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The Situation

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), was founded in 1956, is one of Singapore’s oldest private institutions. They have been providing well-accredited courses for local and foreign students; however their online presence organically was not strong as they had spent a lot on pay-per-clicks (PPC) campaigns to generate hundreds to thousands of visitors to their website daily.

They were not strongly reliant on organic traffic, as their ranking for their 8 schools were not fantastic and did not generate constant or strong flow of traffic from search engines naturally. They concluded that they needed a reliable SEO company to managed their SEO campaign for all their 8 schools.

After a thorough vetting and discussions with many top SEO companies in Singapore, MediaOne Marketing was selected as their preferred SEO partner, which required our company to manage the overall SEO campaign in Singapore.

The Challenge

MDIS website was great, in the sense that it was informative and had lots of content in their website. However most of their pages for respective schools were not well-optimized for their content and on-page SEO optimization. Their domain name also do not have consistent/quality back-links to their website. For a huge website like MDIS, much on-page optimization work had to be done. We also had to keep their branding and professionalism in mind while performing on-page optimization and content optimization.

Actions Taken

With thorough research on their products and services, we came out fresh content and on-page optimization changes for dozens of pages in their website. These changes were not easy as branding and professionalism had to be kept in mind while optimizing. The entire on-page optimization took about 1-2 weeks prior to competition. Concurrently, we were also building quality back-links for their website via press releases, social signals and other link building methods which were ethical & natural.

The Results today, is ranked very well organically in major search engines such as Google & Yahoo. All their 8 schools could be easily found via related keywords to their 8 schools through academic programmes in Business & Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Fashion & Design, Life Sciences, Mass Communications, Psychology & Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management. Today, their website are receiving an average of 3000-4000 unique visitors each day! Such results are not achievable with other source of marketing, even with pay- per-click as it would be extremely costly.


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