14 Great Chrome Extensions for SEO in Singapore


Some SEO tasks are too technical for you to do them manually, such as checking trackers, titles, and redirects among others. Moreover, when it comes to the marketing side, checking whether your emails were opened, finding keywords, discovering emails and more are some of the frequent tasks you will have to carry out.

If you have done these tasks manually, then you understand how time-intensive and boring it can be. The only way that you can simplify the process is by automating the tasks. In this article, we will look at the free chrome extensions for you to explore and integrate the best SEO practices in Singapore.

They are not only perfect for people doing search engine optimisation on their websites but for agencies and consultants who manage websites for a variety of clients. With that said, these extensions are not magic pills that will fix your optimisation troubles. They only provide clues and help you in reducing the time of completing tasks as well as providing amazing search engine optimisation clues.

It might take you anywhere from a few hours to a few days to master how they work. Of course, you have the option of developing and designing your own extensions but this list of Chrome extensions will significantly reduce the time it takes you to start and complete the SEO process.

Mangools SEO

14 Great Chrome Extensions for SEO in Singapore 1

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The Mangools SEO extension is the best there is on Chrome store and it works by helping you to speed up your search engine optimisation routine work. It does a variety of tasks including:

  • Check domain authority
  • Check your competitors’ best-performing keywords
  • Backlink checking
  • Keyword density checker
  • Brocken and dead link checker
  • Rank tracking
  • Content menu integrations

It is likened to a Google SERP tool on steroids thanks to all the advanced features that are available in the SERP to expedite your SEO analysis. On top of the above tasks, you will also be able to see SERP positions and shortcuts to Mangools SEO tools for in-depth analysis.

The extension comes with a 10-day free trial account and it does not require any credit card information upfront. It also comes with no strings attached. If you are ready to subscribe to the Mangool SEO tools, you will find all the data from the tools in the extension.




If you are looking for an extension that helps you to effectively find the information about the specific technologies a website is using, then this is the extension for you. It also allows you to see which and the type of advertising networks are integrated with the website.

To get such information, you would normally have to know the website’s owner, but Wappalyzer takes out the hassle. You will be able to identify the website’s exoskeleton as well as what makes it tick and the secrets that lie beneath the surface. On top of this, the extension also detects:

  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Server software
  • Web frameworks
  • Analytical tools

Wappalyzer is the perfect Chrome extension, especially for SEO research purposes. With all the above tools and more integrated, you will love it.




It is very disappointing when you create content but it is filled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, it is a mistake being done by an astonishing number of content creators.

If you do not want to start off on the wrong foot, and high bounce rates due to avoidable mistakes, then this is a must-have tool. It is a must-have tool for anyone creating content in English and it catches a wide range of mistakes right from punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and more.

Grammarly  also provides an explanation of the mistakes, which should make you a better copywriter. With that said, it is not a miracle worker; it will not save your hide if you write gibberish English. It will save you from uploading embarrassing mistake-filled content.

It comes in a free and paid version, but as a professional, you are best suited to using the paid version since it catches and highlights more mistakes for you to resolve.

BuiltWith Technology Profiler



BuiltWith is a basic SEO tool that you should be using. It provides you with the details of how a website is built and a lot more information such as JS libraries, APIs, trackers, alternative mobile versions, server software, and more.

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While it provides more features than Wappalyzer, its user interface can be confusing for people without a coding background.  When you run a web page through the BuiltWith, the extension will return all the technologies used on the page.

Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker



There are many schemes to spy on your website to find the secrets you are using to be better than the competition. Moreover, if you are feeling like you are being spied on, Ghostery is the best extension to root out the trackers. Its features include:

  • Ads blocker
  • Tracker stopper
  • Webpage performance optimiser
  • Display customizer

Most search engine optimisation specialists forget an old tracking pixel on a website since it might seem like it is not causing you any harm. Moreover, what if nothing of significance on your website is being tracked? Chances are that users are loading resources and the website’s speed drops which results in a slow and boring experience.

This will increase your bounce rates, but with Ghostery, you can speed up you stop this inconvenience from happening. You can also opt into the Ghostery Rewards, which is private-by-design that provides high-value offers whenever you browse and make online purchases. Better yet, you can turn it on or off at any time.

Redirect Path



302 redirects are some of the most common mistakes done on a daily basis. This creates a chaotic mess where some websites keep on forgetting the redirects between non-www, www, and the trailing slash redirects, which results in the same page being available on a variety of URLs.

This is where Redirect Path comes in to save the day. It is an HTTP header and redirects checker for SEO purposes. It flags 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes as well as the client-side redirects such as JS rand Mets redirects.

In so doing, it immediately brings to your attention potential issues that you could otherwise have missed.  On top of this, Redirect Path also displays other HTTP headers including caching headers, server types, and the IP address.

