9 Points Checklist for Conducting a Social Media Strategy Audit in Singapore

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The online market in Singapore has become very competitive and social media marketing is one of the activities that can take your brand to the next level. However, there is more to using social media for marketing, than making posts and hoping for the best.

This makes it necessary for you to have a well thought out strategy to ensure you get the most exposure, interaction, and engagement. However, you need to do social media strategy audits to ensure that you are getting the most out of your social media marketing activities, which are a crucial part of online advertising in Singapore.

Today, we will show you a tested 9-point checklist you can use to conduct a social media strategy audit in Singapore.

What Are You Trying To Achieve Through Singapore Social Media Marketing?

The digital market in Singapore has businesses that lack clear goals and objectives for their social media use. Thus, you should start by determining what you are trying to achieve with your social media marketing activities.  

There is a wide range of objectives including encouraging brand awareness and loyalty, organic traffic, customer retention and support, sales, and more. This will form the basis of your social media marketing campaign in Singapore.

Are You Getting Results Through Singapore Social Media Marketing 

If you have defined social media marketing goals and objectives, how good are you at achieving them? According to experts doing online advertising in Singapore, running a social media campaign is the easy part.

However, the challenge comes in achieving the outlined social media marketing goals and objectives. These things will help you know if the business is achieving the set social media marketing objectives

  • Evaluate your current social media strategy  
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Read and evaluate your analytics reports
  • Calculate the ROI derived from your social media campaigns

By the time you are through with this step, you will be in a position to know what you are prioritising in your various social media campaigns. Social media helps in completing a conversion, as well as help in initiating and assisting conversions completed by other marketing channels on the online market in Singapore.

What’s Your Target Audience and Why?

As a marketer in the digital market in Singapore, you must know who your ideal customer is. This includes their age, profession, gender, lifestyle, buying behaviour, gender, likes, among others.

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You must also know where they live in Singapore, where and when they like to spend their time on the online market in Singapore. On top of this, you must determine why they are your target audience.

This goes a long way into identifying why they should buy from you, and why they should engage with your brand. When you define the ‘why’ for your online advertising in Singapore it becomes much easier to engage the right audience on social media.

How Good Are You At Targeting Customers Using Social Media?

A Gap Analysis helps to determine whom you should target, and whom you are targeting on social media. For example, if your target audience is in Singapore, there is no need to be engaging with people in Malaysia or other countries that you do not offer services in.

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For this reason, you should ignore all the metrics from Malaysia. You may have engagements from people from across the world, but that does not mean that they will buy from you. To curb this, your e marketing in Singapore should align with your business goals to avoid wasting time and money on random people.

How Good Are You In Building and Maintaining a Positive Influence With the Customers?

Profitable user engagement brings lead conversion and transactions. With that said, if your user engagement does not lead to conversion, then the engagement is a distraction.

Mastering social media marketing on the digital market in Singapore, you are better off if you did not to rely on the number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans.

However, you should shift focus to your lead conversions and sales data. This is the only of knowing whether you are building influence among your followers or among random people. You can know this if you are getting little or no sales on the online market in Singapore.

On top of this, you can do a Google by searching for your brand name and reviews. You will know whether you are having a positive or negative influence on people.

Which Social Media Tools Are You Using?

There is a variety of pro social media tools in the online market in Singapore. You should ensure that the business is using all the popular tools relevant to your niche. These tools could include LinkedIn, YouTube, a blog or a forum, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. A competitive analysis will help you determine the social media tools you can use to engage with the target audience.

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How Good You Are In Leveraging the Different Social Media Tools

Social media tools are a perfect way to automate social media marketing, and how you use them tells a lot about your social media efforts. Unfortunately, most businesses in Singapore use social media as a broadcasting tool. To beef up your online advertising in Singapore, you should use social media as a broadcast and conversion tool to engage the target audience.

How Good You Are In Engaging With Your Target Audience

The only way to assess customer engagement is by considering the conversation rate, which is the number of replies or comments you get for every social contribution or post. A high engagement rate will result in the retention of brand loyalty, which leads to more sales as well as a high customer lifetime value.

You can improve your e marketing in Singapore conversion rate by

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  • Being more responsive to customers on social media
  • Analyse every post you make
  • Look for conversation opportunity with your target audience
  • Build brand authority
  • Define user engagement features

How Good You Are In Amplifying Your Messages on Social Media

The amplification rate helps businesses in Singapore to determine the true reach of their social media efforts. Viral content in the digital market in Singapore increases the chances of your messages reaching people who do not follow you.

You can improve your amplification rate by

  • Becoming an influencer in your niche
  • Partner up with other influencers to increase your social reach
  • Identify the activities that will result in a high amplification rate
  • Make your social messages reach people in various time zones
  • Make use of different social media channels


The online market in Singapore is not for the weak and you need to put in work for success on social media marketing. Doing a social media strategy, helps you know what you need to work on or throw out.

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Contact us today for professional marketing services in the digital market in Singapore. Our team will audit your social media strategy and help you increase brand engagement as well as customer lifetime value.  


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