Helped Luxury Brand Obtain 34% Increase In Traffic

international digital marketing case study

It was a very complex problem.

For many years this luxury brand had expanded rapidly into many countries from Singapore: including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. Due to the injection of different marketing executives and wild experimentations by well-meaning but misguided SEO agencies their website was rife with issues. Some include:

  1. broken links
  2. links which were haphazardly criss-crossing without any organisation (simply because the SEO thought it was good to link and push up prime pages)
  3. missing pages
  4. duplicate pages
  5. product description which were blindly copied from principals
  6. unorganised country directories in their file structure
  7. duplicate, missing or badly written meta data
  8. an on-and-off schema policy that confused search engines
  9. slow pagespeed
  10. patchy mobile responsive and mobile friendliness
  11. inaccurately and badly defined XML sitemaps
  12. crawl issues with some important pages blocked whereas some sensitive or irrelevant pages freely crawled and indexed causing even more confusion
  13. keyword gap with competitors and principles that nobody could address

Yes sure. All SEO agencies would be able to identify these issues with Ahrefs or Semrush but none were able to propose a workable and coherent strategy.

Along came MediaOne.

We immediately recognised that we needed a whole array of tools such as Ahrefs (for keyword and backlinks discovery), Semrush (for keyword and content gap analysis), Moz (for relative strength of page authority), Search Console (for crawl issues), Screaming Frog (for link structure analysis), GTMetrix (for server issues), Lighthouse (for pagespeed and file issues), Copyscape (for duplicate content issues), and many more other tools.

An SEO agency may claim to know these tools, but true mastery is another thing altogether. Thats where MediaOne has no peer.

After 2 months of analysis, 2 months of error corrections and 2 months of building up good content and links we were able to get a massive 34% rise in traffic across the board. These stats from Ahrefs don’t lie:

luxury watch brand international digital marketing


Here is a screenshot of their rank increase for a particularly difficult market: Thailand. We had rank increases of a hugely significant 1000 rank positions on Google for each country: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Singapore! And guess what: MediaOne had to do all these in Thai language.

large increase in google positions

This is for one country. MediaOne did that for ALL countries.

While many agencies’ first knee-jerk reaction and answer to everything is to flood spam links for their clients. MediaOne did not build a single link to this website. Why? Because its unnecessary. Its already a very authoritative site plagued by many deep-seated issues. We knew that once we untangled the mess and implement Google-recommended strategies, it would rank well and naturally attract natural backlinks, social bookmarks and mentions.

This is precisely why government agencies, international brands and large MNCs like Ministry of Law, EDB, Capitaland, Maybank, Duke-NUS, Dairy Farm Group, DirectAsia, SingTel etc choose MediaOne over the huge market of digital agencies. And that is why MediaOne was mentioned recently by the CIO Advisor as a Top 10 APAC Digital Agency (among other accolades).

MediaOne clients know that be spending a fraction of their usual ad budget, we can get them very significant returns many many times their initial investment. For this project, the client had spent less than $100,000 but is getting $MILs in returns a few hundred percent worth.

Check out our client portfolio here.

Or give us a call today (65) 6789 9852 to see what MediaOne can do for you. We have packages for everyone from the 1-man entrepreneurship, to the small enterprise to the large international corporation. Call us today and we are confident of putting a smile on your face very soon!

(due to NDA we could not reveal the client here; many MediaOne clients are extremely high profile and do not want their competitors to know what “secret weapon” they had employed to get them head and shoulders above the crowd)


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