A good search engine optimisation company will tell you that colour is an important aspect of your website, web application, and mobile app. Material design, introduced by Google in 2014, uses real life material properties such as colour, depth, and shadow. Google apps such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive have a material design, and ..

What is Digital marketing? Digital marketing is now cementing its place as one of the best ways of marketing. With the massive growth of technology, many people go online in search of almost everything. This provides a good ground for business organizations and individuals to sell their products out to the general world. Nowadays, advertising ..

The way you market your product will determine how well it will save. With the current growth in technology, many business organizations are resolving to mobile marketing. In that case, it is important that you become more conversant with the options available for mobile marketing. What are the examples of options available for mobile advertising? ..

    Digital marketing comes at the exact time that more people embrace technology. Many business organizations and individuals nowadays prefer the digital way of marketing as compared to the analog. Digital marketing has its benefits, which include the fact that they are cheap, they reach more people and provides a better platform for people ..

  One of the greatest difficulties in digital marketing is getting your message heard. There is a lot of noise online and consumers are constantly bombarded by messages from various companies all looking to entice the consumer to buy their product and/or services. Split user testing is a means that allows you to accurately gauge ..

Regardless of the quality of your site, it is necessary to update it regularly to keep tabs on the multiple algorithm changes that happen every year as well as changes in consumer internet use. If you recently redesigned your e-commerce site and experienced a drop in traffic, here are three possible plausible causes. Redirects Redirects ..