Conducting SEO Experiments To Improve Your Google.Com SG Ranking

how to conduct seo experiments in singapore

When conducting SEO on, there are little or no limitations of theory and best approaches. The best runway is to undertake experiments that eventually keep this business at growth. However, what we experience today as perfect practices are the result of past encounters that include failures and success – it’s the same thing with SEO.

Even with the fact that can reveal little information concerning a certain subject, they never reveal to us all content on how to improve our SEO from an average startup into becoming a standout corporation. Therefore, below are six examples of SEO experiments you can conduct to improve your ranking bearing in mind the latest Google algorithm.

  1. Check whether Organic Search Click Through Rate Matters

Machine learning, which includes Google RankBrain has been changing the face of SEO ranking for some time. At present, Google uses RankBrain during their search something that has continued to raise questions daily. People tend to ask whether RankBrain affects ranking and if so how does it happen.

To answer the above questions, when you compute Click-Through-Rate against Organic Search Ranking in a graph, the top-ranked sites always have the largest CTRs. Similarly, this is what you observe from a machine-learning algorithm. It revolves around providing the best answers based on the highest user engagements that mean fewer persons have to scroll down and click the lowest results. Ideally, organic search CTR matters a lot when it comes to improving SG ranking.

  1. Check if Organic CTR is an Organic Search Ranking Factor

What we must ask ourselves is whether CTR and organic search ranking have any relationships in particular. People working with Google say that they use the click-through rate for ranking purposes. Ideally, this means they do, only that they do not use it as a direct signal. The question to ask is whether clicks possess an indirect outcome on SG search results.


Designing an experiment that tries to find out if CTR controls SEO ranking is the best towards answering the above question. However, the challenge that hampers such an experiment is separating CTR from ranking itself. The only way to do is to try to extract the natural relationship that is between CTR and rankings. The process revolves around taking the difference present between organic searches CTR observed less the expected CTR.

Typically you will find out that on average, pages that overcome the desirable standard organic CTR in any position are ranked among the top four. These are what we refer to as unicorns.

A page that overrides the desirable CTR for a set position with over 20% always appears the leading. Pages that underscore from the set organic search CTR scores positions that are above 6 in position. Based on all these rankings outcomes, you can easily deduce that CTR influences organic search ranking.

  1. Can rewritten title boost CTR?

If you target to be rewarded by having the highest click-through rate, you need to consider the best way to raise your CTR. You might be having good content say in your website, but if your headline is not catchy, few people will click on it to try to read through. People using social media nowadays are worlds apart from those who first dabbled in social media ten years or so ago. However, they are all similarly attracted to appealing titles.

MediaOne is working internally and with client campaigns to move away from falsely heightened SEO titles. If for instance, your blog title is ‘Guerilla Marketing: 20+ Examples and Strategies to Stand Out’ and you opt to change to ‘20+ Jaw Dropping Tactics for Guerrilla Marketing’, you should receive increased human traffic who want to read your blog. After people visit your page and you had been ranked say position ten you may see the page raising to position three or two instantly. Remember the text content, links, images or any other thing in the write up is untouched, but the CTR ranking has increased. This tells you when numbers are used as the first characters in a blog to increase the number of people visiting your blog.

The above fact proves that you can improve your CTR by having an appealing title. So avoid uninspiring titles.

  1. Check if Website Engagement Rates influence Organic Search Rankings

If you have a website, it is vital to have headlines that one can easily like. Ideally, the target is not for just people to like but also have a fruitful engagement.

The amount of time people stay on your website and what they do at the time matters a lot. Google uses the total time people stay on a website as well as ascertains the click-through rates (CTR). These metrics help Google to make assumptions as to whether users of a website feel that a web page is particularly useful for the search term or not.

When you obtain high CTRs for your website, you will get great conversion rates. This happens because once someone gets motivated fully to click on what you are offering, the motivation can make him or her either buy it or sign-up.

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Therefore, high CTRs with good engagement rates, and conversion ranking results in more leads and sales.

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  1. Check if Engagement Metrics influence selection of Featured Snippets

Snippets, which are a feature of Google that appears in organic search results usually contain useful text, images, list, charts among others that Google feels provides the best answers the search query. Those ranked on top – so-called rank zero are featured snippets.

Websites ranked high by Google gets snippets frequently. Google features a snippet from across top ranked positions in the ranking. Snippets depend on websites position, and the higher your website is ranked, the more snippets you receive.

When pages on your website are clear, and on point, it forms a very big plus into getting high CTR. However, how long the page content does not help in raising the CTRs since any reader is tempted to get tired while reading through.

It is therefore important to note that clear engagement rates have a vital role in how featured snippets of Google are selected.

  1. Check what is the relation between Organic Ranking and Social Shares

Maybe you have heard about the popular high relation between social shares and the organic search ranking that has lasted for almost five hours now. People assume those social shares are avenues for ranking signal though Google normally downplays these assumptions.

If you test the relationship that is present between organic ranking and social media using Facebook as an example, you will realize that Facebook post with the highest engagement rates previously had an organic search CTR that exceed expectations. This means if you have Facebook engagements that are 4x above-set standard, you will definitely have an organic search CTR that is also 4x higher than the set standard.

The reason for this phenomenon is driven by people’s emotions. How people are connected to the post and content, they make in social media makes them click those post now and then especially when they see the post in SERPs. This also applies for headlines that receive unusually high CTR.

The relation between unicorns, i.e., those posts with content that receive a drive of 10-100x human traffic and that with a low number of the click is incomparable. When a post has clear content, high social engagement rates, good heading, and subheading, it gets the highest CTR while the vice versa remains true.

