How Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

How Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

60% of respondents used chatbots to interact with a business. According to a survey by Salesforce, the evolution of chatbots has created marketing opportunities for many businesses due to their automation features. Furthermore, the growth of social media platforms such as Facebook messenger has enabled marketing teams to save company costs while delivering a better experience to their customers. By enabling better customer service, the bots have contributed to increased data traffic for many business websites.

Chatbots Improve Searching Efficiency Within Your Website

In this digital era where almost everyone owns a digital device like a smartphone or a tablet,  having a chatbot in your business site is vital for your customers. Customers sometimes have a hard time searching for information about a product or service within your website. From this user experience, companies such as eBay developed a ShopBot that helps clients find items they want. The bots collect the customer queries and search for the correct product at a rapid pace. Moreover, chatbots consolidate different information that’s related to the searched product so a customer can make an informed purchase. Therefore, due to their intellectual capabilities and ease of speed, marketing departments should consider installing chatbots to their websites for better customer experience.

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Chatbots Improve Customer Service

Many companies’ websites nowadays have embraced the use of chatbots to facilitate faster communication with their customers. Previously, customer service took place via telephone calls or in the form of emails which led to delays in customers receiving feedback on time. Many businesses did lose some of their clients and altogether their revenues. With the introduction of chatbots, queries from customers can now be answered in real time 24/7 within the small chat box, eliminating the long delays customers endured before. Brands like Airbnb, Spotify, and Evernote use chatbots on their social media platforms to quickly provide answers, address clients concerns and track customers orders. The bots also store the customer data for future reference. Besides, they have also reduced the overall support cost, as businesses can now cut staff numbers to handle customers.

Chatbots Qualify Your Leads

Lead management can be hard for some sales representatives. Potential clients have to be nurtured before the deal is sealed, and that can be pretty tiring. However, chatbots can simplify the process by qualifying leads on your behalf. A good example of one is MongoDB which increased lead generation by 70% when Drift installed the bot on its site. The chatbot answers prospective clients questions and drives the most qualified leads to a sales call. Afterward, the bots can direct the client to the desired product, making it seamless for the sales representatives to close the deal.

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Chatbots are becoming more popular and are set to gain more steam in the digital market. The combination of their unique ability that provides a personal human touch coupled with their versatile functionalities, has made chatbots a must have when companies are creating their content marketing strategies. Therefore, businesses can consider the three highlighted benefits of embracing the use of chatbots for their marketing purposes.


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