Helped Top Accounting Firm Increase Traffic 87%

seo increased traffic for accounting firm

Before MediaOne this Top accounting firm (whose name we cannot disclose due to strict NDA) had many site issues. There were link issues, content cannibalisation, weak meta data and absence of structured data. Their former SEO agency was also (very apparently) very clueless about keyword research, instead had no focus and overspent resources on a large range of keywords that had no value to them business-wise, strategy-wise and traffic-wise.

After a careful 2 month analysis and consultation with the management, MediaOne proposed an effective strategy via Gap Analysis to find where their competitors were doing better in terms of keywords, content and service offerings.

We further analysed where the “low hanging fruits” were because the management was impatient to see results. With carefully analysis we picked those the client was ranking for Page 2-4 with factoring in reasonably high volume, competitiveness and the intent-value of the keyword to provide the client with quick-win sales.

This is the result in terms of important keywords won:

super google rankings for accounting firm singapore

This is the result in terms of web traffic:

mediaone digital marketing consultation for a singapore top accounting firm

In this respect MediaOne transcends far beyond being a mere digital agency – we function very much as a business consultant with additional arsenal of consultation services to help clients for traffic, content, conversions and business-market optimisation.

And mind you. The accounting and finance niche is probably one of the most competitive in Singapore which very lucrative returns for the top accounting firms who generate tens to hundreds of millions in income annually. Only MediaOne can get this done.

Isn’t it time you called (65) 6789 9852 or contacted us at to have a (free and no obligations) consultation on what we can do for you?


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