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What Are The Common Analytic Tools?


What are analytic tools?

In digital marketing, analytic tools serve the purpose of extracting and analyzing data for the purposes of gaining extra information that will enable you to increase the performance and the results of your business. Today, there are so many of the tools that it can be challenging to know which one to use and which one not to use. However, we provide you with a list of a few analytic tools that are common and we think they can help you elevate the levels of your business.

What are some of the analytic tool available?

Today, some of the most common analytic tools available include: 

Business experiments

Sometimes in order to know if an idea can work or not you have to put it to the test. In business, performing experimental designs for the purposes of testing whether they are viable or not is referred to us undertaking business experiments which also server as analytic tools. 

Regression analysis

This is where you may choose to make an investigation mostly involving two variables in your business. For instance, you can choose to investigate if there is a causal relationship between price and product demand. 

Visual analytics

This is an analytic tool where you analyze different data in simpler ways that you can use it to create graphs and be able to look at it in small patterns. This makes work simpler especially if you have to look for important information where there is a large amount of data.

Other types of analytic tools include correlation and scenario analysis.


Analytic tools allow you to obtain useful data for the purposes of improving your business. There are different types of analytic tools, which include, scenario analysis, correlation analysis and business experiments amongst others. All these when done correctly, they will be able to give you a perfect position of your business then from there you will know what to do to improve the situation.



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