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7 Most Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes We See Online

7 Most Common E-Commerce Website Mistakes We See Online

Which are the most common e-commerce website mistakes that prevent businesses from growing to their full potential? Almost everyone shops online nowadays. In 2018, the e-commerce giant Amazon made an $11.2bn profit. E-commerce is a lucrative niche, which is evident from the profits amassed by Amazon and other online retailers such as Alibaba. However, to be successful online, there’s more to do other than just launching a website. A design consultant will be able to advice you on your website.

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Everyone is trying to show how their products are the best. Successful online stores with sizeable budgets are doing everything possible to ensure they attract more visitors which eventually translate to more sales.

Most online retailers aim to attract more customers. They want more page views and increased conversions, but that’s easier said than done. To stand out in the online market, you must have a really good website. If you want to win in this industry, you must avoid the common e-commerce website mistakes that cause many sites to fail.

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To ensure your Singapore e-commerce site stays afloat and doesn’t drive away customers, you must know which mistakes to avoid.

Here are several e-commerce website mistakes you should avoid making:

  • Slow loading speed

Slow websites tend to drive away users and they may never be back again.

Page loading one of the most significant aspects that contribute to a good user experience. Most times we assume that, if a page is aesthetically pleasing, by using a good mix of colors and typography, the user will like it.

But it does not matter how good your site looks, visitors care about loading speed more than anything else. In addition to that, Google also considers loading speed when ranking sites.

Users are only willing to wait for about 6-10 seconds. Anything above that, makes them abandon slow pages. When a customer visits your site, they probably want to select a product and buy. That’s your window. If you keep them waiting, they’ll look for another alternative.

Loading speed is one of the e-commerce website mistakes that people overlook. A website’s response speed is very critical to your success online. You can market your site all over social media and attract more customers, but if your page is slow, your efforts will have gone to waste.

  • Lack of Unique Content

Investing time in quality content does pay off. Good content is as important in e-commerce as in every other site.

But sometimes, in the case of e-commerce, there can be redundant product information. Most online shops sell similar products, so duplicate content can be an issue.

Also, remember that Google punishes sites with duplicate content. Most stores use product descriptions from online manufacturers. Such duplicate content may lead to zero or very little engine traffic on your product pages since they’ll be indexed as duplicates of content that exists in other sites.

e-commerce website mistakes

The best thing is to take time to create content that is more unique and catchier. Write better product descriptions that show you understand the buyer’s journey. It’s recommended that you create content that convinces the user to buy goods from your site rather than alternative online retailers.

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Also, don’t ignore the power of images. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s images. You can get your own, especially for product reviews. It’s a good way to earn the customer’s trust. It shows you’ve actually used the product. The image alt-texts should also have related keywords for higher ranking.

  • Crawlability

Crawlability is the only way search engines index your content. If your site is not crawlable, you connect won’t appear anywhere in search engine results.

While most people think that more indexed pages are better for any site, that does not apply for e-commerce sites. This is one of commonly misunderstood e-commerce website mistakes. You will need to block search engines from crawling some parts of an e-commerce website.

A good example is sites that have content filters applied. If not handled properly, this may lead to duplicate content.

All internal search and filters should be blocked to ensure irrelevant pages are not indexed.

  • Poor Security

We can all agree that e-commerce, feels like magic. You get orders online unlike the traditional models of business. Money goes straight to your company account, and products are shipped to your users wherever they are located in Singapore.

Every e-commerce site is responsible for the customer’s private information. Even the payment details. You want this information to remain secure at all times. If your safety is breached, you run the risk of losing your reputation.

You should ensure that your chosen CMS takes care of security breaches or any hacking attempts that may occur. To avoid this headache, consider an e-commerce-as-a-service platform. Make sure your site is https secured to earn customer trust. That’s usually a red-light for most customers. If you’re using any software, update it frequently.

  • Compelling the User to Register

A first-time visitor should not be compelled to register. This is an e-commerce website mistake that most retailers continue to make. It does not make sense to make a customer register before they even view your product. They could as well prefer to make a purchase first and register at leisure.

Consider the user as a guest on your website. The best approach is to allow them to shop first and save items on their shopping cart.  You can make them register at the checkout when they have finished shopping.

  • Unresponsive designs

According to a recent survey, most internet traffic comes from mobile users. Your website has to be responsive to different devices and adjust accordingly. You need to give your users a good shopping experience.

e-commerce website mistakes

A good minimalist intuitive interface, designed with easy navigation is the best way to please your users. Whether on small screens or large ones, they should be able to go through your catalog seamlessly.

There’s more earning potential from mobile users compared to desktop visitors.

  • Confusing Domain Name

A good name should be memorable and short. Visitors shouldn’t experience any difficulty remembering your website’s URL. This, together with a good logo will give your website a unique identity.

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Final Remarks

These are the most common e-commerce website mistakes that drive away potential customers. If you notice these grey areas on your site, you make an effort to fix them. It could be the only thing preventing you from maximizing your profits as an online retailer.

Once you give your users a good experience on your site, you will get more traffic. Our website designers in Singapore will help you achieve these goals by optimising your e-commerce site accordingly. Contact us today for more details.


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