SEO Quake



SEO Quake is a popular browser extension tool that shows a variety of metrics in SERPs. It shows the standard page rank, Alexa rank, among other SEO parameters instead of using its own metrics when it launches.

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Users have the ability to export SERP data in a CSV file. Moreover, you can use the SEO Quake to perform a deeper analysis of your desired web pages. You will gather a variety of information including social shares, keyword density, SEO Metadata and more.




As part of the job description, you need to contact people all the time. However, you can spend hours on end searching for the contact information. Hunter comes with a smart system that finds the email of the person you should contact when you visit a website. Moreover, you also get the names, phone numbers, social media profiles, and their names.

The extension also scans websites for the emails mentioned on any page on top of giving you a legitimate guess of the emails you need. It also has a host of indispensable features including:

  • List building
  • Email finder
  • Domain search

Hunter has over 1.5 million users including bloggers, salespeople, reporters, recruiters, marketers, among other professionals who rely on establishing relationships to conduct business. You will need to create an account and you will get 50 free searches per month.

Keywords Everywhere



Keywords are at the core of every SEO process, and with the Keyword Everywhere extension, you can search the volume of specific keywords directly on the SERP. It shows the keyword data for the searched query and the “people also ask for” suggestions.

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Keyword Everywhere also checks the search volume for various markets such as Australia, UK, US, Singapore, and more. It also gives the data directly in tools such as eBay, Amazon, Majestic, YouTube, Answer the Public, Google Analytics, Moz, and 12 other services.

The extension saves you the trouble of copying data from websites and in conjunction with Google Ads Keyword Planner; you will see the relevant CPC data and search volume. You also get the functionality of downloading the list in CSV, Excel, and PDF file formats.

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Check My Links



This is the best SEO audit tool that allows you to analyse licks to identify broken and dead links as well as redirects in a single click. It presents the perfect opportunity to create a presentation for a client by displaying a visual representation of coding problems.

Check My Links allows you to copy all bad links to your clipboard in one click. For example, if you are editing a web page that has many links, this extension will check if the links are working correctly.

PageSpeed Insights




Slow websites decrease page views by 16%, conversions by 7% and customer satisfaction by 23% every second. PageSpeed Insights from Google helps you explore the usability of your website. It will identify the elements that are slowing down your website and creating a poor mobile experience.

The extension will present you with recommendations you need to take to fix the problems and lower the page loading speed on desktop and mobile. It has a wide variety of amazing features such as:

  • A real-time API call
  • Desktop and mobile website version score
  • A mobile-friendliness score
  • Image flips
  • FAV icon
  • Need more
  • Colour indicator

PageSpeed Insights has several colour indicators, green represents a good score, yellow a fair score, and red shows a poor score. However, Google is adamant that the tool should only be used for non-commercial purposes.


14 Great Chrome Extensions for SEO in Singapore 2


Mozbar is one of the oldest and popular marketing tools on the internet today. It streamlines your SEO efforts while surfing web pages and you can access a variety of metrics such as domain and page authority, keyword highlights, link profile, and more.

It works in SERPs as an overlay and as a toolbar when visiting a website.  It has a variety of features including:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Page optimisation
  • A variety of metrics

When visiting a website, Mozbar will do a deep analysis of the current webpage including alt text, markup, SEO Meta tags, page speed, and more. However, these metrics are only available to Moz Pro subscribers on the SERP.

Nightwatch SEO Search Simulator



Most SEO specialists have to use a VPN or browse in Incognito mode when they want to check the unbiased rankings. However, Nightwatch SEO Search Simulator allows you to simulate search engine queries from any location while using Google.

It is the easiest way of checking and tracking your website or competitor rankings. It is a free tool that will save you time that is best used on more crucial SEO processes. It simplifies the work of search engine optimisation professionals and digital marketers by offering an intuitive solution to check the ranking of any website in the SERP.

Page Analytics



Page Analytics is another of the amazing tools from Google that gives you insights into user behaviour when they are on your website. It shows how visitors are interacting with your website with data such as the number of active visitors at any one time, and where they are clicking.

It also shows the percentage of visitors who have clicked on the clickable areas such as buttons and links. Given the percentage of clicks, Page Analytics will show bubbles of different colours including red, orange, green, and blue.

With that said, you can also filter the page to only show the bubbles above the click threshold you have set. It shows the usual Google Analytics metrics such as the total page views, the unique page views, and the bounce rates. However, you will need to first log into your GA account.

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On top of this, you can analyse up to four segments all showing different scorecards for each of the compare time ranges. With the data generated, you can optimise your website’s design to maximise user engagement and apply the best SEO practices in Singapore.


The above Chrome extensions will help in automating the SEO process. They are a better alternative to developing extensions from scratch. You can combine several of these extensions to make optimisation easy.

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