good seo doesnt mean cramming keywords in


Adrenalin asked MediaOne to look at its digital marketing strategy mid-2016. As an event organiser they faced tremendous competition from the hundreds of competitors across the island in this cut-throat industry.

Adrenalin had 2 mandates:

  1. It needed to rank well for certain lucrative event-related keywords
  2. BUT MediaOne was required to maintain the clean look of their website because as Ricardo Chua, their Managing Director, explained: “We serve some of the top organisations in Singapore like DBS, UOB, Changi Airport Group and NYC. Our website needs to be tasteful and reflect our company’s value and position.”

It was a tall order because it meant that we could not add a lot of content we knew would help Google get a handle of what their website was about.

Thankfully, MediaOne had ex-SPH and Guangzhou Daily journalists (not mere SEO article writers) who were able to craft content which suited Ricardo’s demands.

In 3 months MediaOne helped Adrenalin achieve TEN OUT OF TEN highly competitive keywords on Page 1.


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