How Do I Choose the Right Colour Scheme for my Website

How Do I Choose the Right Colour Scheme for my Website

According to science, colour has a significant influence on the human mind. So, the colour scheme in your website could make a user to abandon your site in just a few seconds, or accomplish what they needed on your site. But how do you choose the correct colour scheme for your website? Our web designers have compiled the following tips to help you.

Choose a dominant colour

Your website should have a dominant colour: the colour that people identify your brand with. For example, the fire engine red for Coca-Cola or the sky blue in Twitter. If you already have a logo, use the colour in your logo as the dominant colour on your website.

It is not all about using your dominant colour, but using in the right places, especially the places you want your visitors to focus on. Such places include the menu tabs, call to action buttons, highlighting relevant information, and titles and headlines.

Limit colour usage to three colours

Using too many colours makes the site look unprofessional. Many colours create an eye sore and could result in visitors skipping vital information on your website. Chromatic harmony is best achieved using three colours.

Employ the 60-30-10 colour rule in web design. According to the rule, use your dominant colour to cover 60% of the space. The secondary colour, which should visually contrast the dominant colour, should cover 30% of the space. An accent colour should cover 10% of the space. An accent colour should complement either the secondary or dominant colour.

Your audience

Your target audience should help you choose the correct colour combinations. For instance, old people will prefer restrained colours while young people will prefer bright colours.  Similarly, men and women will prefer different colour palettes. Men prefer bright colours, while women prefer soft colours. Also, men will tolerate achromatic colours (colours with no hue like black and white) compared to women.

If your target audience is outside Singapore, you will have to do more research on the meaning of certain colours in different cultures.

Contrast between background and text

To improve readability, always make sure there is a high contrast between the background and the text. Black text on white background is a perfect example of contrast. Other perfect combinations exist, like white text on a dark blue background. If you are not sure about contrast, consult your web design company.

Visit the best design website and SEO agency for a fully optimized website. The bottom line is that; a good colour scheme creates a good first impression of your site and brand.


July 04, 2017

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