Case Study: Best-performing Sites in Popular Industries in Singapore

Case Study_ Best-performing Sites in Popular Industries in Singapore

The dependency on technology by the modern world has been leapfrogging at a frantic pace for quite some time. And Singapore is no exception.

Nowadays we don’t go to the supermarket and wander in the isles to get lucky for our desired product. We look for it, we research it, we review it and then we make the decision to buy it. In reality, the availability of our desired products or services is ensured for us by the best-performing sites in popular industries.

But before diving into any deeper, let’s have a quick recap of our Economy.

Singaporean Economy – A History Lesson in Short:

The economic success of Singapore can hugely be attributed to its central position at the Southside appendage of the Malay Peninsula which enables the City-State quite adept in the exploitation of the Strait of Malacca. Singapore’s economic prognoses were felt barren after the independence had been pushed upon in 1965. In the aftermath of World War II, segregation from Malaysia resulting in abandoning its economic backwoods and Indonesia’s planning of military provocation towards Singapore and Malaysia causing the drying up the entrepôt status – were enough to make Singapore’s future desolate, if not precarious. Moreover, Britain’s decision in 1968 to leave the island immediately ceased 20% of its jobs.

But Singapore’s Government faced the problems head-on. Taking full account of Singapore’s strengths and weaknesses and facilitating direct foreign investment, the Government aggressively boosted export-oriented, labor-intensive industrialization. The government’s remarkable policy also included adequate payment to the workers, supplying proper machinery to work with, fierce control to maintain the stability of price, and keeping inflation low by the strictest fiscal policies. All of these coupled with the simultaneous rapid expansion of the world’s economy at that period laid the very foundation of modern-day Singapore’s economic growth, which continued on for the next three decades.  

Now let’s be specific and find out a bit more about a few of the popular industries of the Singaporean economy and the sites that are performing on behalf of them in the context of digital marketing i.e. direct search traffics, user-friendliness, necessary information for general queries, traffic from referrals, unique website visitors, pages viewed per session, average time on page, onsite search queries, etc.

Digital Marketing:

As per the present rate, by 2020 almost all the companies of the world will have an online presence. In 2015, 4 million of our people used broadband internet and the number, as per projection, would be raised by 20% in 2018. Also 74% of locals visit social media daily.

All these numbers signify only one thing – digital marketing is the next booming trend. Among the many forms of digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are usually preferred by companies to create a brand image. Singapore-based SEO specialists have already splashed this sector with grace.

Our research shows that currently one of the best-performing sites for digital marketing is the following:

Established in 2008, Mediaone is the foremost digital marketing agency in Singapore. Their web site currently is visited by 24.89% direct organic searchers for digital marketing information, services, SEO, SEM, PPC, Google & Social Media ads. Having been awarded accolades like ISO 9001, TOPSEOs and PSME 500, the site never compromised with their goal about being a White Hat SEO enablers.

It gets redirected by the following top 5 key word searches:

  1.    SEO Singapore – 22.43%
  2.    Marketing Singapore – 4.05%
  3.    Business Directories in Singapore – 3.15%
  4.    Singaporean Influencers – 2.89%
  5.   Digital Marketing in Singapore Courses – 2.72%


The Singaporean Government usually spends more than 20% of its total expenditure on education. And the effect is quite recognizable.

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The country is renowned for producing a high number of quality students in literacy, reading, science and mathematics. That’s why more than 70,000 international students choose Singapore as their final destination for higher studies.

Different Types Of Remarketing In Singapore

The best performing site in education sector in Singapore:

This site is for parents, teachers and general public whom are delivered news about education, tips about exam-preparing, interesting features about schools etc.

It takes about 7.4 seconds to load into your browser and around 450 organic searches are done for this site every month. This site has nearly 700 organic search pages with a bounce rate of 83.9% and about 1.37 minutes are spent daily by its 12% of total traffics.


Having a well-built ICT infrastructure with tech-savvy Singaporean, Government’s foreseeing of eCommerce becoming a booming contributor was spot on. The eCommerce ecosystem has helped growing a participative cash-cow for the economy city-state. Industry experts have projected an increase of the average amount of buyer spending from USD 1665 to 1665 by 2020.

The best home-grown site for eCommerce in Singapore is the following:

Three local graduates started this widely popular online marketplace in Singapore. It has now operations going on in about 15 major Asian cities. Whatever product you can think of, it is highly likely that you will find it in this virtual store.

Tuitions Services:

Another astonishing feat of Singaporean education sector is the rising of the shadow education industry. Annually more than a billion dollars have been garnered as private tuition fees and the figures will continue to go upward as Singaporean parents are fiercely committed to providing quality education for their children.

One of the best-performing sites for Tuitions Services in Singapore is the following:

The organization mainly deals with providing private tuitions for regular academic students. They offer private tuition to all subjects and levels including Primary, Secondary, JC, IB, IGCSE, and more.

