How Did MediaOne Help A New Online Directory Become Numero Uno

Here are 2 SEO audited metrics according to the world’s leading tool: ahrefs:

yellow pages singapore seo audit


sgpgrid seo metrics


Which one do you think is Singapore Yellow Pages and which one do you think is the newcomer SGPGrid?

Yes, ok its easy to guess from the title and direction of this case study.

The top is the audited metrics of Singapore Yellow Pages and the bottom is that of SGPGrid. (note that ahrefs tracks roughly a quarter to a third of the traffic because it uses its own database of indexed keywords to estimate; its actually averaging a million visitors quarterly and growing)

So how did MediaOne help SGPGrid trounce the decades-long king of directories? Here is the low-down of our consultation:

  • meta data was a gigantic problem because of the huge number of pages; if it were dynamically produced, the meta data and URL would run into major problems with blank, duplicate (because of multiple search rubrics), too-long, too-short meta data that would run foul of the search engines; MediaOne was able to propose the formula that would enable success no matter how many pages are generated
  • content formatting was a major challenge; MediaOne had in mind the best possible setup but it still took months of trial and error before the best formatting was acceptable to the search engines that revved up the results
  • generating too many pages in too short a time proved to be a major bottleneck; search engines like Google do not easily trust new sites with a sudden influx of tens of thousands of pages so MediaOne had to come up with creative ways to induce the search engines to crawl and index the pages
  • indexing and ranking pages which were “hidden” by paid subscription was another challenge and a very common one for large portals with paid / membership-only resources; MediaOne was able to find a way around that as well
  • getting natural organic white hat links is another holy grail; notice how Yellow Pages has far more backlinks but only HALF the number of keywords ranked and half the web traffic? MediaOne found a way to do that as well…
  • we also worked on other issues such as code minification, speed optimisation, reduction of server calls, site structuring and internal link housekeeping procedures.

Things like these transform a thousand-dollar business into a million-dollar business. MediaOne has helped many clients add many more zeros to their income and overall brand value.

Yes, this is a case study, but we do need to keep the formula under wraps to be fair to our paid clients by and large. 😉

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