How To Do Digital Marketing For My Singapore Business


Every entrepreneur knows the importance of staying ahead of the pack in business instead of copying the strategies of the competitors. In this rapidly changing technology world, it is important to stay abreast of the latest digital marketing trends in Singapore to succeed.

The booming economy in the country has attracted thousands of brands that are keen to diversify their market base in the South-East Asia. Competition is quite evident across the various industries as companies compete for more exposure and clients. You can give your business a higher cutting edge by embracing new digital marketing strategies.

Before we proceed, it is important to point out that social networks, e-commerce landscape, and search engines vary from one country to another. Therefore, strategies that worked perfectly in other countries or regions may not work in Singapore. You need to come up with new strategies that resonate with the business landscape in the country.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you successfully conduct digital marketing in Singapore.

Background Information

Understand the Demographics

why is singapre an eager adopter of digital media

The total population in the country is approximately 5.26 million people. English is one of the most widely spoken languages, and a significant number of individuals are familiar with the western media and brands as well as sports such as English Football. Based on this fact, Singapore is an ideal choice for companies that are looking for customers who have a good understanding of the western culture and buying power.

Internet Usage

singapores internet penetration is one of the highest in the world

The Internet is the primary foundation of virtually all digital marketing campaigns. 81% of the total population has direct access to a fast internet connection. The country is well known across the globe for having one of the fastest and most reliable broadband internet connection.

Mobile Internet

singaporeans extensively use mobile devices to access the internet

LTE covers 99% of the country and the current average internet speed for mobile users is estimated to be 38mbps. As a result, most of the online searches are done using mobile devices. Therefore, when creating a website, it is imperative to make sure that it is mobile friendly to connect with a large segment of customers. The digital marketing strategies should also consider the people who use mobile devices to access the internet if you are to succeed in hitting your target sales and profit margins.

Most Prominent Search Engine

the most popular search engine used in singapore

According to a recent study, 90% of people use Google to look up information online. Only 10% of the total population with internet access use Yahoo and other search engines. Another report has revealed that pay-per-click costs in Singapore are 58% lower than in the US and Europe.

Let us proceed and look at the specific channels that you can use to carry out digital marketing in Singapore.

Social Media Platforms

check out what kinds of social media you can do in singapore

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the country. A report provided by Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool shows that there are 3.5 million active Facebook users per month. Another report shows that Twitter for Business has roughly 350-550k users while LinkedIn has more than 3 million active members. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, most people use LinkedIn for networking and searching for jobs in the various industries. The number of people who use Instagram, Snapchat and other similar social media platforms has also soared over the last two years as more people begin to appreciate photo sharing as a way of socialising and sharing information.

Common Social Media Terms and Actions

  • Comment. This is a response to one of your social media posts. This response will be attached to your original post and is viewable by anyone who sees your post. Comments can some times be turned off, however, this practice is not recommended as it discourages interaction and reduces the efficacy of your social media presence.
  • Hashtag. This is a means of attaching relevant keywords to your social media posts that make your posts more easily found in search results. Hashtags are also used informally to provide subtext and commentary to one’s own post. In this use, the words used in a hashtag are often humorous or even sarcastic.
  • Like. Sometimes called favourites on certain social media platforms, a like is an acknowledgement that someone appreciated, identified with, or otherwise approved of the content you posted. However, counting likes is not an accurate way to measure efficacy of content and is an easy measure to become distracted by.
  • Poll. Some social media platforms now allow you to attach a poll to a post. This is a fun way to ask your audience specific questions and get their input. Polls can provide great insight, but it is important to remember that your audience on social media does encompass people who are not buying your product or service. For this reason, polling subscribers to your newsletter and pitting the results of social media and subscriber polls to the measurable analytics of your website may prove more effective.
  • Post. This term refers to individual specific content that you publish on social media. If you share a link to a blog on your company’s website to your social media account, that is a post. If you share an image of a product and include a description of the product and the value it provides, that, too, is a post. Generally, a post on social media may be text, an image, a link, a video, a gif, a poll, or a combination of any of those with text.
  • Share. Also called reshare and retweet, this is when one of your followers shares your post with their followers. A share may entail your post being shared exactly as you posted it, or it may be shared with additional commentary attached to -such as with Twitter’s quote feature. Shares help you to reach a greater audience and are evidence of greater influence.
  • Tag. This is a way to notify specific individuals to specific posts you make. For example, if you post a photo of your social media marketing team, you may want to tag the other members of your team so that they can like and share the post with their followers, greatly increasing the reach of that post.

