods may take longer than usual to yield the desired results. You can speed up the success by using paid means to give your content more visibility.

There are three most popular paid ad platforms used marketers to supplement their SEO in Singapore.

  • Facebook Ads – this ensures that you reach more people. Even better, it allows you to target your campaign to specific audiences.
  • Google Ads – this ensures that your content ranks highly on SERPs for particular keywords.
  • YouTube Ads – you can leverage the popularity of YouTube to ensure that many people see your content.

Guest Posting

Guest posting offers mutual benefits to the writer and the publisher. The publishing sites get high-quality for free, while the author gains access to a much wider audience. It is one of the critical strategies for SEO in Singapore.

 Moreover, sites that accept blog posts are likely to promote their content on social media and through email. This further adds to the visibility you gain from guest posting.

If you want to be successful at guest posting, avoid the following.

  • Sending poor pitches – you should have samples to back up your pitch. You should also send pitches to people in your niche, who are likely to have heard of your brand.
  • Overemphasis on backlinks – although guest posts are useful for gaining backlinks, the primary objective should be the credibility it earns for your website.


Employing effective content distribution strategies ensures the success of your digital marketing campaigns in Singapore. With more visibility, you stand to get more traffic, which ultimately translates to more sales.

You should always use a mix of organic and paid distribution methods to maximise its effectiveness. More importantly, ensure that the content is relevant and valuable to your target audience.

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