SmileTutor has grown rapidly over the past few years and currently captures a lion’s share of the home tuition market in Singapore. Undoubtedly, the site is #1 in the country.

About 76.91% of this site’s total traffics are from our own country, and the numbers of people from USA, UK, Malaysia and India, who visit this site, are respectively 6%, 4.18%, 3.70% and 3.03%. Its social media traffic is tiny compared to its website performance – 0.45% and Facebook users consist of about 70% of it.

It is simple, easy to use and if you know what are looking for, this home tuition site gets you there without beating around the bushes.

Medical Tourism:

The present day medical tourists have changed their way about coming and getting treatment in Singapore. There is an upward trend about where a patient seeks for preventive interventions or reversal of lifestyle-related complaints. For example, they might be here for regular endoscopy and enrich the experience with a few days of visiting exotic places and shopping.   

In 2014, about $ 994 million was added to our economy by medical tourism and there are scopes for potential exploitation of the sector to take it to the next level.

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The website that will get you covered is the following:

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The site mainly acts as an intermediary. You can get information necessary for your treatment within short time if you fill up the ‘Contact Us Now’ link given in the home page of the website.

The site was launched by the Russian Anastasia Belly after she had been treated in Singapore. She experienced the difficulties people went through from abroad for lack of proper communication while getting treatment and that prompted her to start the business, and soon after the website followed.


When you combine finance with technology, you get Fintech and Singapore is perfectly poised for being the breeding ground for cutting edge Fintech practices. The city-state is effortlessly suitable for Fintech as it has ultra-high-speed fiber infrastructure with mobile subscription exceeding over 100%. With Government’s practical supportive policies, a rich talent pool with financial expertise and ease of accessibility of capital for initial investment pave the way for up and coming startups.

Content Locking: Is It Really Effective?

In 2017, Fintech sector enjoyed about US $ 229.10 million worth of investment – the largest volume of financing in a calendar year!

The following website is doing a comprehensive work of covering the sector in this country:

In spite of being a very recent addition in the world-wide-web-traffic, the site covers all the important aspects of Fintech sector in Singapore. It also lets the reader know about happenings in the same spheres in neighboring countries of Southeast Asia. A richly built, contemporary and user-friendly site where you can find most of your queries answered whether you are a potential investor or an existing player or maybe a job seeker – you are covered well and truly.

Traditional Banking:

By delivering world-class corporate bank account adeptness, Singapore has long been granted the status of a global financial hub. We earned the third position as the most competitive financial centre in the 2017 Global Financial Centers Index.  Our services include transaction in different currencies, banking through internet, making savings, checking and current accounts easily accessible, services through telephone banking, making debit and credit cards available, FDR etc. We have over 200 banks in Singapore and for aiding territorial group activities, an increasing number of banks have made it their priority to base their operational headquarters in Singapore. Boasting over 2 trillion US dollars as assets, banking sector has played a decisive role in facilitating local and regional growth.  

Try the following URL as it represents one of the best performing sites for Singaporean traditional banking sector:

As per website testing tools, this site has score of 10 out of 10 for mobile and disable users. Though started as a mortgage comparison company, the site has expanded its foregrounding territory over banking, insurance and other traditional financial consumer products and rendered service since. Though the site gets you covered for surf and search the banking territory, you might experience hitches if you want to print the pages.

Asset Management:-

In Asia, we have become one of the major players in the field of premier asset management by offering unparalleled entrée to the Asia Pacific markets to the global investors. Strategic geographical location, established and sustainable business infrastructure, global connectivity and trade linkages help the investors to exploit the Asian market quite efficiently. Now-a-days, we possess a diversified group of asset managers, besides which alternative participants like hedge fund, private equity and real estate managers are also becoming more active in the trade.

The following site covers asset management in Singapore diligently.

Another recent addition of already crowded virtual space, the site has made its name and fame by publishing honest, relevant articles about managing assets. It is run by experts who have clear idea about what they are doing, and with minimum know- how about money matters, you can find your way out in the real world by following ideas prescribed here. And its tech-people are also proficient as it is easy to navigate and you can find what you want easily. Sadly the pages of this site are not optimized for printing.

It was a difficult task to select one industry over another, but an immensely pleasurable one nonetheless for our editors.

About The Author:

John O. Brooks

John is the content developer, loves to introduce himself as a passionate blogger with core concentration in various niche. A kid lover and loves to contribute his writings regarding online tutoring, skill development, software and tools to look out and mostly, anything that makes the smile broaden.

About the Author

Tom Koh

Tom is the CEO and Principal Consultant of MediaOne, a leading digital marketing agency. He has consulted for MNCs like Canon, Maybank, Capitaland, SingTel, ST Engineering, WWF, Cambridge University, as well as Government organisations like Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Law, National Galleries, NTUC, e2i, SingHealth. His articles are published and referenced in CNA, Straits Times, MoneyFM, Financial Times, Yahoo! Finance, Hubspot, Zendesk, CIO Advisor.


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