The Complete Guide to Creating Engaging Content


The latest Google algorithm updates have proven that the company is keen on offering the best browsing experience to users by eliminating spam and irrelevant. Creating engaging content is arguably one of the main challenges that Singapore SEO experts face. Approximately more than 70% of digital marketers have made a commitment to address this issue this year to foster stronger connections with their target audiences.

Here is a complete guide on how to create engaging content.

Grasp Their Attention from the Word Go

You can quickly hook the audience and lure them to read the article by creating an impactful introduction. Ideally, the intro should be short but enough to motivate the visitor to continue read the content. One of the best ways of doing this is by providing new statistics and surprising facts that mean something to the reader.

Leverage Visual Engagement

Even the most boring textbooks we read in school had some visual aids and pictures to break up the content into sections and make the learning process fun. There are very few things that will deter people from reading your content faster than a block of text. Make use of visual elements to organize your content into sections that the audience can quickly skim through and understand the intended message.

Studies show that inclusion of relevant images in content increases the reader’s willingness to go through the content by up to 80%. 55% of digital marketers believe that visual content delivers more positive results than boring blocks of text.

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Use the Right Headlines

The headlines will help organize the content in a sensible manner. It should have less than 20 words, be relevant to the content, and capable of capturing the attention of the reader. Note that only 80% will read the headline, and only 20% of those will actually go ahead to read the content. This means that even the most valuable article might be ignored if it has a weak headline.

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Finally, give your content a voice to foster a formidable relationship with the reader. A digital marketing article that reads like a technical piece will never help you to build trust with the target audience. Concisely, make sure that you add a voice and personality to the content to establish a strong connection with the audience.


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