If you have ever considered starting an online business, then you have probably given a lot of thought to what you have to offer–what is most profitable. However, many don’t realize that you don’t have to sell your own products or services in order to make a living. In fact, affiliate marketing makes it ..

The industrial sector is one of the pillars of Singapore economy. Since 2002, the number of industries in the country has been increasing steadily at an average rate of 4.2%. More manufacturers are expected to be set camp here as foreign companies and entrepreneurs move into the country to take advantage of the generous incentives ..

Identifying and understanding your target audience is critical in digital marketing. In tailoring your content to your target audience, you are able to more effectively market online, whether this is through social media, email marketing, or digital advertisements. This highly targeted approach offers a greater, measurable ROI with analytics gained from these targeted marketing efforts ..

Social media is one of the most important outlets for any promotional campaign. It is vital to recognise the importance of social media so campaigns can garner the attention you are hoping for. These tips will ensure your campaign is a favourable one. In any digital marketing campaign, social media has become key. As of ..

We have all viewed viral content on the web and see videos and other content seem to take off overnight, being viewed by millions of people around the world. This information begs the question, what is so important about viral content in promotional campaigns? The goal of every promotional campaign is attention. We want people ..

There are more than 2 million Singaporeans on Instagram and the numbers are expected to skyrocket as more people embrace this kind of social photo sharing platforms. Marketing products on this platform will help grow your business by displaying them to potential customers directly. Here are four tips on how to sell more products through ..

  Social media content is one of the most effective ways to increase your audience, attract new customers, and maintain good relations with your customer base. However, this fact has not gone unnoticed and has resulted in large amounts of content that your business must compete against. Thankfully, there are some very simple and practical ..

The plethora of the things that you should do to rank high on search engines continues to grow by the day. The many algorithm updates make it even more difficult for Singapore marketers to understand the concrete steps that they need to take to get listed on search results.   Here is an easy guide ..