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Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

TOP Chemical peels Singapore

Whether it’s a new facial treatment, product, or service, everyone is constantly looking out for the next best thing in the world of beauty and cosmetics. If you’re suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, fine line, wrinkles, and other skin issues of that nature, we’ll let you in on a treatment that’s said to treat all of those concerns — all in one procedure.

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment used to treat various skin issues and improve the overall appearance of your skin. This procedure is often done on the face, hands, and neck. 

Chemical Peel

The chemical peel involves certain therapy which involves some chemical liquid getting massaged upon the skin to eliminate top skin layering. New skin that regrows again stays smooth. Employing some soft, perhaps mid-sized peel, users then get access to more therapy, repeated peels for getting overall desired results.

Chemical peels get employed for reducing wrinkles, bleached skin, or scars — typically over facial skin. Such can be applied independently, perhaps blended with other cosmetic procedures. Then these may get applied in varied amounts, spanning light till deep. Thicker chemical peels provide improved effects, still could require more time for healing fully.

Reason for treatment:

The chemical peel features some skin-renewing treatment. Based upon specific problems you cure through applied treatment; one opts for chemical peels from 1 of 3 versions:

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Light chemical peel. The light (slight) chemical peel erases covering surface tier of skin (epidermis). Such treatment is employed for wrinkles, acne, patchy skin hues or aridity. One could get some light peel each 2 to 5 weeks.

Medium chemical peel. The medium chemical peel sheds skin cells over old epidermis or over parts of some higher portion of the mid-tier cover of skin (dermis). They employ such curing wrinkles, acne scars or botched skin tone. One could have to renew the treatment to get or keep an ideal outcome.

Deep chemical peel. The deep chemical peel sheds skin cells greater, further. The doctor could prescribe this over stubborn wrinkles, scars, or pre-cancerous tumours. One need not redo treatments for realizing overall ideal impact.

Chemical peels cannot heal deep scars and wrinkles, perhaps harden loose skin.

How does it work?

Before the procedure, patients would typically go through a consultation first to determine which peel is most suitable for their skin. During the treatment, the chemical solution will then be applied onto your face using a brush, cotton ball, or a sponge, which will cause the skin to lighten instantly. After a few minutes, the solution will be removed using a neutralising solution. Post-treatment care is one of the most important parts of a chemical peel, so be sure to follow the instructions advised by your doctor for aftercare should you decide to get a chemical peel. 

Benefits of having a Chemical Peels

Treats acne

Salicylic acid is known to reduce acne by exfoliating the skin, which is also an ingredient in most over-the-counter skin products. Thankfully, salicylic acid is commonly used in chemical peels as well. It has been proven through various studies that those who have had chemical peels with ingredients such as this have seen significant improvement in their skin and acne. If you are looking to treat your acne and don’t have any major skin issues, a light chemical peel may be the most suitable for you. 

Fades acne scars

On top of treating acne, chemical peels can also do wonders for your acne scars. Since chemical peels have an exfoliating effect, the solution that will be applied onto your skin during the procedure removes dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, which leaves you with renewed and brighter skin. In turn, the skin you will be left with will typically be smoother and less scarred compared to your appearance before the chemical peel. 

Improves overall skin tone and texture

Chemical peels are also a great solution for those suffering from skin pigmentation issues such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, and skin discolouration that have been caused by severe acne scarring and age spots. This procedure would be most effective if you have pigmentation issues on the face, hands, neck, and chest area. 

Erases wrinkles and fine lines

One of the many reasons people seek chemical peels is for its anti-ageing abilities in eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. If this is something you’re looking to achieve, a moderate or deep chemical peel may be the best solution. Sometimes, light peels may not be sufficient enough to penetrate through the outer layer of the skin in order to fade the wrinkles on your face.  

Helps with sun damage

If you are constantly exposed to the sun and aren’t wearing sunscreen on a regular basis, you may suffer from too much exposure to radiation and sunlight. This can be one of the causes of premature ageing. Fortunately, chemical peels also treat sun damage. The combination of acid solutions will remove the top layer of the skin, revealing a smoother texture and fewer sunspots on your skin. For those with sun-damaged skin, it is best to go for a light peel. 

Types of chemical peels

When you go to any aesthetics clinic, there are typically three different levels of peels that contain chemicals of various strengths, which can treat different skin problems based on its severity.  

Superficial or light peel

This is considered to be the mildest type of peel and is commonly known as a superficial chemical peel. This treatment is used to treat acne, fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone and skin dryness. Commonly used acids in this procedure include glycolic, salicylic, kojic, and malic acid. 

