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Can a Floating Action Button Boost UX?

Floating Action Button

To succeed in the lucrative Singapore online marketing realm, you need to make sure that your website offers the best user experience (UX). One of the best ways of achieving this goal is by including a Floating Action Button in the landing pages and other sections of the site that you deem appropriate.

What is Floating Action Button (FAB)? It is a unique circled icon that floats above the user interface. Its position, shape, and even color ensure that it is conspicuous or stands out from all the other elements in the page. FAB gained massive popularity in 2014 after the inception of Google’s Material Design principles.

Even though a FAB may seem like a small and insignificant component of your website, research studies have proven that it is very effective in boosting site UX if used correctly. As mentioned earlier, it has to be easily identifiable and accessible to all returning and new website visitors.

Here are facts on how FAB can boost your UX.

Highlights Frequently or Most Relevant Actions

You can use a FAB to highlight some of the frequently used actions. For example, you can use it on your business app to show the users the specific actions that they need to take at different stages of their purchase journey. Make sure that the design of the app is compatible with the button to get the most results.

Tells Prospects What to Do Next

Floating Action Buttons will inform prospects about the next steps that they should take on the site. Research conducted by Google showed that most users rely on these buttons to navigate sites that they are not familiar with. Concisely, it will act like a signpost that shows a potential customer what they need to do for their requirements to be accomplished.

Helps Connect the Dots

You should not perceive a FAB as just a round button. It possesses superior transformative properties that you can use to help web users to move from one screen to another or from one page to another. You can use animations to maintain the searcher’s sense of orientation throughout the transition process as well as help in making sure that he/she understands the change. They should also know how to reverse the change later on if needed.

Be Context-Aware

Context is one of the primary factors that govern user interaction. Sometimes, the users just want content, and sometimes they want to take specific actions such as place an order. Understanding the contextual behavior of your searchers will help you unlock the full potential of a FAB button on your website or app.

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For example, Google+ displays a FAB button when you are engaging with a social stream and hides it when the engagement stops. The context of doing so is that users’ primary desired action is to scroll when engaging with a particular social stream. Therefore, there is no need to display the button when you stop to scroll.

A FAB button can have an astounding impact on UX of your website and the business app if used correctly. A reputable Singapore web development agency can help you create a unique FAB button and incorporate it on your website. Be sure to let the team know your objectives and how the button should function to get the expected results.   


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