How to Conduct SEO Checks for Your Website

Properly executing your SEO strategy is the key to having a successful website in Singapore. However, there are so many SEO elements that need to be taken care of it is easy to forget some. Also, it is worth remembering that SEO is not a one-off thing. You need to continuously update your strategies to keep up with the competition and the ever changing Search Engine algorithms.

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.


To help you with this, you will need to conduct an SEO audit for your site. Usually, most webmasters will have an SEO professional do this on their behalf and send them the report. But, SEO checks are something that you can do on your own with or without the help of some SEO checking tools.

Traffic Overview

Before you can start moving things around, you need to verify if the current strategy is working by checking the traffic of your website and how Singaporeans are responding to your site. For this, you will need the help of an essential tool called SEMrush.

Once you are signed up, all you need to do is search for the root domain. The tool will provide you with not only the amount of traffic and the where it is coming from but also your top 5 keywords and your top 5 competitors. This will help you adjust and target better keywords and the location. Here is an excellent example of a result excerpt from SEMRush.

How to Conduct SEO Checks for Your Website 1

General appearance

There are many elements that you will need to check when running the SEO audit for your website. Start by visiting the home page and check if the title and description are optimised for your style and keywords. If you find trouble doing this, you can use the MOZ SEO Toolbar. You will also need to check if there is an H1 tag that talks about the page or supports the page title and, check the image alt tags. Use the web developer Toolbar to check for any cloaked texts by turning off the CSS. You can then have a look at the content on your page and take notes on any areas of improvement you might note.

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The content on your website in Singapore is a significant aspect of your SEO. Content, in this case, refers to everything from blog posts right through to the layout of the website. Start with the navigation and make sure it is hierarchical and ensure that the links have distinguishable keywords.

If you have an e-commerce site in Singapore, you can also visit some of the product pages and check the layout. The goal of reviewing your content is to make sure that it is relevant and easy to find and the optimised for the right keywords.


For this, you will need help from a tool called Sign up and run your website’s domain. Some of the key areas to note include:

• The rank of the domain name
• How many backlinks and referring domains are there
• Whether the graphs are going in an upward or downward direction

You can use this graph as an example so that you know what to anticipate.

How to Conduct SEO Checks for Your Website 2

You can compare the information you get from Ahrefs with other related tools like Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO just to make sure the numbers are alike.

Social media

Your SEO audit is not complete without checking your social media status. Start by running your brand name followed by the social media account (Brand Name + Twitter). This should help you identify if your social media accounts pop up in the search results.

Proceed to check the information on every social media account making sure the information is fully filled and accurate. You will also need to check how regularly content is posted.

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Your SEO audit is just about complete. This will make sure that you are updated on the most important cogs of your SEO and how to stay competitive in Singapore.

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