Choose the Right Domain for Your Online Business (Part 2)

choosing the right domain name for your business

In Part 1 on how to choose the right domain for your online business, we discussed the importance of making sure that the domain is easy to remember, unique, .com, and have several high-value keywords in the URL string. Today, we will continue this discussion and look at five other factors that you should consider.

Keep it Short

Long URL strings are difficult to remember and also typing them in a browser or email is not easy. Based on this simple fact, it is wise to keep your URLs as short as possible. Doing so, will also spur user experience and ensure that more words that are in your domain are displayed in SERPs. In addition, you will be able to include it on your business cards and other offline marketing print materials.

Connect it With the User’s Expectations

What comes in the mind of the target customer when they hear or come across your domain for the first time online or offline? If they cannot understand or get a glimpse idea of what your brand offers, you have a problem.

Well, there are successful sites with weird domains such as Trivago and Trulia, what you need to realize is that the management team of each of these companies had to spend thousands of dollars on branding and marketing to get to where they are today. On the other hand, domains that connect with the user’s expectations such as are easy to understand. You can tell what the site offers even before visiting it.

Create Your Brand

If you do not succeed in finding a domain that resonates with what you do, come up with a robust branding strategy to distinguish yourself from the rest. It may take several months or even years to gain massive traction if you use a sophisticated domain than if you use a straightforward domain. However, the efforts will pay off in the end if you do branding and marketing correctly.

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Bonus Tips

Just because a particular domain trend is popular and ranks well now does not mean that it will always. In fact, numerous case studies have proven that copying what another brand in your niche is doing can lead to destruction. Keep your domain focused, easy to remember, simple, and steer clear of lots of hyphens and odd spellings.


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