Common SEO Mistakes Made By SEO Agencies & Website Owners

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No doubt, SEO is a long term process and its results are also long term, however businesses all over the globe make mistakes while doing SEO for their websites and those small mistakes account for dramatically reduced effectiveness of their efforts. Considering how frustrating and slow the process of SEO Agencies is, you must avoid these mistakes at any cost to get maximum bang for your buck – and time too.

Following are some common search engine optimization mistakes you might make and experience some issues.

Not Using Numbers the Right Way

Sometimes you can get tons of traffic from highly competitive keywords but surprisingly the conversion rate on that traffic is lower than conversion rate of a smaller portion of traffic coming from unpopular keywords. In other words, high traffic keywords do not guarantee high conversion rate. SEO is a combination of art and science where you cannot fully rely on numbers and on your instinct.

Low traffic keywords could get you a high conversion rate simply because they are more specific and target smaller portion of the market. You need to see analytics and evolve your SEO strategies accordingly. This way you can find out which SEO efforts are worth focusing on and which strategies you should drop as soon as possible.

Not Using Local Search

Local search is a relatively newer concept and it is getting popularity among small businesses because of its amazingly accurate results. Search engines like Google and Yahoo deal with local and global search differently; this behavior opens new doors for local businesses as they can rank better locally. For example, if your business operates in a neighborhood and your products or services are not available globally then you don’t need to waste your SEO efforts and resources on global ranking.

You must add your phone number and address on different pages of the website, preferably in footer. Additionally, adding your business details on different online services like Yelp and Google Places could also be beneficial to rank the website among top results.

Keyword Stuffing

Of course keyword stuffing was an effective tactic back then but now search engines are smarter than ever and they can easily differentiate valuable contents from fluff. Also, Google can detect whether you are genuinely offering valuable contents or it is just a trick to get higher ranking. Now, web masters and online marketers need to publish contents that are not only of high quality but also have minimum keyword density. Ignore what people tell you about their experience of using keyword stuffing to get desire results.

This practice won’t work now and in contrast it can get you penalty for publishing spammy contents. This is true for keyword stuffing, in bound links and outbound links as well. Your contents have to look ‘natural’ and valuable. Of course you can still write contents based on keywords or key phrases but do not try to bomb the search engines with too many focused words.

July 16, 2016

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