Moderate or medium-depth chemical peel 

Not only do they remove the outer layer of the skin, but medium-depth chemical peels also remove the middle layers of the skin as well. Since it uses a stronger combination of chemicals, it is able to remove damaged skin cells. However, since the acids being used are slightly stronger, the recovery time is also much longer, ranging from five days to a whole week. 

Deep chemical peel

The deepest chemical peels are designed to cater to severe skin issues such as deep acne scarring, looseness of the skin, and excessive sun damage. If you are not suffering from any serious skin problems, it is best to steer clear from deep chemical peels and stick to milder ones instead. These peels penetrate deep into the skin, passing the outer and middle layers and generally take the longest recovery time which can go up to ten days. These peels also often use phenol or trichloroacetic acid.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for a chemical peel? 

Factors that dermatologists and aestheticians look for when determining the right candidate for a chemical peel would be their skin tone, any existing pigmentation issues, and the goals they have for their skin. Typically, people who are light-skinned make the best candidates for a chemical peel. Unfortunately, those with darker skin may not be best suited for this treatment. People with darker skin have higher chances of developing Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, which reverses the effect of a peel and actually creates more hyperpigmentation. 

But with the advancement of technology, there have been improvements in chemical peel procedures that are deemed harmless for people with darker skin. However, caution is still advised. 

National Skin Care Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

National Skin Centre 

Speciality The National Skin Centre (NSC) is an outpatient specialist dermatological centre with a team of dermatologists who have the experience and expertise to treat every skin condition. As a tertiary health care institution, the NSC provides specialised dermatological services, trains medical students and postgraduates, and undertakes research in dermatology.

Their chemical peel services range from glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and Jessners solution chemical peels.

Address 1 Mandalay Road
Telephone 6350 6666​


SG Aesthetic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Singapore Aesthetic Centre 

Speciality At Singapore Aesthetic Centre, Dr Yeak Hwee Lee advocates the practice of enhancing outer beauty safely while concurrently revealing inner beauty and renewing self-confidence. Among the range of procedures offered such as nose thread lift and laser treatments, chemical peels are also available in different acid types like Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid to improve skin conditions.

You can also find designer peels like Cosmelan® to deliver a stronger and deeper peel if required.

Address Novena Medical Center #10-13
Telephone 6837 1000
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Saturday: 9am to 10pm

Closed on Sundays 


Sozo Clinic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic Singapore 

Speciality Sozo Aesthetic Clinic is headed by a licensed aesthetic doctor named Dr Justin Boey, who has long years of experience under his belt. Among his areas of expertise are facial and hair treatments.

Sozo Aesthetic Clinic’s chemical peel treatment can be customised to fit the type and needs of a patient’s skin. If a type of peel is too harsh for a certain skin type, its doctors will just opt to use another type of peel that’s more safe and effective.

Address 1 Raffles Place #05-12/13, One Raffles Place (Shopping Mall)
Telephone 6935 1811
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 3pm

Closed on Sundays


Cutis Laser Clinic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

Speciality With 4 different types of best chemical peels offered, rest assured that you will find the right one for your skin in this clinic. Choose between their signature peels like Cutis Crystal Peel and Cutis Anti Acne Peel, each formulated with beneficial ingredients to treat acne or target uneven skin tone.

The clinic also provides advanced solutions for a wide variety of skin and body concerns such as wrinkle treatment, facial contouring and cellulite reduction.

Address 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, Scotts Medical Center #08-07
Telephone 6801 4000
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm

Saturday: 9am to 3pm

Closed on Sundays


Apax Medical Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

APAX Medical & Aesthetics Clinic 

Speciality APAX Medical and Aesthetic Clinic offers a wide range of services that target skin problems, including chemical peels, skin boosters, acne treatments, facelifts, eye bags removal, and many more.

Their chemical peel treatments are perfect for all skin types and skin conditions. It’s also ideal for both men and women because it fights acne, lightens scars, and reduces pore size.

Address Junction 10 & Kovan
Telephone 6769 6007


Edwin Lim Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic 

Speciality If you are looking for a clinic that specialises facial treatments including chemical peels, you can consider Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic as one of your choices.

Their clinic provides a comprehensive range of Medical Aesthetic Services and is equipped with advanced technology to help you look your best with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Address Changi City Point & Lucky Plaza
6904 2218
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 6pm


AYD Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Angeline Yong Dermatology

Speciality As a highly experienced Singapore-based Dermatologist, Dr Angeline Yong is capable of addressing all sorts of health and beauty concerns. Among the numerous treatments the clinic provides – ranging from cosmetic, surgical to medical procedures – one such service Angeline Yong Dermatology is able to provide is Chemical Peels.

The purpose of this treatment is to remove damaged cells by applying one or more chemicals to the skin. Give Angeline Yong Dermatology a try and see what kind of experience awaits you once you step into the clinic!

