Common E-mail Marketing Platforms

Common E-mail Marketing Platforms

Though e-mail marketing has always been seen as one of the cost-effective and lucrative mode of conveying commercial messages, for the venture to be termed successful, companies need to familiarize with service providers on different databases. Knowing what a particular service provider has to offer not only boost trust but reduces the cost of having to deal with faulty e-mail systems. As always, there are many providers who have taken into the business, but the guide below paint the true picture of best e-mail platforms in the offing over the past few years.


Characterized with a simple user interface, the free version hosts up to 2000 subscribers with 12000 emails per month whereas the paid version range from $15 to $240 monthly depending on the number of persons in a particular business.

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MailChimp comes with inbuilt tools which makes it possible to create, manage, and track emails. It is also applicable on mobile platforms and can also integrate most third party apps. However, MailChimp do not offer phone support as such one should contend with self service.


AWeber is cheap email marketing tool that has gained ground in most companies due to its ability in tracking and creating emails. Apart from hosting an easy-to-use inbuilt template the platforms suffers a setback in that it cannot support mobile platforms. Prices would range from $19 to $ 239 per month for 500 and 25000 subscribers respectively.


Just like other providers, iContact comes with a set of predefined templates that allows companies to grow their customer list. For beginners, the live setup allows them to create elaborate marketing campaigns.

The free version is only limited to 500 subscribers and 2000 in a month which is followed by a $10 payment for the same number of subscribers. The company can support a maximum of 100000 subscribers with a monthly payment of $699 per month. Unlike other companies, iContact is one of the few companies that offer live phone support.

Final say

Though there are many service providers such as; Constant Contact, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor among others who team up for quality service delivery, knowing appropriate provider should always remain as a key goal email marketers. Above just as rough guide of what marketers should anticipate from particular providers.

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