How To Conduct Remarketing Online

How To Conduct Remarketing Online

Experienced marketers use unique marketing techniques including Google ads and Facebook ads to increase brand awareness. They also hire SEO firms or contact a branding expert in a bid to drum up business. Social media marketing and Online advertisements are also proven ways to increase website traffic. However, in the main, remarketing campaigns are launched to target customers who abandon their cart and leave a website without buying goods. Remarketing is a common and effective technique used to target this customer group. However, you should remember, a poor remarketing campaign is highly likely to devalue your brand, annoy your clients and offer a poor return on investment.

In the first instance, we must clarify the meaning of the term remarketing. A remarketing campaign is a legal appeal to entice potential customers. Here are four ways to help you create a successful online marketing campaign.

Remarketing – An Innovative Way to Attract Custom

If you hire a branding expert or contact an SEO firm they will help generate quality traffic. Of course, you could consider using Facebook ads or Google ads in a bid to entice visitors to buy your products or use your services. Ideally, you would only use this technique to lure visitors who have already visited your site. Potential shoppers who have left without purchasing or people who have abandoned mission leaving the goods in their shopping cart. A reputable SEO firm or someone who is familiar with the basics of branding understands there are two ways to remarket: email remarketing and ad remarketing.

Google ads and Facebook ads are common remarketing tools that help to increase branding awareness. If a shopper places goods in his/her cart and leaves the site before completing the transaction they will receive a remarketing email reminder. This reminder gives them the opportunity to return to the checkout and pay for goods. Remarketing is sometimes called ‘cart abandonment marketing’ or ‘conversion marketing’.

Ad Frequency

So, what happens when you attract and locate a relevant audience using Facebook ads or Google ads? Will it help to market your brand or is it worth asking an SEO firm to help you create a brand strategy? One thing is certain. Bombard customers with adverts or remarketing emails and they will never grow to love your brand. In fact, sending frequent follow-up emails can have the opposite effect. Yes, you must increase branding awareness but you don’t want potential customers to feel hounded. Some shoppers resent receiving excessive amounts of remarketing email.

Different brands and stores have varying ad frequencies. Different campaigns have different conversion goals and this, in turn, affects ad frequency. The number of ads shown to customers hinges on numerous factors.

However, one thing is clear. You must test to ensure your frequency capping is effective. Does a higher cap cause customers to leave the site at a certain point or does it bring a better ROI? Examine your Google ads dimensions tab to view your Reach and Frequency Report. The information will help you to set your cap ad frequency.

Custom Advertising

By all means, use Facebook ads and Google ads to target different groups of your remarketing campaign. On the other hand, a branding specialist from a reputable SEO consultancy could improve your search engine optimization strategy. This type of advertising definitely increases brand awareness. Segmenting your audience to attract new custom enables you to make the most of your remarketing budget. For instance, when dividing your clients into groups consider socioeconomics, age, location, gender and spending patterns. However, don’t create groups if it is not beneficial. If both women and men buy your goods, then why create a male and a female group? So, what are the main benefits of customer segmentation?

  • It enables you to identify profitable customers
  • It helps you to target clients who spend less
  • It helps to target different people using the right marketing techniques
  • It enables you to spend your remarketing budget wisely
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Remarketing and Privacy Laws

Privacy laws must be taken into account when creating any type of marketing campaign. Systems or programs using web browser cookies or systems or programmess that collect user data, including location and IP address must comply with privacy laws.

Privacy laws are there for a purpose. You may benefit from using Facebook ads and Google ads. A branding expert from a reliable SEO company could increase brand awareness but you also have a duty to your customers. Remember, user consent is often needed when using cookies so take note of cookie laws.

The Californian Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) is the most comprehensive online data privacy law in the United States. Those who collect data from Californian residents by way of online service or via a website must show a privacy policy. The policy must be placed in a prominent position for all to see. The privacy policy must state:

  • The type of information collected
  • How ‘do not track’ requests are dealt with
  • How individuals are notified of privacy policy changes
  • How individuals can make changes to data held
  • Whether user data is passed on to third parties
  • The effective date of agreement

If your remarketing campaign involves collecting data from US resident s, then a percentage involved may live in California. Your privacy policy must comply with CalOPPA requirements should you choose to remarket to US residents.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) covers privacy laws for EU residents. Those collecting personal data from EU citizens must comply with the law. EU Directive data states an IP address is considered personal data.

Under GDPR Requirements a Privacy Policy must contain:

  • The website owner’s identity
  • Type of information collected
  • A written promise that personal data will be collected and used for the stated purpose only
  • Details of your data protection officer
  • Your contact details
  • How customers can access data held
  • How customers can update personal data
  • Will any personal data be transferred out of the EU?
  • Where will the data go if transferred out of the EU?
  • Will transferred data be protected?
  • Supervisory authority contact details
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You must abide by these laws and any other rules set by your remarketing tool provider. For instance, the Google ads Remarketing Laws are as follows:

  • You must describe how you intend to use remarketing to advertise online
  • You must inform website visitors how Google and third-party vendors use cookies
  • You should explain how Google and third-party vendors show ads on Internet sites

Some visitors will not want to accept cookies. It is up to website owners to tell them to visit Google ads Settings to opt out of Google’s use of cookies. You might also like to point out that you can opt out of using cookies by visiting The Network Initiative Advertising Page.

Seek legal advice if in doubt of your legal obligations.

Use Facebook ads and Google ads for a Successful Remarketing Campaign

Don’t waste valuable time targeting people who have already joined your mailing list or made a recent purchase. You are already in contact with this group and a person who has recently purchased is unlikely to reorder immediately. Remember, a freelance brand consultant or an established SEO firm can help drive traffic to improve website ranking. However, remember all remarketing emails and advertisements should include an effective call to action to increase branding awareness. You waste time and money if you fail to try to encourage return custom.

For instance, a wealthy customer visits the site, loves what he sees and buys a cart load of goods. You send a follow-up email containing a 10% discount code and he could be tempted to return to buy more. You are trying to build a positive customer relationship. This is why any advertisement or email sent should always include a lure or a call to action.

A branding consultant will tell you the ideal remarketing email should be positive, clear and humorous. The email should include an eye-catching image and offer an irresistible discount code. Effective email remarketing is all about enticing customers to return to fill their shopping carts and visit the check-out.

Do You Want To Increase Branding Awareness?

Well, remarketing certainly appears to regenerate customer interest. They have already visited your website, examined your goods and considered buying, so why not jog their memory?

Do you want to run a successful business and attract thousands of new paying customers? Consider hiring a branding consultant or hire SEO firm to improve website traffic and increase brand awareness. Use Facebook ads and Google ads to attract certain groups and make sure you don’t overdo your email and ad remarketing. Above all, good luck with your business and we trust your next remarketing campaign will be successful.

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