Some Tips On How To Use Social Media Marketing

1)   Hire Influencers

using popular social influencers in digital marketing campaign

Featured here: Daniel Ang a super food blog celebrity (who incidentally used MediaOne for digital marketing)

Just like other countries, Singapore has a significant number of local influencers who help brands to launch and market products and services to the local audience. Lifestyle and beauty influencers such as Xiaxue and Ieatishootipost, a food blogger, are very popular in the country. They have social media profiles with a huge loyal following that you can take advantage of to sell your merchandise.

A significant number of local and foreign companies are already using influencers to popularize their products to the ever-increasing social media community. It is not too late to follow suit, though, use accredited agencies such as Nuffnag and Gushcloud to get the most talented and reliable influencers for your business.

2)   Hold Online Contests and Share Information More Often

run contests online to promote your products

It is important to keep in touch with your social media followers to achieve the best results. One way of doing this is by creating a page that clients can use to get information about the company, products, services, and upcoming events. Go an extra mile and regularly hold contests to keep them interested in your business.

The content does not have to be in the form of text; you can create a short and informative video to convey the intended message. Whiteboard videos and animated clips are the best because they grasp the attention of the reader, make it easy to explain complex concepts, and are easy to remember.

In 2016, Water Way Point organized some Facebook contests that required participants to come up with lip-smacking food jokes and post them on its page. An independent panel evaluated the jokes, and three lucky winners were rewarded with a $20 Frasers Gift Card each. Create such a contest and popularize it to attract as many participants as possible.

More importantly, share valuable information and tips with the audience on a daily or weekly basis to help them get maximum utility from your services and products. Home-Fix, a D.I.Y store managed to expand its market share by posting informative articles that contained information on how to carry out various projects at home such as plumbing repairs.

The loyal following that this strategy has provided enables you to dominate the market and achieve your sales objectives. Be sure to include a link to your main site in each post to increase traffic to the site as well as its ranking on search engines.


Email Marketing/Blasting

email blasting as part of digital outreach programme in singapore

A report done in 2016 showed that more than 67% of B2B marketers consider email marketing as one of the most efficient ways of generating revenue online. Based on this statistic, it is clear that this is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that you can use to get more customers. However, you need to have the email addresses of the target audience.

One way of getting the email addresses is by encouraging website visitors to subscribe to your monthly newsletter in return for a legit discount or coupon. Go an extra mile and invest in reliable and advanced email marketing software such as BlastSG to send out emails in a more intuitive, professional, and customer-centric manner.

is singpost admail effective

(image source: ChannelNewsAsia)

Alternatively, you can rent an email database from companies such as Ninja emails and use it to achieve the same objective. SingPost Admail can also help you to conduct mass lead generation through their advanced maildrop and HomeDirect Services.

Once you have the addresses, make sure that every email you send has a compelling subject line because this is one of the factors that respondents consider when making a decision on whether to open an email. Question subject lines, How-to, and number subject lines deliver the best results. Here are a few examples.

  • Tired of paying top dollar for poor web design services?
  • How to Drive More Traffic to your Website?
  • 5 Powerful Hacks to Improve your Site Domain Authority Score?

Just like any other digital marketing strategy, it is important to monitor the success of email marketing campaigns to know if you are moving in the right direction. Some of the best metrics to use for monitoring include conversion rate, bounce rate, and click-through rate.

  • Click-through-rate: The percentage of recipients who clicked on the links contained in a particular email.
  • Conversion rate: The percentage of recipients who clicked on a specific link in the email and completed the desired action such as purchasing a product or filling a survey.
  • Bounce Rate: Number of emails that were not delivered to the target customers.

The best email marketing software can automatically generate all this information. Analyze it to get insights on how to improve your campaigns.


top seo companies in singapore

Having a perfectly designed and coded website does not mean that you do not need to hire a professional marketer to generate sales. The most successful companies in Singapore have a team of SEO agencies and SEM experts who work round the clock to ensure that the site ranks high and enjoys high visibility across the various search engines.