Address 6 Napier Road, #03-02 Gleneagles Medical Centre
Telephone 6592 1311
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am – 12:30pm

Closed on Sundays 


LA Clinic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

La Clinic 

Speciality La Clinic is noteworthy for its large range of effective aesthetic procedures and their Chemical Peel treatment is one of such. Chemical peels comprise of various acids which aid in exfoliating the top layer of the skin to gently remove dead cells, dull skin, pigmentation and comedones.

La Clinic uses medical-grade chemical peels with varying concentrations that can be customised to each patient’s skin type and goals.

Address 290 Orchard Road #08-01/02 Paragon Medical Tower (Lobby 2)
Telephone 6235 4040
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Closed on Sundays


Radium Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Radium Aesthetics 

Speciality Helmed by Dr Siew Tuck Wah, this clinic offers the latest non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments which are also FDA-approved/CE-marked so you are assured to receive only the best care.

For their chemical peels, there are various depths of penetration of the treatment that your doctor will determine depending on your skin condition from superficial, medium and deep peels to restore a youthful appearance.

Address 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-325/326 Suntec City Mall
Telephone 6837 0507
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday: 10.30am to 8pm (Last appointment at 7pm)

Closed on Sundays 


Fusion Medical Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Fusion Medical 

Speciality Available in the clinic is the Enerpeel® pyruvic acid peel, which improves pustular papular acne and reduces oiliness with minimal side effects of redness. If you’re looking for something more gentle and suitable for the rest of the body, try the Dermaceutic Milk peel which reduces darkness on the armpits and the sensitive bikini area.

This centre is equipped with diagnostic and imaging equipment to provide convenience to our patients.

Address Orchard & One-North
Telephone 6235 1512 (Orchard) / 6250 6548 (One-North)
Operating Hours Monday to Friday :8:30am – 5:30pm


LS formula Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

LS Aesthetic Clinic 

Speciality Among its long list of services, chemical peel remains one of the most famous due to its efficacy and long-lasting effects. Every chemical peel is done by a licensed aesthetician with attentive and personalised care.

Dr Kok’s interest in dermatology led him to be the first Singaporean doctor to successfully pursue a Diploma in Practical Dermatology at the University of Wales in Cardiff, under the tutelage of acclaimed dermatologist Professor Ronald Mark.

Address #10-04 Wisma Atria Office Tower, 435 Orchard Road
Telephone 6738 4700


Bioaesthetic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Bio Aesthetic Medispa 

Speciality Bio Aesthetic Medispa is a multi-awarded clinic offering an extensive range of aesthetic treatments that redefine and achieve beauty goals of all shapes and colours. They provide numerous procedures from the face down to the body.

One of the services they offer is the Express Chemical Peel that guarantees to remove acne scars in just 15 minutes. Their clinic is completely equipped with the latest technology to ensure the quality of their work as well as the safety and comfort of their clients

Address Palais Renaissance 390 Orchard Road #03-01
Telephone 6333 4566
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 11am to 8.30pm

Saturday: 10am to 6pm

Closed on Sundays 


Le Privete Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Le Private Clinic

Speciality This award-winning premiere boutique medical and laser aesthetic clinic will greet you with a comforting and relaxing sanctuary as you make your visit for personalised aesthetic care. They offer the latest Enerpeel® technology with a patented carrier solution that enhances the absorption of active ingredients, increasing its effectiveness.

This means faster surface recovery and enhanced collagen stimulation, for a more radiant, youthful-looking skin.

Address Scotts Medical Centre, 9 Scotts Road (Pacific Plaza) #08-04
Telephone 6733 5755


Aesthetic Clinic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

Renewal Aesthetics Clinic Singapore

Speciality Rejuvenate the skin on your face, hands and neck with Renewal Aesthetics’s chemical peel procedure. Taking no more than 15 minutes, a busy schedule will no longer be an acceptable excuse as this treatment makes for the perfect lunchtime skin pamper quickie.

With 10 years of a medical degree and training experience in the UK, Dr Tyng Tan of Renewal Aesthetics Clinic is also certified to perform fillers, IPL and aesthetic treatments for beautiful, healthy skin.

Address Ngee Ann City Tower B, 391B Orchard Road, #08-04
Telephone 6235 0010
Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm

Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Closed on Sundays


Iyac Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

IYAC Aesthetic Clinic 

Speciality IYAC offers a comprehensive menu of aesthetic treatments, including laser, skin tightening and injectable treatments (Botox and fillers) along with body contouring, clinical facials and skin smoothening peels.

