Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Singapore Website

colour scheme for website


Are you finding it difficult to select a color scheme for website? Selecting the color scheme for website is often done impulsively by some business owners and web design teams. The choice is usually based on what looks cool to the owner; some even delegate the work to ‘someone with a good eye’ in the organization. This can be detrimental to the business as the color scheme for websites has severe implications on the buying decisions of clients.

According to research conducted, 85% of buyers base their decisions on the color while 93% say that the visual appearance of a new product will convince them to click on buy. Psychology backs this claim: it tells us that the first impression is critical. Luckily, a lot of research has been done on the impact of particular colors on individuals.

Therefore, you should choose the color scheme of your website should be a combination of colors that can have a significant impact on the business. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when selecting the color of your site. Note this is one of the factors that have a major impact on the success of the Singapore website design.


Some companies cater to a specific gender. If this describes your business, it is crucial to know that men and women love different colors.

For example, black will appeal to men as it communicates power and sophistication while pink will appeal to women as it conveys beauty and compassion.


The logo of a company enhances its image to the public and can make it easily recognizable in a competitive industry. The color used on the logo determines what you are trying to sell.

It is vital to complement the color on your logo with the color scheme you choose for your site. A primary color on the logo could be complemented with a secondary color on the site.


A product can be associated with the colors used on it so much that whenever a client thinks about that particular product, the color comes to mind. This is commonly referred to as brand association.

The business owner can take advantage of this brand association by incorporating the colors on to his/her color scheme for the website.


Research done by Joe Hallock indicates that people will change their preferences for certain colors as they grow older. Businesses that rely on a specific age group thus cannot afford to make the mistake of choosing the wrong color.

These are the significant factors that influence a buyer’s decision to purchase a product. They all hinge on knowing information about specific colors to make an excellent choice for your site. The following is the research carried out on various colors:


Green has been known to give users a calm and soothing feeling. The clients feel reassured they are in the right place because green represents health, nature, and wealth.

Having green on your site can also mean that you have embraced environmentally-friendly measures in your business. Adopting eco-friendly practices is becoming increasingly important in a world where concern for the environment is high.


The reason a communication giant such as Twitter uses blue is that it creates a sensation of trust and security. Blue also communicates credibility, reliability, and integrity.

As such, companies have adopted blue as their official site colour.


Yellow is often used to show optimism, youthfulness, and cheerfulness. It should be used to grab the attention of potential clients but should be used sparingly as it can sometimes lead the client’s attention elsewhere.


Inspiring clients to take actions once on your website is not always easy. Using red on your site will motivate clients to click on critical call-to-actions as red typically communicates urgency. This is the reason many companies use red in their clearance sales.

It can also be used to indicate energy. This is the reason Coca-Cola loves portraying high energy individuals in their marketing campaigns.


Black is used to indicate power, mystery, and sophistication. It is mostly used to advertise men’s products as these attributes appeal to them.

Black is also an excellent color for marketing luxury products.


This is a colour that shows goodness, cleanliness, and simplicity. It is typically used to create white space – the portion of a page that is left blank. White space increases readability on your site by breaking down paragraphs.


Orange is a bold color that brings the attention of the user to a call-to-action that you want them to click. The action can either be to buy or subscribe to something.


Pink is a colour mostly used to market women’s products as it communicates romance and sensitivity.

How to Combine the Colours to Create an Effective Colour Scheme

An effective colour scheme is where the primary colors – yellow, blue, and red – stand out. You can make these colours stand out by using them on the call-to-action to compel users to click on them.

The secondary colours, on the other hand, are used to complement the primary colors to enhance the user experience. Combining the colours with the help of a colour wheel is relatively easy. The colour wheel will help you to quickly establish the relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colours.

You can use the colour wheel to combine colors in a complementary, analogous, or triad manner. Complementary colours are colors opposite of each other on the color wheel. Colours are mixed in a complementary manner when you want something to stand out.

An analogous colour scheme is one that uses colors that are next to each other on the colour wheel. The analogous scheme is typically pleasing to the eye. However, the colours should be of the right contrast for the scheme to be effective.

The last type of scheme, the triad scheme, uses colours that are equally spaced out on the wheel. The similarly spaced out colors form an inverted triangle if you connect the dots on the colour wheel.

Final Word

You need to put a lot of thought in selecting the colour scheme for websites. The decision should be based on some of the facts mentioned above; doing this will mean setting yourself apart from other players in your niche. Contact us today at +65 678 9852 for the best website design services in Singapore.

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