Helped Dominate Competitive Tuition Niche For Tuition Agency Via SEO

using seo we helped a physics tuition centre dominate singapore rankings

This Physics tuition agency was being “bullied” into 2nd – 6th pages due to their very dated website, lack of pages, lack of content, heavy pages, non-mobile responsive pages. Furthermore they were trying to squeeze all their keywords in their landing pages.

physics tuition centre

MediaOne thoroughly audited their website, fixed and redirected broken links, missing pages, optimised all images, improved their loading speed,  fixed their mobile responsive issues, created new pages for their keywords with significant content to answer to Google’s E-A-T demands and build high-quality links from local directory sources.

The result is an astounding jump with practically all keywords on the first page and some highly competitive ones even overtaking the authoritative SEAB and MOE websites.

A typical tuition agency in Singapore spends between $20,000 (200 students) to $500,000 (2,000-3,000 students) per year on marketing.

What if we told you that this Physics tuition agency only spent $5,100 to achieve this result to attract enrolments in their 300 student centre – would this be interesting to you? Maybe it’s time you called us at 6789 9852 or email us at to have a friendly chat (no obligations)?

MediaOne is the trusted SEO agency helping big and small firms alike gain market share, improve self-confidence and prestige, obtain more leads and sales and get more income to do more for their businesses. Unfortunately, due the highly strict NDA, we have with the large MNCs we are not able to showcase a lot of our cutting edge work that requires thousands-page fixes, migration of entire directories, installation of hreflang, robots.txt, multi-sitemaps, htaccess, schema and AMP in order to score for international rankings. Talk to MediaOne today at 67899852 for a no-obligations consultation.


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