So, it is true to say that high social engagement rates relate directly to high CTR. If your post is much engaging, it receives more clicks and shares where you end up receiving high CTR.

  1. The Intent of Different Keywords

It is not a secret that some keywords will get thousands of searches per month, others a hundred, while others get none. The number of searches will help you in determining the performance of your keywords. However, you also need to think about the intent of the keywords.

By intent, we are referring to what people are looking for when they search for keywords. For example, a person searching for “content marketing strategies for your business” on has a different intent than one searching for “how to hire a digital marketer for my business.”

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One of these keywords would be suitable for your business, while the other will do little to affect your overall ROI. This means that you need to know which one has high-value audiences and one that has a low-value audiences.

You can only tell the difference by experimenting. Consider the keywords that bring in the customers, leads, and traffic.

  1. Test the Impact of Social Signals

Social media can help you reach new audiences, drive leads, and traffic to your website as well as to increase revenue. When done right, social media marketing and management can help your SEO. However, did you know that social signals are some of the most important factors for SEO rankings?

Conducting SEO Experiments To Improve Your Google.Com SG Ranking 1 uses your social signals to see how active you are online other than only updating your website. Having many and consistent social signals will translate to higher rankings of your website on SERPs.

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With a growing number of inactive websites, social signals are a perfect way of showing that you are active online brand. For this experiment, start by increasing the amount of social media posts for a few weeks by sharing content links on your social media pages.

While you are at it, track how this experiment is affecting your website rankings. You will be surprised at how influential social media can be for your brand.

  1. Test the Impact of Page Loading Speeds

Most marketers in Singapore hardly test their page loading speeds, and leave it to the web development team. Page loading is one of the crucial factors that directly affect your ranking on SERP, and you ought to take it more seriously.

The faster your page loading speed, the better it is for your SEO and click-through rates. The last thing you and other people surfing the internet hate is to have a web page loading for more than five seconds.

You can find a variety of free page loading speed tools, for example, Pingdom. It is a simple and straightforward tool, type in your website’s URL, and click on the “Start Test” button.

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If your score is C, D, or F, then you should optimise your website to increase the page loading speeds. This includes reducing file sizes, cleaning up your code, among other activities to help your website run smoother.

The overall effect of this experiment will be reduced bounce rates, increased SEO rankings, and more traffic, as well as increased conversions and sales.

  1. Test the Impact of Nofollow Links

Most Singaporean marketers do not pay attention to nofollow links. However, for the few that use them, they have reported remarkable results. You too might experience similar results, or not, but it is important to carry out the experiment.

For this experiment, you can use NoFollow, a Google Chrome extension. The extension circles every active nofollow links in red. Start with visiting a website you want to receive backlinks from and see if their hyperlinks have a dotted red circle. If it does, then it is a perfect place to place your nofollow link.

Generate a backlink and track how it affects your website rankings. More importantly, watch rankings of the pages that received the backlink ranks. To see the results of this experiment, avoid adding other factors and backlinks for a week or two. You will be able to collect high-quality results with fewer variables.

  1. Text the Impact of LSI Keywords

You might not be ranking for the keywords that you spent countless hours researching and integrating into your content. If you have gone through this, you could be wondering what could be the problem.

For starters, adding primary keywords alone will not be enough to help your SEO rankings. You should also include LSI or secondary keywords to supplement the primary keywords in the content. The trick is to reduce their frequency.

Pay attention to the suggestions when you type your primary keywords, as they will help you identify the best LSI keywords. You can also find them at the bottom of the SERP after running a search with your primary keywords.

For this experiment, take one of your best ranking web pages and add a few LSI keywords in the content. Give crawlers some time to index your page and see how they affect the SEO rankings.

In addition, you ought to track, whether the page ranking goes up, stays in the same position, or ranks lower. However, be sure to use test the impact of different LSI keywords until you see an improvement in your SERP ranking.

  1. Test an AMP for Your Website

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and is giving priorities to AMPS over desktop versions of a website. With increased mobile use in Singapore and the world over, businesses have no option but to make mobile-friendly websites.

Google AMP is one of the best tools for creating a mobile-friendly website. Big brands have already made the transition to offering AMPs such as the Wall Street Journal, eBay, among others.

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You too should make a move to AMPs. If you get a higher ranking for the AMPs over your desktop version, then you should get a web design agency in Singapore to make responsive website for you.

With prioritising AMPs over desktop website versions, you need to run this experiment as soon as possible. Besides, more Singaporeans are browsing the internet from their smartphones than on computers.

  1. Update Old Content

Updating your old content is one of the ways that you can increase its ranking. This is a crucial experiment to undertake since prefers to show relevant and recent content. Updating old content will come in handy when users search for things like “SEO ranking strategies 2019.”

You can carry out this experiment alongside other experiments in this article without having too many variables. If it works, then make it a routine to update your old content.

A higher ranking on translates to better click-through rates from qualified leads, and thus, increased sales. With that said, you need to carry out these experiments as frequently as possible.

What all the above means

If you follow all the above experiments keenly, you will notice SEO is evolving positively to reward your pages and site depending on how people engage with your content. This is not something that happens only in Singapore but across the world social networks. Ideally what this means is that it is vital to optimize all engagements to increase access for all.

You can attract more visits to your website by having web headlines that drive them to click your content. Once they click, ensure they get a reward. Only reward by publishing more meaningful and memorable content that makes people always stay on your website to read your content and share with friends.

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