Can PPC Agencies In Singapore By Replaced By AI?

Can PPC Agencies In Singapore By Replaced By AI_

If you’ve been following recent PPC related news, then you know that almost everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. While some PPC management agencies fear the end of their profession, others realise that machines are still incapable of running day-to-day accounts. And this means that there are still a few areas in which human PPC companies will be able to offer value.


Bid Management

There’s hardly anything more tedious or repetitive than bid management. Why is this? Well, it requires the PPC pro to download data, put it in the proper format, and then run it through formulas to get the new bid. The problem is, given the dull nature of these tasks, PPC pros can easily become lacking in their analysis.

Artificial Intelligence Solution: Machines don’t get bored. And this means that these tasks can be done with more accuracy. Based on this knowledge, Bing and Google have developed automated bid management solutions. These programs are based on the best algorithms, have access to exclusive auction time signals, can set real-time bids based on these signals, and are completely free.

How Humans Can Offer Value: Machines tend to ignore elements that will impact a business’ conversion rates, which often leads to generic solutions. Many third-party bid management solutions are working to improve this, but until then, it requires human intervention. For instance, if conversions were slow on a certain day, the human will be able to pinpoint why and offer a little context. Also, they will be able to understand the elements which have an effect on each industry.

It’s this much-needed context, coupled with a bid management system, that can help advertisers to arrive at the perfect CPC. This way, Bing or Google can take your Enhanced CPC and calibrate information based on what their search engine understands about the auction.

This is why many pros use automation tools like Optmyzr–specifically its Rules-Based Optimisations. You can easily combine search engine data with your business data to create the ideal bid management system. This is especially ideal for a Singapore PPC agency that does not want to build their own complicated interface, as search engines like Bing and Google tend to go through a lot of updates.

Instead, they can rely on recipes that have been pre-built. Within a matter of seconds, they can be installed and help advertisers to target position, CPA or ROAS. And the best part is, as the PPC experts learns more about the things that have an impact on performance, they can enhance the recipe–whether based on internal data or data from the search engines.


Shopping Ads

Google’s most recent algorithm change created a relatively significant problem for advertisers. It has made it much more difficult to target keywords for shopping ads because exact match no longer really means “exact.” So positive keywords are no longer as effective as they once were.

How Humans Can Offer Value:

Positive keywords may not be as effective, but negative keywords can be. Sure, shopping ads can be automatically targeted to the relevant queries which happen to match the product in the advertiser’s feed, however, PPC consultants can always add negative keywords.

This is what is referred to as “Query Sculpting,” created by Martin Roettgerding and further refined by companies like SmarterCommerce. This technique involves using negative keywords to weed out all of the traffic that does not apply to your ad. The awesome thing about this is that it allows you to be more precise with what you want and expect. Your keyword research will take advantage of exclusion rather than inclusion.

If you were to follow Martin’s technique to the tee, then you would maintain three parallel campaigns and add specific types of negative keywords. However, as you can imagine, adding on extra campaigns could take quite a bit of financing. Just as with our last strategy, Optmyzr can be a lifesaver in this case.

It has a feature called The Shopping Negatives Tool.

When it senses that the keywords could have performed better, it sculpts queries by using the recent performance data. It analyses the performance of the identical search queries across multiple ad groups. Once it locates the group in which it is suffering, it will recommend that you add it as a negative for an exact match. Whether PPC management companies want to manage multiple shopping campaigns or one at a time, Optmyzr can help to configure traffic that will lead to more sales.

Ad Tests

There’s no longer any need for PPC agencies to spend endless amounts of time analysing which ads perform the best. Google has taken care of all of this with machine learning–even going so far as to create ad text challengers. So what can humans do to secure their place in A/B testing?

get google ranking ad

How Humans Can Offer Value

Though even underperforming ads can be advantageous to you at times, you should remove ads that generate little to no clicks. Not only that but PPC consulting firms should replace them with new ads. This can easily be done with AdWords Scripts, such as those in Optmyzr. Optmyzr can also highlight text that has performed well in the past and offer variations for text so that PPC pros can get ideas for the new ads and create them at lightning speed.

Ultimately, future PPC agencies will be those who offer a great process for testing. Sure, machines may be able to predict the losers and winners, but humans can offer insight which leads to conclusive results.



For some, the evolution of artificial intelligence is intriguing and for others, it can be an unwelcome change. But still, the need for human intelligence in the workplace becomes more of a question with each passing day. And it begs the question, how will the seemingly inevitable take over by machines affect us?

As we transition, it’s important that we understand how crucial our input is. It’s one of the best ways to get them to work for us and towards our goals of improvements in PPC performance. It is essential that PPC pros look at this era as an opportunity to create a solid foundation for their SEM marketing career in artificial intelligence.


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