Most business executives believe that successful search engine marketing is nothing more than just making sure that the site complies with all the latest algorithms and the content is SEO optimized. While it is important to have the right content, there is far more to search engine marketing than just the content posted on the individual site pages. Concisely, SEM involves the inclusion of many extras on the pages to ensure that they appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Pay-Per-Click advertising that is hinged on Google Adwords is instrumental to the success of any SEM campaign. Experts in this field will look for high-value keywords and come up with the best ad content to boost site traffic and conversion rate.

Social media marketing is also vital to the SEM campaign and should be part of your digital marketing programme. Taking full advantage of the increase the in number of people who use social media to help ensure that your SEM program continues to positively influence your business.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Digital Marketing For The Singapore Market

To capture the growing and productive online market, Singaporean businesses are now shifting to or enhancing their digital marketing strategies. That’s because online marketing has proven effective in engaging clients and leads.

Create relationships

Digital marketing helps the business owner build great relationships with their customers through communication. For example, you can post your products on a social media platform such as Facebook and request your followers to comment on it. Sometimes you may get inquiries from the same people about your products and this in return helps you get to know different customers and build good relationships with them as well.

Increase traffic

Companies that use digital marketing can measure the success of their businesses based on the number of traffic they get on their website. Therefore if the traffic is high, you will be able to know that your small business is growing and in the case where you realise that the traffic is not much, you will be able to do more research on what to do to advertise your products well.

Reach more people

We are living in the digital world whereby it is easy to connect with other people using gadgets such as phones and tablets. Use digital marketing to go broad and reach more people. We all know how hard it is to get your products known by individuals when selling them from a retail shop but with social media not only will you get your products known within your community, you also get customers from different regions. You can use Youtube to describe how your products are used and if your content is informative and of high quality, you will get million views and contacts from different places and states.

Digital marketing allows you to connect with mobile clients. That’s because many buyers use their Tablets or Smartphones to check which items to buy on online stores.

Traditional marketing such as the use of flyers targets a limited geographical area. With digital marketing, you can reach a wider, global audience.

One advantage of using digital marketing is that it enables you to connect to consumers online. It’s a better way of marketing compared to the traditional way, for example, mail and public relations.

Target your audience

Scores of people use digital marketing to research or collect information so as to find customers requirements. Therefore use this platform to know what products your customers need how often do they ask for it and the order quantities. This will help you understand your customers’ needs and also enable you to be ready to fulfil their needs as expected.

Provides More ROI And Measurability

Digital marketing is one of the best ways to increase your income and return on investments. The reason is that it provides you with real data, enabling you to analyse consumer trends and provide reliable reports that show you the statistics of traffic to your website.

It enables you to track consumer movements from the first click to the moment they buy your products or services. It allows you to track their actions, preferences and decisions, giving you an accurate insight into their behaviour. It allows you to optimise your website in ways that suit their needs.

Compared to advertising channels like television or magazine, you can develop your online marketing strategy at a cheaper rate.

Instead of a consumer physically visiting your organization, they can click your website to make a booking or learn more about your business.

Enables Your Business to Stay Competitive

Digital marketing allows your business to stay competitive. The reason is that other firms are already using this means to market their business. The best way of catching up with them is employing a smart digital marketing strategy.  It has a bigger impact when it comes to the way consumers interact with your brand online.

What Are The Limitations

Live Interaction

One limitation of digital marketing is that there are consumers who still prefer to interact with salespeople and the goods they are buying. It means that if your business has physical offices in one location, some consumers will pass on the chance to buy your brand using online means. Many consumers still crave the face-to-face interaction to build trust and rapport before they make the decision.

Website Security

Another limitation of digital marketing is that you may convince consumers to buy your products. The downside is that there are many online scammers, which means customers may think twice about making purchases using credit cards.

Costs Money to Run a Website

Bear in mind that digital marketing can cost you a lot of money provided you use the right digital marketing agency like MediaOne. The reason is that you need to pay for website design, hosting of the site, the cost of the software and hardware and maintain your site. You also have to dedicate time to ensure your site has interesting content.

Needs Constant Updates

The best digital marketing strategy involves constantly updating your site, for example, coming up with new content and videos, which means you need to dedicate time and effort. This is critical for content freshness which is an important Google ranking criteria.


Digital marketing has a lot of competition. For instance, by the time users land on your site, they may have checked other websites as well. It means that if they don’t find what they are looking for, they will move on to your competitors site.