Top 10 Chat Apps in Singapore To Engage Your Website Visitors

Top 10 Chat Apps in Singapore To Engage Your Website Visitors

Once a strange tool reserved for the biggest of businesses, chat bots have increasingly become commonplace. These live chat tools embedded into your website is a proven tool for engaging, supporting and educating your customers.

Chat bots enhance customer experience, cuts off unnecessary costs of phone calls and extensive mailing lists, allows you address immediate pain points, and gives your entire sales and marketing process a jumpstart. Indeed, live chat software makes conducting business with clients super easy.

Per HubSpot, 82% of consumers consider an “immediate” response when they have a sales question as crucial to their sales decision making. Likewise, 38% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase, and 63% more likely to return if you offer a live chat system. Therefore, if you aren’t doing it already, it’s time you get a live chat system integrated into your website.

Thankfully, many chat software are easy to integrate with your website, even if your website runs on a CRM database. If you’re ready to make the move to integrate a chat bot into your website, here are our top 10 chat apps in Singapore – in no particular order.


  1. SmartSupp

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SmartSupp is an excellent free live chat software that does more than enable you chat with your website visitors. The app provides you with real time notifications when a website visitor sends a message, but it goes even further. It closely tracks mouse clicks and movements on your website, recording the screen of your visitors to provide you with better insight on user behaviour.

SmartSupp is also highly mobile, allowing you respond to customers on the go with your smartphone. Customize and automate responses to frequently asked questions, set conditional responses and switch to an agent when necessary. It can also be customized to your website, integrates smoothly with Shopify, WordPress, Google Analytics, and more.


  1. Olark

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Olark is a highly customizable live chat system that enables you customize your chat messages to the needs of the visitor, based on the page they’ve viewed. It also records past conversations, pulling these up during any new discussions to enable a completely personalized experience. Boasting a clean, intuitive design, it enables you leverage customer engagement from the front foot.

Among its top features are custom pre-chat surveys, automated messaging, comprehensive reports and in-depth visitor insights helping you understand your leads, and personalize your engagement. It also integrates nicely with third-party CRMs and analytic tools, allowing you match your data for better analysis. It isn’t free, though, so be sure to factor in the costs.


  1. LiveChat

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Arguably the best chat system for engaging website visitors, LiveChat provides you with excellent customization tool, multiple language support, and agent monitoring. It also provides you with archives and transcripts of previous chats to keep chats as personal and involving as possible.

LiveChat is designed to ensure that leads are sped along the buying process, converting leads into customers in the shortest possible time. Design your own surveys to collect insights from customers, and create reports to improve your sales process. If you’re in need of a live chat enterprise solution, you hardly can do better than LiveChat.


  1. PureChat

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A free live chat software, PureChat allows for unlimited agents and chats, and contains all of the basic features you’d expect from a chatbot. This is a wonderful app for website owners just trying out the endless possibilities of the live chat system for the first time. Customize the app with colors and styles to meet your website needs and provide visitors with a personal feel.

PureChat captures visitor information and stores unlimited historical chat transcripts to improve your website engagement. It integrates easily with CRMs, e-commerce platforms and social media, and also allows for canned responses to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions. Its simple, intuitive interface ensures visitors will find the system easy to use.


  1. LivePerson

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A pioneer and leader of the real-time customer engagement industry, LivePerson offers unique, agile solutions to communication with leads and prospects. This robust live chat system enables you engage with clients across multiple channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. It also ensures bot creation is simple as can be with its simple to use BotStudio and its existent pre-built templates.

LivePerson revolutionizes customer care and engagement by providing integrated real-time voice call solutions in addition to its other available website, mobile and social chat platforms. This provides business owners with multiple user tracking and reporting platforms. Simply decide how many platforms you’d like your live chat system integrated with and select a solution that works for you.


  1. Drift

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A conversation-driven live chat solution, Drift allows you automate parts of the chat process for better conversion. This tool, particularly designed for forward-thinking sales and marketing teams, provides you with a platform for multiple interactions, helping you manage interactions on different fronts – whether this is through email or live chat.

Drift offers you visibility over customer interactions, providing insights into the impact of customer interactions on your business performance. It provides you with comprehensive reporting on each lead, and allows you create qualified leads, book meetings and fast-track conversions through LeadBot.


  1. ZenDesk Chat

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ZenDesk Chat, formerly known as Zopim, is a customizable chat software that integrate smoothly with ZenDesk, as well as other software like WordPress, Magneto and Salesforce. ZenDesk is an inexpensive option for persons looking for a number of cool features without excessive bells and whistles. It provides you with easily customizable templates for a seamless chat experience.

Its clean and simple design ensures setting up ZenDesk for use id pretty easy. Operator experience as well as customer experience can also reach top levels by tweaking a few default settings. And it offers extensive chat analytics to help you evaluate both lead qualification and agent performance in order to improve customer experience and boost conversions.


  1. Zoho SalesIQ

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If in need of a suitable live chat software solution for extracting critical statistical data, Zoho SalesIQ makes for an excellent choice. This proactive messaging system connects you with potential customers in real time to help boost the returns of your other marketing efforts.

Zoho SalesIQ also provides you with a platform to track your website and analytics features. It lets you send customized messages to customers and prospects, and provides you with real time lead scoring to measure lead interests based on your set rules. It integrates smoothly with other Zoho products, and integrates nicely with ecommerce platforms, email marketing channels, CRMs, and popular CMS.

  1. SnapEngage

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Yet another multi-platform enabled live chat software on this list, SnapEngage allows you manage chats from your website as well as other social media platforms like SMS-toChat, WeChat, Tweet-to-Chat and Facebook Messenger. SnapEngage is a complete dedicated enterprise chat platform for capturing leads, cutting down response times and providing personalized customer service.

SnapEngage is especially unique as a HIPAA compliant service provider. This makes it ideal for medical businesses who manage patient data and information. Like most enterprise solutions, it enables your sales team qualify leads through set rules, speeding up the conversion process of the best qualified leads.


  1. LiveAgent

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LiveAgent comes equipped with multiple channel support for email, live chat and social media, all managed from a single platform. Its intuitive design is easy to customize and implement, and a robust set of features enables you provide top-level customer service. Amongst its top features are real-time typing viewing, chat distribution and history storage, automated chat invitations and real-time view of current website visitors and their on-site interactions.

The chat area can easily be customized to suit your website and may be placed anywhere on the site as you deem fit. An included ring-to-all feature ensures all agents are immediately alerted when a prospect initiates or accepts an invitation to chat.



There you have it, our top 10 live chat apps to boost your website engagement, answer prospect’s questions in real time and increase conversions by moving them quickly along the sales process. If you’re new to live chat systems, you may want to start with the free solutions before moving on to enterprise software solutions as your needs evolve.

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