IYAC also carries a medical-grade line of skincare that is packed with prescriptive ingredients but free of harsh chemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Address One Orchard Boulevard #06-03 Camden Medical
Telephone 6738 9989
Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 8pm

Friday: 8:30am to 6:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am to 5pm

Closed on Sundays


IDS Clinic Top Chemical Peel Treatment Centres in Singapore

Chemical Peel Service

IDS Clinic

Speciality The IDS Clinic is helmed by Dr SK Tan whose 30 years of clinical and research experience brings zeal and commitment to his customers. The clinic also offers products from IDS Skincare that are designed to address the most common skin problems and formulated to deliver maximum efficacy.
Address Novena & Orchard
Telephone 6568 3555 (Novena) / 6450 3555 (Orchard)
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 10am to 8pm

Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Closed on Sundays 



The chemical peel might bring more ill effects, covering:

Bruising, scabs, or bulges. Conventional curing through the chemical peel causes bruising over the affected skin. Following the medium, maybe deep chemical peel, bruising could extend over several more months.

Scarring. Occasionally, the chemical peel may bring scarring — often over general low side over one’s face. Antibiotics or steroid injections could get employed for melting down display for such scars.

Fluctuations over skin pigment. The chemical peel could bring treated skin to turn deeper in pigmented (hyperpigmentation) and lighter in pigment (hypopigmentation). Hyperpigmentation remains often seen following superficial peels, and hypopigmentation gets seen more following the deep peel. Such issues get seen more from many having skins of colour, that may occasionally last long.

Infection. The chemical peel may bring more of bacterial, fungal, or viral spreads, inclusive of the flare-up with some herpes infection — some infection which brings cold sores.

Heart, Kidney, and liver damage. The deep chemical peel employs carbolic acid (Phenol), that may spoil heart muscle or bring a heart to pulse erratically. Phenol could then damage your kidneys or liver. For stopping openings for phenol, the deep chemical peel gets applied some sections for each treatment, over 10- to 20-minute periods.

The chemical peel occasionally fails, falters. The doctor could warn to avoid chemical peels and some versions of chemical peels in case:

Recently took some oral acne prescription isotretinoin (Myorisan, Claravis, others) over preceding past 6 months.

Hold some private and familial past with ridged sections pushed over the emergence of Scar cells (keloids)

In pregnancy

Hold regular and huge recurrences for cold sores.

Methods to start:

Pick the doctor holding education about skin treatment or processes — the dermatologist or dermatologic surgeon. Effects could change, fluctuate, or be based on skill of doctor that applies your peel. Poorly applied, the chemical peel could lead to problems, with bacteria or extended scars.

Steps that are applied:

Prior to treatment

The chemical peel gets often applied in the office or from the outpatient surgery theatre. Prior to treatment, the doctor can wipe the face, cap the hair, or shield the eyes using ointment, wool, tape or visors.

Pain reduction is not required to get light chemical peel. Were you getting the medium peel, you could take some sedative or aspirin. To get deep peel, one could get the sedative, medicine for numbing over applied section with liquids pushed into the veins.

Within Chemical treatment:

Over the light chemical peel:

The doctor may obtain the Brush, Cotton wool, gauze and sponge for pouring over chemical solution the inner glycolic acid and salicylic acid. The affected skin then gets to heal.

One could sense soft pain over some chemical solution applied over the skin.

The doctor may pour some neutralizing liquid or lotion to take some chemical liquid over the peeled skin.

Upon the medium chemical peel:

The doctor may apply the cotton-pointed pointer or gauze for pouring the chemical liquid with trichloroacetic acid, occasionally applied together along glycolic acid. Some treated skin then starts to whiten.

Following some passed time, the doctor could pour cool compresses to smooth peeled skin. One could then get handed a portable fan to chill the skin. Zero neutralizing solution gets taken, still.

One could sense pain and hotness reaching probably till 20 minutes.

Over the deep chemical peel:

One is delivered intravenous (IV) fluids, or the heart rate might get well monitored.

The doctor may take the cotton-tipped pointer to push carbolic acid (phenol) over the skin. Peeled skin could start turning into white or grey.

To restrict the opening over phenol, the doctor then performs general process over sections in around 15-minute periods. The full process could last around 90 minutes.

Following the operation

Following the chemical peel over each degree, the skin could turn dark, squeezed, itchy and bruised. Upon the doctor’s instructions over sun deflection, washing, wetting, or applying shield liquid over the skin. Then stop choosing, touching, and rubbing the skin. You then use some months prior to skin colouring getting to old state and you then get optimum impact from applied peel.

Put ice packs to cool. Pharmacy aspirin pills, inclusive of ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve, others), could assist removing some pain. Then you fix a check-up just upon the treatment for doctor to assess the status. One could rest well over in your home.


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